Mancake kneels near a tree in Fortnite.

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Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War Quest Phases
Welcome to the fifth phase of the TMNT / Fortnite crossover! By now there's an excellent chance that you've acquired enough Ooze to finish up the Cowabunga reward tracker, but if not there's plenty more to be had this time around. If you want the Krang Backbling you'll have to complete these quests, since you need to finish off all six phases to have the brain slung on your back.

Mancake discovers a Foot Clan banner in Fortnite.

Phase 5: Showdown Shred

Destroy Foot Clan banners

The Foot Clan has staked a claim on the Fortnite map, and you need to clear away their standards. There are Foot Clan banners all over the map, all in named locations, and in order to complete this quest you need to get rid of a handful of them. The only places you won't find them are in Rebel's Roost and Ritzy Riviera.

Destroy three Foot Clan banners to receive 400 Ooze. Foot Clan banners are first-come, first-serve, so you should look for these early in the match, before someone else takes them out.

Mancake finds a Rare assault rifle in Fortnite.

Damage opponents with Rare or better weapons

Fortnite weapons come in a variety of different colors, and anything that's Blue, Purple, or Gold applies to this quest. To complete it you'll need to inflict damage on opponents with weapons that are Rare (blue) or better. Typically you want to be upgrading your weapon loadout past Grey and Green, so this requirement will get stowed away just by playing the game.

Inflict 500 points of damage with Rare or better weapons to receive 300 Ooze.

Mancake finds a Foot Clan holo-poster in Fortnite.

Reprogram Foot Clan recruitment holo-posters

The Foot Clan is at it again, this time putting up holo-posters in a small selection of named locations. You need to find the holo-poster in each and reprogram it to something a little less sinister. They're in the following locations:
  • Ritzy Riviera - By the market stalls in the north end
  • Reckless Railways - On the main platform in the train station
  • Fencing Fields - Across from the Mending Machine, and near a fountain
Reprogram three Foot Clan recruitment posters to receive 400 Ooze. Once you've found the poster all you have to do is interact with it.

Mancake rides a Driftboard - TMNT-style - in Fortnite.

Travel distance in vehicles

This map of Fortnite is lousy with vehicles, and to complete this quest you just need to drive around in one for a while. It can be a motorcycle, an SUV, a luxury car, a Driftboard, whatever - just climb in something that has a motor and zip around the map. If you start this right at the beginning of the match you'll easily complete this quest before the match ends, assuming you don't get shot at too much while you're cruising around.

Travel 1,000 meters in vehicles to receive 300 Ooze. They're out in the open and pretty easy to find, if you're paying just a bit of attention to your surroundings.

Mancake finds a Bounty Board in Fortnite.

Complete a bounty from a Bounty board

Bounty boards are old hat by this point in Fortnite's lifespan, and you should be familiar with their function even if this is your first season. Approach a Bounty board, accept a Bounty, and go on the hunt. There are two ways to complete this quest:
  • Hunt down the person yourself. Their approximate location appears on your map as a yellow circle. They're somewhere inside that circle.
  • Wait for someone else to do it. You'll still get credit for the kill.
Complete a bounty from a Bounty board to receive 300 Ooze. You'll find Bounty boards all over the map, either in named locations or the various small train stations along the tracks.

Mancake gets into a melee brawl with another opponent in Fortnite.

Damage opponents that have damaged you

It's sometimes tough to escape a firefight unscathed, and this quest has you dishing out some revenge. The easiest way to complete this quest is to wait until you know you're fighting a bot, ie someone who strafes slowly, doesn't move around much, and has poor aim. Wait for them to hit you even once, then lay on the pain with your own weapon. If you're fighting a real player, well... they will probably hit you whether you want them to or not.

Inflict 100 points of damage to opponents that have damaged you to receive 300 Ooze.

Mancake targets another player in Fortnite.

Damage opponents as the last player standing on your team

This is a weird quest that's actually quite simple. It implies that you need to play a team match to complete, when, in fact, you can be a one-person team and finish it off just fine. Damage opponents as a solo player and you're good.

Inflict 100 damage to opponents as the only person on your team to receive 300 Ooze.

Mancake finds a pizza turntable in Fortnite.

Destroy evil brainwashing pizza turntables

The Fortnite map has been littered with pizza turntables that apparently brainwash people, and it's your job to get rid of 'em. Pizza turntables appear in pretty obvious locations, and you can track their exact spots on the map. You can find these turntables in the following locations:
  • Rebel's Roost
  • Ritzy Riviera (x2)
  • Pleasant Piazza (x2)
  • Ruined Reels (x2)
  • Warehouse east of Classy Courts (x2)
Destroy three evil brainwashing pizza turntables to receive 300 Ooze. As with the Foot Clan banners, these things are first-come, first-serve. Go after them early in the match.