Penny wears the Krang back bling in Fortnite.

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Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War Quest Phases
Welcome to the end of the TMNT / Fortnite crossover! The fight has been long and hard, but, once again, the turtles come out victorious against the evil Foot Clan. There's only one more batch of quests to go, and if you want the Krang back bling you'll need to complete five of them. This includes five quests from each of the other phases, as well, so if you're behind on your Ooze War quests you'll have some work to do before the event ends.

This guide covers the quests from the sixth phase of the Ooze War. If you're looking for the rest of the quests, consult the anchor links above. If you want an overview of the entire TMNT / Fortnite crossover event, check out the first section of this guide.

Penny uses some FlowBerry Fizz in Fortnite.

Phase 6: Shellebrate

Gain shields using FlowBerry Fizz

An anti-gravity, shield-replenishing drink that can refresh an entire party, FlowBerry Fizz is a Rare (blue) item that you'll either come across at random on the map, or, if you're lucky, inside chests. You need to burst an entire bottle on yourself to complete this quest.

Gain 100 shields using FlowBerry Fizz to receive 400 Ooze. Note that FlowBerries do not count towards this total - you need the bottles.

Penny listens to some tunes inside an SUV in Fortnite.

Listen to the radio in a vehicle

Whenever you climb into a vehicle - namely a car or a truck - you can activate the radio and listen to some tunes. The radio's often turned on by default when you get into a vehicle, but if it isn't you can find the controls for turning it on in the bottom-left area of the screen. Get some music going to receive your reward.

Listen to the radio in a vehicle to receive 300 Ooze.

Penny finds a Lock On Pistol in Fortnite.

Damage opponents with the Lock On Pistol

Unvaulted for roughly the second half of this season of Fortnite, the Lock On Pistol curves projectiles towards opponents, and is generally more accurate (though slower) than normal pistols. They work in more or less the same way otherwise, so if you can use a normal pistol you'll be fine with the Lock On Pistol.

Inflict 100 points of damage with a Lock On Pistol to receive 400 Ooze. Aside from the name, you can tell Lock On Pistols apart from the rest thanks to the red laser sight attached to the top when you go to pick it up.

Penny leaps across the landscape while under the effects of low-gravin Fortnite.

Travel distance while under the effects of low-grav

Remember that FlowBerry Fizz we mentioned earlier? Whenever you spray some on your character they will enjoy a brief period of anti-gravity, allowing you to perform much higher leaps than normal. Travel while bouncing along under this effect to complete the quest. You can also trigger this effect with FlowBerries, which are much more common than FlowBerry Fizz, and appear in abundance in the orchards surrounding Fencing Fields.

Travel 500 meters while under the effects of low-grav to receive 300 Ooze.

Penny finds a shotgun in Fortnite.

Collect weapons

It doesn't get much simpler than this. There are weapons all over the place in Fortnite, and if you pick up enough of them over the course of several matches you'll complete this quest. You can pick up and drop every weapon you find to blitz through the requirements - just make sure you have the weapon you want in your loadout before you walk away. 

Collect 50 weapons to receive 300 Ooze. The same weapon doesn't count twice, so don't just sit in one spot, dropping and rretrieving the same weapon.

Penny battles an opponent at close range in Fortnite.

Eiminate opponents from within 10 meters

Combat in Fortnite is usually long-range or close-range, depending on the weapons involved, and 10 meters is very much within the realm of close-range. To complete this quest you'll want to use shotguns, pistols, SMGs, or the melee weapons of the TMNT. Close-range combat can get pretty hairy, so you may want to use stealth to get the drop on your opponents.

Eliminate three opponents from within 10 meters to receive 300 Ooze.

Penny dances inside the Turtles' Lair in Fortnite.

Emote in the Turtles' Lair

Might as well give the place one more look before it disappears. The Turtles' Lair is in the sewers beneath the Ship It! warehouse in the southwest of the map, between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields. There are three ways to get into the sewers:
  • Via a manhole at the intersection near the warehouse
  • Via a smaller building across the road from the warehouse
  • Via the train tunnel that runs just south of the warehouse
The manhole is your quickest path down, as it leads directly to the Turtles' Lair. The other paths require you to go through the Underground HQ.

Perform any emote in the Turtles' Lair to receive 300 Ooze.

Penny drifts around on a Driftboard in Fortnite.

Spend time airborne doing tricks on a Driftboard

Ready for a flashy sendoff? To complete this task you'll need to track down a Driftboard, a sort of hovering skateboard. They're all over the place at the moment, though you're most likely to find Driftboards at named locations. Classy Courts is a good example, and usually has a few sitting around in its western parking lot. Once you have a Driftboard you just need to go off some jumps, preferably while boosting.

Spend 25 seconds airborne doing tricks on a Driftboard to receive 300 Ooze. You can perform actual tricks by tilting your control stick forward and doing flips, but often enough just zipping up into the air off of a jump is enough to count as a trick.