Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Bulletino - Fire-type - Common ("Ham")
  • Dominoth - Air-type - Common
  • Macabra - Beast-type - Uncommon (Lakeside)
  • Manispear - Metal-type - Uncommon (Lakeside)
  • Puppercut - Metal-type - Common (Lakeside)
  • Salamagus - Fire-type - Only one (Lakeside Caves Rogue Fusion)
  • Squirey - Beast-type - Common
  • Wingloom - Lightning-type - Uncommon ("Ham")
A bit of connective tissue between a number of different areas, Lakeside is somewhat unremarkable at first glance. It's fairly short, and there isn't a ton to do here when you first arrive. Lakeside is nevertheless an important area, as it's the starting point for a number of worthwhile activities - and you can recruit a new partner here, to boot.

As for "Ham", well... we'll see.

Lakeside is one of the earliest areas you can reach at the beginning of Cassette Beasts. Simply proceed north through New Wirral Park until you pass through one of two gates. You'll be on a strip of grassland that travels east and west. If you go west far enough you'll wind up at Lakeside. Continue west through Lakeside and you'll find the bonfire, and if you head north of the bonfire you'll find "Ham".

Important Locations

  • The Lakeside bonfire is to the west, closer to Cherry Meadow than New Wirral Park.
  • Parkway through Lakeside you'll see a man in the remains of an apartment, on an upper ledge. There's a button on a ledge to the south of him that you can press to lower a platform and gain access to the man. This is Felix, one of your partners, and recruiting him will trigger the Don't You Want Me quest line.
  • Along the northern paths of Lakeside you'll find a cracked block with wind gusting out of it. This is a shortcut to Eastham Woods, but you'll need to bash through from the other side. Down and to the right of this block is a switch that will create a little shortcut over the nearby water.
  • As you head west through Lakeside you'll see a woman standing beside a button. She'll ask you to stand on it, which will raise a signpost. This is the first in a series of 'Moving Signposts' that will point you towards a treasure. (Supposedly.) This journey takes you out of Lakeside, so we won't detail it any further here.
  • In the middle of "Ham" you'll see a cracked block. Smash it open and you'll find a lever that will raise nearby platforms with ramps. Get under the nearest platform before it rises and you can use the ramps at the top, via Bulletino Dash, to reach Eastham Woods (east) or Captain Lodestein (north). You'll need to also use Electromagnetism to get to Lodestein.


  • On the border between Lakeside and "Ham" is a chest on a plateau. There are buttons on either side of the chest that will unlock it, allowing you to get at a Gambit Sticker, a Basic Tape, and a bunch of materials.
  • In the west of Lakeside there's a bridge south to an island in Thirstaton Lake. If you drop onto the small sand bank beneath the bridge and check the rock wall you'll find a hidden chest containing a Bish Bash Bosh Stick, a Basic Tape, Wood, and Wheat.
  • In the west of Lakeside you'll come to a river with a waterfall. There's a visible cave behind the waterfall leading to Lakeside Caves, which you'll need to be able to swim to reach. Hop your way north inside the caves to find a chest containing a Beast and Fire Rogue Fusion. Defeat it to receive Fused Material, a Poison Wall Sticker, and a Basic Tape. Go through the door in the north and you'll find a dead-end exit to Mt. Wirral Cave in the west and an exit to the south. Go south and you'll pop out of another waterfall, and there will be a chest on your left containing a Poison Coating Stick, a Basic Tape, and some materials.
  • On the west side of "Ham" is a chest on an upper platform. If you have Averevoir Flight and / or Pumpkin Vine Ball you can get up here from "Ham". If not you'll have to drop down onto the chest from Mt. Wirral. It contains a Thunder Blast Sticker, an Aerosol Tape, and some materials.

NPC Battlers


Location: Near a bridge in the east of Lakeside

  • Pawndead - Earth-type
  • Terracooka - Earth-type

Location: To the left of the windy block leading into Eastham Woods
  • Salamagus - Fire-type
  • Kittelly - Lightning-type


Location: East of the Lakeside bonfire

  • Stardigrade - Astral-type

Location: On the right side of the northbound path to "Ham"
  • Clocksley - Plastic-type
  • Ratcousel - Plastic-type

Location: On the left side of the northbound path to "Ham"
  • Ripterra - Beast-type
  • Jumpkin - Plant-type


Location: Pull a lever to the west of the Lakeside bonfire

  • Dominoth - Air-type
  • Wingloom - Lightning-type
  • Mothmanic - Lightning-type


Location: On the west end of Lakeside, near the entrance to Cherry Meadow

  • Palangolin - Metal-type