A list of quests for Week 13 of Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

The end is nigh! We're into the final strech of Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1, and the game is pretty eager to throw levels at players. This bundle of quests should get you to the end of the Bonus Goals XP boosts, if you didn't have them already, and drag you ever closer to level 200. Let's get to work!

Black Manta stands at the top of Superior Summit in Fortnite.

Successfully Surmount Superior Summit

This quest is nice and easy. If you check in the southeast of the map you'll see Superior Summit, the tallest point on the island. All you have to do is get to the peak - or close to the peak, anyway - to claim the prize. There's a bouncing platform at the top to quickly take you elsewhere, so landing on the peak from the bus is the smart way to handle this quest.

Successfully Surmount Superior Summit to receive 15K XP.

Black Manta guzzles a Shield Potion in Fortnite.

Travel distance while restoring health or shields

One of the smaller innovations this season is the ability to walk - slowly - while applying shields or medkits to your character. This quest wants you to meander a bit, several times over, while mending any wounds.

Travel 100 meters while restoring health or shields to receive 15K XP. You can't move very quickly while doing either of these things, so you may need to pick away at this quest for a while. Just remember to roam around whenever you're healing up. Taking Medkits into the storm is a quick way to get this done.

Black Manta finds a Flopper inside a cooler in Fortnite.

Catch or collect fish from the water or a container

This season of Fortnite hasn't done much with its fishing mechanics, but you can still nab some tasty treats from the sea - or from the many blue-and-white coolers found sitting around. The easiest way to snag fish is to get a Fishing Rod from a barrel, then find fishing locations - always in sources of water - and cast your line. You may collect weapons rather than fish, so this quest can take a little while.

Collect or collect ten fish from the water or a container to receive 15K XP.

Black Manta unloads a pistol clip into a car in Fortnite.

Eliminate enemy players within 7 seconds of reloading a weapon

Reloading is a staple of gun battles in Fortnite, and this quest wants you to blow the competition away after setting yourself up for another round of gunfire. Reloading can take a while, and leaves you vulnerable, so you may want to use weapons that have a quick reload time. Pistols are good for this. You can also lower reload time on weapons by applying mods at a Weapon Mod Bench.

Eliminate five enemy players within 7 seconds of reloading a weapon to receive 15K XP.

Black Manta uses a Ballistic Shield in Fortnite.

Block damage from or deal damage to enemy players with the Ballistic Shield

A popular fixture of this season of Fortnite, the Ballistic Shield is an Epic (purple) weapon that allows you to block enemy fire while shooting back with a small pistol. To satisfy this quest you can both block enemy gunfire or deal damage with the pistol. A little bit of both with each confrontation should do nicely. Note that you can also damage enemies by dashing into them with the shield equipped.

Block or deal 500 damage using a Ballistic Shield to receive 15K XP. If your Ballistic Shield absorbs too much damage you'll become stunned - and unprotected - for a short time, so don't let yourself get hit too many times in a row.

Targeting enemies using a scoped weapon in Fortnite.

Eliminate enemy players using the first weapon you collect in a match

It's vital to grab yourself a weapon as quickly as possible when starting a new match of Fortnite, and you'll typically discard that weapon a short time later, once you find something better. This quest flips that equation a bit, asking that you keep your first weapon, and use it to wipe out multiple enemies. This is a bit easier to do without mistake if you throw yourself into a war zone early on, though you'll also risk getting eliminated if you're not careful.

Eliminate three enemy players using the first weapon you collect in a match to receive 30K XP. Make sure you grab a good one!