The quests for Week 12 of Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

The time has come again for more Fortnite weekly quests! Appearing back-to-back with the Takedown quest line, this collection of weeklies is full of quirky tasks that will force you to give some thought to your matches. They're not difficult, per se, but... you'll be kept busy. Let's get to it!

If you've been completing all of the weekly quests up to this point you'll have 66 quests under your belt. To receive this week's Weekly Bonus Goal - which is the final Weekly Bonus Goal - you'll need to complete only four of the six quests listed below. This will earn you 30K XP.

Jill Valentine bounces on an umbrella in Fortnite.

Bounce on umbrellas or tires

There are bouncy objects all over this map of Fortnite, and the second you hop onto one it will send you flying. You'll find lots of umbrellas for bouncing in Reckless Railways, and stacks of tires are available at virtually every gas station on the map. Find an umbrella or a tire stack and just keep bouncing until you complete the quest.

Bounce on umbrellas or tires to receive 15K XP.

Jill Valentine hacks up some stairs in Fortnite.

Destroy stairs

A pretty standard fixture of any multi-level building, there are stairs all over the place on this Fortnite map. You can either go spots that are quite tall, and have tons of stairs - Lavish Lair jumps to mind - or you can pick a few smaller homes, out in the countryside, and work them over one-by-one. Regardless of your approach, use your pickaxe.

Destroys 10 stairs to receive 15K XP. You'll get credit for team members helping with this quest.

Jill Valentine falls out of the sky in Fortnite.

Travel distance vertically without taking falling damage

Vertical distance has played a role several times in this season's quests, and you'll have to rely on it yet again for this one. There are three ways you can handle this:
  • Get on top of smaller buildings and jump off the side. As long as you're not too far off the ground you'll avoid damage.
  • Use a means of transportation that negates fall damage, then jump off. Ziplines, for example, prevent you from taking fall damage, regardless of how far you fall when you disengage the zipline. You can also use Flowberry Fizz or Flowberries to give yourself an antigravity effect.
  • Use jump pads to fly up into the air, then come back down without using your glider. You'll find these along the edges of the map, such as in the mountainous regions to the east. (This was my prefered method of completing this quest. It only takes a few bounces.)
Travel 250 meters vertically without taking fall damage to receive 15K XP.

Jill Valentine swims in Fortnite.

Deal damage to opponents that are swimming or while you are swimming

There are plenty of waterways in this season of Fortnite, and you're quite capable of firing you're gun while you're floating around - not to mention firing on someone else who might be in the water. Either approach works.

Deal 200 points of damage to opponents that are swimming, or while you are swimming, to receive 15K XP. You'll get credit for team members helping with this quest.

Jill Valentine carries around a Shield Potion in Fortnite.

Gain health during the day or shields at night

This is a weird one. To gain credit you either need to use restorative items during the day or shields at night. Combat survival doesn't always permit you the luxury of choosing when you'll apply these items, so you may just want to play the game normally and reach the goal line over time.

Gain 500 health during the day and / or shields at night to receive 15K XP.

Black Widow performs a dashing charge attack with the Ballistic Shield in Fortnite.

Eliminate an enemy player that you have hit with the Ballistic Shield charge

An Epic (purple) item that's new to this season, the Ballistic Shield has proven quite a useful - and powerful - weapon. In addition to blocking incoming fire and laying down some of your own, the Ballistic Shield can be used to perform a rushing attack at enemies, simply by sprinting while the shield's equipped. Anyone who gets hit by the shield goes flying and takes some damage.

Eliminate an enemy player that you have hit with the Ballistic Shield charge to receive 30K XP. You don't need to defeat the player with the charge attack, you just need to have hit them once. Real players are quite jumpy, so you may find this a simpler task to complete against bots.