A Pal Egg, discovered in the wilds of Palworld.

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Occasionally as you explore Palapagos Island in Palworld you'll come across large, colorful eggs. These aren't the same as the eggs that you can get from farming specific Pals in a Ranch, either - these are Pal Eggs, and each one contains a Pal. Hatching Eggs is a useful, combat-free method for obtaining new Pals, and if you control the Pals hatching the eggs you can determine the nature of the resulting Pal. 

Each Pal type has a specific Pal Egg type attached to it. They are as follows:

  • Dark - Dark Eggs
  • Dragon - Dragon Eggs
  • Electric - Electric Eggs
  • Fire - Scorching Eggs
  • Grass - Verdant Eggs
  • Ground - Rocky Eggs
  • Ice - Frozen Eggs
  • Neutral - Common Eggs
  • Water - Damp Eggs

Each egg is Normal, Large, or Huge in size. The size of the egg determines the power and rarity of the Pal within. The bigger the egg, the better the Pal.

There are two ways to acquire Pal Eggs:

  • Find them in the wild. Pal Eggs are located all over the map in Palworld, and they respawn in the same places each time. Once you find a convenient Pal Egg location you can check it again, more or less once a day, to get fresh eggs.
  • Breed Pals. We'll discuss this below.

A pair of Egg Incubators in Palworld.

In order to hatch Pal Eggs you'll need an Egg Incubator, a level 7 Ancient Technology (the purple strip on the right side of the Technology list). You'll need Ancient Technology Points to learn this Technology, which you'll gain by defeating Rayne Syndicate Tower bosses. If you want to get started early you should begin with Zoe and Grizzbolt, the weakest of these bosses.

Place the Pal Egg inside the Incubator, once you've acquired both. Depending on the size of the egg you'll need to wait a specific amount of time before you can begin the hatching process. Once the timer ends, interact with the Incubator for a while to hatch the egg and acquire your new Pal.

Finding eggs is a simple, effective way to build up your stable of Pals. It is not the way to min-max the ideal Pal, however, or to breed specific types of Pals. For that you'll want to look into Breeding.

A Breeding Farm in Palworld.


Breeding combines the traits of two parent Pals into a single, somewhat pre-determined Pal. If done with a mind for numbers you can determine in advance what type of Pal you'll get when you breed two Pals, and if you pay attention to the Passive Skills of the parent Pals you'll have a chance of passing them down to the child. This guide fully explains the mechanics behind breeding, and how you can obtain specific Pal types. We'll stick to the manual labor.

In order to breed Pals you first need a Breeding Farm. Breeding Farms are a level 19 Technology, and require 100 Wood, 20 Stone, and 50 Fiber to build. You'll also need a lot of empty space to set up a Breedom Farm, enough that you may need to destroy existing structures - or just set up your Breeding Farm at a new base.

Sadly, acquiring and setting up the Breeding Farm is the easy part of this process. The hard part is putting together the key ingredient to making two Pals breed: Cake.

The world map of Palworld. This map has been edited to show where you can find Pals needed to assemble Cake.


Before you can make two Pals breed you need to give them Cake, which can only be created at a Cooking Pot (Technology level 17). Cake requires the following ingredients:

  • Five bags of Flour. For Flour you'l need a Wheat Plantation (Technology level 15), to grow Wheat, then a Mill (also Technology level 15) to convert the Wheat into Flour. Grass-type Pals are most likely to have the Wheat Seeds you'll need to make the plantation.
  • Eight Red Berries. You'll find these growing all over the place.
  • Seven bottles of Milk. Milk is dropped and produced by Mozzarina, the latter if you have a Ranch at your base. Mozzarina are bovine Pals that live near the Ravine Entrance Great Eagle statue, among other places. If you started in the Windswept Hills you'll find this area by heading northwest to the first Rayne Syndicate Tower, then traveling more or less directly west, until you hit grasslands.
  • Eight Eggs. Eggs are dropped and produced by Chikipi, the latter again when you have an active Ranch in your base. Chikipi are early-game Pals, found in abundance on the Windswept Hills. 
  • Two pots of Honey. Honey is dropped by several different Pals, though the easiest to find is the Cinnamoth. They live near the Ancient Ritual Site Great Eagle Statue, located northwest of the Rayne Syndicate Tower nearest the Windswept Hills. (You can also get Wheat Seeds from them, conveniently enough.)
You can also buy several of these items if you come across Merchants, though there's no guarantee they will have what you need. Cake takes a very long time to make, so you may want to leave it to a Pal that has the Kindling trait and find something else to do while they're baking.

The Breeding Farm in Palworld. It doesn't like to work a lot of time.

Choose your two parent Pals once you've determined what species / Passive Skills you want. Note that you must choose a male and a female Pal for this process. Assign them to your base, then pick up and throw both Pals into the inner ring of the Breeding Farm. Place the Cake in the box attached to the farm - it's on the right side of the entrance - and wait. 

If the Pals are, uh, doing their job, they will wander around the Breeding Farm - and you'll see a meter building in the middle. Breeding may take a while, and if the Pals wander off they'll pause the progress. They should come back after tending to sleep or eating, though before you start the breeding process you may want to wait until morning, and fully feed both participants. (Cake doesn't decay while in the Breeding Farm box, fortunately, so you won't waste any resources if the breeding take a while.)

If all goes well you'll find Pal Eggs waiting for you when you next check the Breeding Farm, and you can hatch them normally. If not, you may need to get a bit finicky with your setup:
  • Create a base specifically for breeding Pals. Don't provide any other tasks that could interrupt the breeding process.
  • Provide food inside the Breeding Farm. Once you've built the far you're free to create a Feed Box within the bounds of the farm, which will keep the Pals from skittering off to eat elsewhere.
  • Turn off Raids. Pals break off their work to defend the base. You can turn off Raids on the World Select screen, via the main menu, then choosing Change World Settings at the bottom of the screen. Choose Custom Settings, then turn 'Enable Event Raids' (near the bottom of the list) to Off.
  • Leave the base. I found Pals less likely to leave their assigned posts when I wasn't there. Your results may vary.