Lily and Lyleen, a pair of powerful bosses in Palworld.

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If you started your Palworld excursion on the Windswept Hills - which is likely - you've probably already fought Zoe and Grizzbolt, a pair of Rayne Syndicate baddies, at the Rayne Syndicate Tower to the northwest of your starting point. This leaves four towers to go, and there's no clear indication (aside from the power levels of the surrounding Pal populations) to tell which one you should tackle second. You can go in any order you like...

... but if you want to battle these bosses in order of difficulty, you'll want to take on Lily and Lyleen next. They're a fair jump ahead of Zoe and Grizzbolt in terms of power, so don't expect this fight to be a walk in the park. You should be between levels 25 and 30 before you strke out at Lily and Lyleen, as you'll need heavier firepower if you expect to stand a chance.

The location of the Free Pal Alliance Tower in Palworld.


Lily and Lyleen live in the Free Pal Alliance Tower, located on a snowy plateau in the central area of Palapagos Island. If you're looking out from the Windswept Hills you'll see the tower more or less drectly north of the starting point, though it is a loooong way away from home.

if you take more or less a direct route to the tower from the Windswept Hills you'll probably pass two Great Eagle statues - Islandhopper Coast and Mossandra Forest - along the way. The enemies near Mossandra Forest should give you a good idea of Lily and Lyleen's general power level, and if you struggle against normal foes you won't stand a chance against the bosses.

The trip between Windswept Hills and the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance Great Eagle statues is filled with uneven terrain, and you'll face quite the trek if you decide to climb up to the tower. You should consider bringing a flying Pal, such as a Nitewing, along for the trip. Saddle up and you can fly to the tower with no trouble. The area is also quite cold, so you'll want equipment that can handle the icy winds. More on that below.

A distant landscape in Palworld.


Lily and Lyleen either require overwhelming force or a fair amount of preparation if you expect to win. Here are some suggestions before you even enter the fight:
  • Craft and wear some Cold Resistant Metal Armor (Technology level 27). This will prevent you from taking damage as you walk up to the tower from the nearby Great Eagle statue, and provide enough defense to survive Lily and Lyleen's attacks.
  • Craft a Makeshift Handgun (Technology level 25) or, if you're a bit higher up, a Handgun (Technology level 29). You'll need one or the other to fire from the sidelines while one of your Pals grabs Lily and Lyleen's attention. Bring lots of ammo along, as well, as these bosses have a lot of HP to whittle down.
  • Bring Pals with Fire-type moves equipped. Lyleen is a Grass-type, and will take extra damage to Fire. You can bring Fire-type Pals, if you wish, but Lyleen has a Water-type move that can rip through their HP. A Neutral Pal is probably safest.
Ready? Then let's do it.

Lily, partner of Lyleen and a strong boss in Palworld.

The Battle

Unlike Zoe and Grizzbolt, who liked to rush in and get in your face, Lily and Lyleen prefer a lot of long-ranged attacks. They will approach you, but for the most part you'll be dodging projectiles, not melee attacks. Lily and Lyleen use the following attacks:
  • A series of swift Grass projectiles
  • A flurry of tornadoes that move slowly towards you
  • An underground line attack that erupts near your location
  • A close-range AOE Ice attack
  • A cluster of Water bubbles
  • A projectile lump that lands on the ground and spreads smaller clumps all over the battlefield, which explode after a few seconds
As with Zoe and Grizzbolt you want to use the terrain to your advantage in this fight. Stick close to the pillars and throw your chosen Pal to the other side of the arena so you're not bunched together. Then move slowly around the space, using the pillars as blockades against Lyleen's attacks. They don't stop every attack, so you always need to be ready to roll away from incoming projectiles.

Lily is, once again, the weakness in this battle, and the character you want to target. Wait for Lyleen to stop moving - this happens whenever it's about to use a move - then target Lyleen up on its head. She's even easier to hit if Lyleen turns around to face your Pal, so try to maneuver things so you and your Pal are on opposite sides of the fight, with Lily and Lyleen in the middle. Beyond that, just... keep on shooting. Lily and Lyleen have over 60,000 HP, so rest assured, this fight takes a while.

You'll receive 5 Ancient Technology Points for defeatng Lily and Lyleen. After the battle you'll get zapped up to the top of the Free Pal Alliance Tower, where you can activate another Great Eagle Statue for a Technology Point - and a nice view of the landscape. Well done!