Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Allseer - Metal-type - Common
  • Boltan - Lightning-type - Common
  • Braxsuit - Air-type - Uncommon
  • Busheye - Plant-type - Common
  • Dominoth - Air-type - Common
  • Elfless - Ice-type - Only one
  • Flapwoods - Air-type - Rare
  • Hopskin - Beast-type - Uncommon
  • Huntorch - Plant-type - Rare
  • Snoopin - Beast-type - Uncommon
  • Wingloom - Lightning-type - Uncommon

A forest that covers much of the north of New Wirral, the Eastham Woods will turn out to be more important than you might imagine. Not only do you need to travel here to learn an important ability, but you'll battle no less than two (potentially three) Archangels in various places throughout the woods. You'll come here several times during your journey, so get used to the annoying layout.

The Eastham Woods are one of the earlier areas you can reach in Cassette Beasts. The quickest path here is to head to New Wirral Park's northern section, through one of two gates, and then travel east. Head north of the bonfire at the east end and you'll find a path to Eastham Woods. You're most likely to first come here as part of Meredith's personal quest.

Whether or not you spend much time in Eastham Woods early on, you should make a point to come here shortly after the game begins. If you Record a Boltan in the woods - and they're pretty common - you'll learn the Electromagnetism field ability. This grants you the power of magnetism, which most often will allow you to scale cliffs by latching onto blue blocks suspended from ropes. (Which, coincidentally, you need to do to get through Eastham Woods.)

Important Locations

The most notable location in Eastham Woods is Falldown Mall, which plays a major role in Meredith's personal quest, as well as the final quest of the game. You'll find Falldown Mall on a cliff in the north of Eastham Woods, along with a Landkeeper Office.

  • According to the map there are two bonfires in Eastham Woods - one on the border with New Wirral Park, the other in front of Falldown Mall - but when you explore the game the Eastham Woods title card won't pop up until you leave the New Wirral Park bonfire. This is nevertheless the most accessible camping site during your initial visit.
  • As you head west through the woods you'll come across a deactivated robot on a tree stump. This is Clee-0, and you'll need to complete the Coin-Operated quest to activate her.
  • To reach Falldown Mall, the final destination in Eastham Woods, you need to raise an L-shaped bridge partway through the woods. East of the bridge is a magnetic block that you can use Electromagnetism to drag off of a cliff. Place it on a blue tile to the south of the bridge and you'll reveal another blue tile. This second one will shoot you into the air if you use Electromagnetism, launching you up to a button that will raise the bridge. (You can also just go west to find a long route to the button, if you want to explore.)
  • You can also reach Falldown Mall by bashing through a cracked rock to the north of the L-shaped bridge, which generates a gust of wind. You'll need Bulletino Dash to destroy the rock.
  • In the far west of Eastham Woods you'll find several destructible blocks. These can be bashed via Bulletino Dash to access the upper areas of Eastham Woods, as well as to create a path to New Wirral Park.


  • In the northeast of Eastham Woods, near the exit to the Mire Sea, you'll find some cliffside platforms with blue tiles embedded in the ground nearby. You can use Electromagnetism while standing on the lowest blue tile to rise up a level, then glide to the right to find a switch. This turns the lower blue tile into a rising and falling platform. Use Electromganetism to hover above the platform, then glide north at the highest point to reach a second blue tile. Rise off of this tile and glide east to find a lever. The lever will unlock a chest containing a Dual Wield Sticker, a Basic Tape, and some materials. You'll find the chest near the first blue tile.
  • Northwest of the area's first bonfire you'll find a spacious, raised area accessible via Electromagnetism. In the west you'll find a locked chest surrounded by three buttons and a blue tile. You can place nearby rocks on two of the tiles, as well as a crate to the southeast on the third, but you'll need a magnetized blue block to activate the tile. You'll find just such a block on a raised section of land to the west of here, and you can drag it down with Electromagnetism. Toss it onto the blue block to open the chest, which contains a Silicon Slash Sticker, an Ice-IX Tape, and Metal.
  • East of Clee-0 is an upside-down, U-shaped rock formation with a button in the middle. Place an object on the button and a magnetic tile will slide out of the bottom of the rock formation. You can use Electromagnetism on the tile to get to the rock of the rock formation, where you'll find a chest containing a Lightning Wall Sticker, a Basic Tape, and some materials.
  • North of the L-shaped bridge leading to Falldown Mall is an entrance to Eastham Woods Caves. You'll find a locked chest and a blue tile in here. Use Electromagnetism to yank a blue block down onto the tile to unlock the chest. The chest contains an Ice and Lightning Rogue Fusion. Defeat it to receive Fused Material, a Doc Leaf Sticker, a Faux Fur Tape, and Wood.
  • In the far southwest of Eastham Woods is a chest containing a Window Sticker, a Ferrichrome TapeWheatPulp, and Wood. It's beneath a rock.
  • West of the bridge to Falldown Mall is a cluster of three lights. You need to press three buttons to activate the lights. Do so and you'll reveal a chest containing a Fire Wall Sticker and a Basic Tape.
    • South of the lights, on the lower path through Eastham Woods, is a magnetic tile. You'll need to pull the blue block down from the cliff to the northeast and place it on the tile.
    • Also south of the lights is a button. Check to the west to find a rock that you can place on the button.
    • Last, there's a button to the right of the lights. Step on it yourself.
  • Southwest of Falldown Mall is a magnetic tile, and below it is a chest in a doorway. Place the magnetic block perched upon the nearby cliff on top of the tile and you'll unlock the chest. The chest contains an Icicle Dart Sticker, a Basic Tape, Wheat, and Plastic.
  • If you drop down the cliff in front of Falldown Mall you can get at a chest containing an Ice Resistance Sticker, a Water-Filled Tape, and Plastic. You can also get at this chest from the ground with Pumpkin Vine Ball.
  • Use the crate on the right side of Falldown Mall to get to the roof. There's a chest up here containing an AP Drain Sticker, as well as a bunch of materials.

NPC Battlers

Thomas and Tommy

Location: East end of Eastham Woods, to the north of the New Wirral Park exit
  • Manispear - Metal-type (Thomas)
  • Palangolin - Metal-type (Tommy)


Location: Northwest of the southeastern bonfire

  • Allseer - Metal-type
  • Braxsuit - Air-type

Location: Up the Magnetism pole to the northwest of the area's first bonfire
  • Pawndead - Earth-type
  • Pawndead - Earth-type

Location: Northeast of the deactivated robot
  • Salamagus - Fire-type
  • Terracooka - Earth-type


Location: West of the deactivated robot

  • Nevermort - Poison-type
  • Jormungold - Poison-type

Location: Along the southern path in the west of the woods
  • Stardigrade - Astral-type
  • Djinn Entonic - Astral-type

Location: In the far west of the woods
  • Velocirifle - Fire-type
  • Flapwoods - Air-type

Location: To the east of the Landkeeper Office
  • Hopskin - Beast-type

Location: To the east of the Landkeeper Office
  • Jormungold - Poison-type

Location: To the west of the Landkeeper Office
  • Scampire - Beast-type

Location: Out front of Falldown Mall
  • Huntorch - Plant-type
  • Tokusect - Air-type