The player battles a member of the Rayne Syndicate in Palworld.

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True to its striking resemblance to another monster-collecting franchise, Palworld isn't just about exploring distant lands and recruiting Pals. You also need to deal with a group of morally-dubious poachers, who, in this case, are known as the Rayne Syndicate. Infamous for imprisoning Pals, raiding human settlements, and just causing trouble in general, the Rayne Syndicate are the baddies of the Palworld universe.

This guide will teach you a bit more about the Rayne Syndicate in Palworld. You can run into them in a number of different ways, and it won't take long after you start a new game that they begin causing trouble for you and your Pals.

The player battles a Raiding Party of Syndicate members in Palworld.


The Rayne Syndicate is a group of poachers, thieves, and all-around criminals who populate Palapagos Island. They're not interested in conversation, and will attack you or your Pals whenever you get too close. The average Rayne Syndicate group consists of a mixture of the following enemies:

  • Melee units, who leap at you with batons and bats
  • Ranged units, who use firearms to hit you from afar
  • Explosive units (Grenadiers), who lob grenades at you
  • Flamethrower units (Cleaners), who try to douse you in flames
Rayne Syndicate foes typically appear in groups of four or five at a minimum, and depending on how you encountered the Rayne Syndicate you may wind up fighting more of them. These battles can get a bit hairy.

The one major plus side to fighting the Rayne Syndicate is that they are, on average, weaker than Pals. If you take a Pal into combat against a group of Rayne Syndicate enemies that is below their level, the Pal will still usually win without too much trouble. Snipe the baddies from the sidelines and your Pal's chances are even better. Note that your Pal faces stiffer resistance at higher difficulty levels, and you'll want to use more caution.

A Syndicate Scouting Party invades the base in Palworld.

Syndicate Scouting Parties

You're most likely to first battle the Syndicate when they send a Raiding Party to your camp. These groups of enemies approach from afar, and you'll see icons over their heads at a great distance, giving you plenty of time to prepare. If left to their own devices Scouting Parties will steal items from your base and run off.

For the most part you don't need to worry about Syndicate raids. They only show up when you're at the base, so you'll always be there to help your Pals... not that your Pals are likely to need any help. Unless you've left your base woefully understaffed your worker Pals should be strong enough, and plentiful enough, to absolutely wallop Scouting Parties on their own. You can also set up varous defensive structures, such as Sandbags or Defensive Walls, to make their job easier.

As the game wears on Syndicate attack groups grow in size and become more powerful. Make sure your Pals always stay on a defensive posture, to defend against these threats.

Syndicate Squads

Occasionally when you're out in the field you'll come across Syndicate members attacking Pals. You'll probably spot the kerfuffle from a ways away, and you can choose to jump into the middle or avoid the confrontation altogether. The Pals usually won't do anything to you, so even if you plan to take them out you should go after the Syndicate goons first, as they will always attack you and your party.

The player frees a Pal from a Syndicate Camp in Palworld.

Syndicate Camps

There are various Syndicate Camps set up around Palapagos Islands. They don't appear on the map, but you'll almost always find them in dirt clearings. The camps are usually staffed by seven to ten Syndicate members, and they're tougher to take down than normal Syndicate groups. Usually when you come across a camp you'll find Pals attacking the Syndicate, and you can jump in and even the odds a bit.

Syndicate Camps remain in the same places after they've been cleared. Come back a day or two after clearing one out and there should be new Syndicate members to fight. 

Syndicate camps often have a single, caged Pal that's unusual for the area where you found the camp. Once you've cleared out the Syndicate members you can open the Pal's cage by interacting with the padlock on the front. This adds the Pal to your party, or, if it's full, to your Palboxes. The Pals in the cages respawn, as well, so if you like that species - and can't find it elsewhere in the world - you can keep raiding that particular camp for more Pals.

Zoe, one of the Syndicate leaders in Palworld. Zoe rides into battle on a huge Grizzbolt.

Rayne Syndicate Tower

If you look out at the landscape you'll likely see large, blue-lit towers, way off in the distance. One of these, the closest to the Windswept Hills starting point, is the Rayne Syndicate Tower. If you enter this tower you can battle Zoe and Grizzbolt, a pair of higher-ups in the group.

You have ten minutes to defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt. If you succeed you'll receve Ancient Technology Points. You'll also gain access to the top of the tower, where you'll find a Great Eagle statue. The top of the tower is a great place to take off and glide long distances, if you're looking to find new locations.

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