The list of Takedown quests in Fortnite.

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The end is nigh! With only a few weeks left in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, players are scrambling to get as many levels as they can - ideally 200 or more - before the season draws to a close. Helping out in this is the Takedown series of quests, which give you a slew of new objectives to complete. The XP will come in handy for reaching 200, so let's get to work.

Completing eight of the nine Takedown quests will earn you a special wallpaper, on top of all the XP.

Jill Valentine stands inside a secured Forecast Tower in Fortnite.

Secure Capture Points, Forecast Towers or Combat Caches

Fortnite has a number of different scenarios where you need to wait around for something to happen, and this quest takes advantage of those scenarios. To complete this quest you need to do one of three things:

  • Secure a Capture Point, aka the flags that slowly lower when you're within their circle of influence. At this point there's only one Capture Point, and that's the one up on Loot Island, which appears randomly on the map near the end of each match.
  • Secure a Forecast Tower. If you scan the horizon there's a decent chance you'll see a Forecast Tower off in the distance. Society goons spawn near these structures, and one of them carries a Forecast Tower Access Card. Defeat them and use the card on the computer console at the base of the tower. The Forecast Towers are in the following spots:
    • South of Reckless Railways
    • South of Pleasant Piazza
    • Southeast of Ritzy Riviera
    • Southwest of Ruined Reels
  • Secure a Combat Cache. Occasionally you'll come across canisters that take a long time to open. These are Combat Caches, and you need to begin opening it. You do not need to stick around once the Combat Cache begins opening to receive credit.
Secure two of the three objectives listed above to receive 15K XP. You can complete this quest with help from a team.

Jill Valentine stands outside an opened Society Vault in Fortnite.

Open Society Vaults

Several of the named locations on the map have Society Vaults in this season of Fortnite. In order to open the vault you need to defeat a nearby boss character, claim their Society Medallion, and then stand in front of the scanner near the vault. The bosses are attended by other NPCs, and there's usually competition among players to defeat them, so this quest might take a bit. The Vaults are in the following locations:

  • Lavish Lair
  • Grand Glacier
  • Reckless Railways
  • Fencing Fields
  • Snooty Steppes
Note that you can also open smaller vaults, as long as they're in spots with Society NPCs, using keycards. The yacht on the west side of the map is a good example, as are a few of the train stations. These smaller vaults are better targets since there's usually less competition to get at them.

Open three Society Vaults to receive 15K XP. You can complete this quest with help from a team.

Jill Valentine stands near a Society Medal in Fortnite.

Collect Society Medallions in different matches

Going off the previous quest, you need to collect Society Medallions, a minimum of one per match. You can either get Society Medallions from bosses, at the locations listed above, or dropped by defeated players. Grabbing Society Medallions makes you a more visible target on the map, so watch your back.

Collect at least one Society Medallion in three different matches to receive 15K XP.

Jill Valentine fights a Legion Tactical enemy in Fortnite.

Eliminate Legion Tactical enemies

The NPCs that guard the aforementioned bosses come into play, as well. There are Society goons all over the map, and you need to take some of them down to complete this quest. Aside from moving around with the bosses noted above, Legion Tactical enemies also appear in the following locations:
  • At the base of Forecast Towers, once enough time has elapsed in the match
  • Some train stations
  • Ritzy Riviera
  • Hazy Hillside
  • The remote base in the southeast corner of the map
Eliminate ten Legion Tactical enemies to receive 15K XP.

Jill Valentine battles a Legion Heavy enemy in Fortnite.

Eliminate Legion Heavy enemies

You may not notice it much in the middle of a firefight, but there are two different types of Society NPCs: Tactical, noted above, and Heavy. Legion Heavy enemies look a bit different, come in smaller numbers, and have more health. They appear in the same locations as the other Society NPCs, so just wipe out every guard you come across.

Eliminate ten Legion Heavy enemies to receive 15K XP.

Jill Valentine battles Oscar, the boss of Lavish Lair in Fortnite.

Defeat Bosses

And all that brings us to the individual boss characters. Each of these is a separate quest, sending you to four of the five boss-owned areas on this Fortnite map. (You don't need to worry about Peter Griffin.) The bosses are as follows:
  • Oscar - Lavish Lair, in an indoor garden on the north side of the lair
  • Valeria - Reckless Railways, in a building on the northwest corner of the area
  • Nisha - Fencing Fields, patrolling the underside of the largest building in the south
  • Montague - Grand Glacier, on the south end of the second floor
Defeat each of the bosses listed above to receive 15K XP apiece. You can complete these quests with help from a team.

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