The player discovers the Desolate Church, a location in Palworld.

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Early on in Palworld your base Pals will more than suffice when it comes to handling Syndicate goons or hostile Pals. Eventually you may find them a bit lacking in some departments, however, and you'll want to upgrade them. Worry not! You can absolutely make your Pals stronger, and not just by leveling them.

This guide will teach you how to enhance the stats of your Pals in Palworld. There are two things you'll need, one easy to acquire, the other... well, you'll need to do some searching.

A Statue of Power in Palworld.

Statue of Power

In order to enhance the stats of your Pals you'll need a Statue of Power. These are structures you can place in your base. Statues of Power are Level 6 Technologies, so you can unlock them early in the game. They're also relatively inexpensive, costing 20 Stone and 10 Paldium Fragments. Break out your Pickaxe and go after the nearest rock piles and deposits of Paldium.

It's worth noting that you can sometimes find pre-built Statues of Power in locations around the map. If you find the Desolate Church, for example, you'll discover a Statue of Power inside the church. The Desolate Church is west of the 'first' Rayne Syndicate Tower, northwest of the Windswept Hills where you (probably) started the game. (It also happens to be a great place to build a base.)

Interact with the Statue of Power and you'll open a menu for upgrading the Capture Power of your player (a topic for another time) and the stats of the Pals in your party. You won't be able to enhance anything, however, without some Pal Souls.

The player upgrades the stats of their Dinossom in Palworld.

Pal Souls

Pal Souls are used to enhance your Pal's stats at a Statue of Power. They come in three different flavors:
  • Small Pal Souls, which are light blue
  • Medium Pal Souls, which are purple
  • Large Pal Souls, which are yellow-gold
The different types of Pal Souls are used to limit the power-ups you can grant your Pals. Each time you imbue your Pal with one of the soul types their stat in a specific category will rise, as will the number of souls needed to raise that stat to the next level. You'll need the following souls to fully upgrade a stat:
  • 10 Small Pal Souls (four levels)
  • 6 Medium Pal Souls (three levels)
  • 6 Large Pal Souls (three levels)
That's 22 Pal Souls total to max out a single stat on a single Pal. You'll need a lot of Pal Souls to max out a Pal. So where can you find Pal Souls?

The player thwarts a Syndicate Raid in Palworld. Note the Pal Souls left behind.

Finding Pal Souls

Generally speaking, Pal Souls are located based on difficulty. Small Pal Souls appear in early-game areas, Medium Pal Souls show up in mid-game areas, and Large Pal Souls are found in late-game areas. The deeper you get into the game and the more you explore, the more likely you are to find them all. Here are some ways to collect Pal Souls:
  • Syndicate goons often drop Pal Souls when defeated. The stronger the goon, the better the Pal Soul. The Syndicate tries to Raid your bases relatively often, so you'll get Pal Souls delivered to you.
  • Treasure chests often house Pal Souls. The kind you find depend on where you are in the game. Dungeons and plain landscapes, such as deserts, make it easy to find lots of chests.
  • You may also just find Pal Souls sitting on the ground as you explore. They appear as a faint light inside a crystal.
  • Specific Pals can drop Pal Souls when defeated in the wild. A few examples:
    • Small Pal Souls - Cawgnito, Daedream, Felbat, Maraith, Nox, Tombat
    • Medium Pal Souls - Helzephyr
    • Large Pal Souls - Anubis, Frostallion Noct, Necromus
In other words, you need to explore. Make your way into uncharted territory, fight every Pal, and unlock every chest. You'll eventually come across spots that offer up Pal Souls in abundance.