Recommended Level: 30+
Unlocked: Complete the intro of Take Me On

To begin this quest you need to make your way through the introductory section of Cassette Beasts. Once that's done you'll receive Take Me On, which requires you to head to New Wirral Park, to the north of Harbourtown. Head to the northern section of New Wirral Park, past the two entry gates by the Ranger Outpost, then swing west. Walk this way until you wind up in Lakeside.

As you walk you'll see a guy on an upper ledge, in the remains of what appears to be a small building. Get onto the land on the south end of Lakeside, not far from the guy, and you'll find a button. Standing on the button will lower some land to the right of the guy, allowing you to get up to him. It turns out that his name is Felix, and he wants you to pay him a visit in Harbourtown.

Don't follow Felix just yet. He lives in West Harbourtown, and you can't reach West Harbourtown without the ability to swim. Continue walking west until you find the bonfire for Lakeside. A little ways further west, then south, you'll wind up at Thirstaton Lake, just north of a small area called Diveal Island. If you Record a Diveal you'll gain Diveal Swim, which will allow you to enter deep water and bob around for a while, Stamina permitting.

Return to Harbourtown and swim off of the docks to reach Western Harbourtown. Felix's home is down by the docks, and is the furthest to the west. Head inside and Felix will introduce you to the fine art of 'zotes', as well as ask you a favour: He wants you to Record a particular type of monster, specifically a 'warrior with a wooden sword'. Felix claims it can be found in Cherry Meadow, the entrance of which is on the west end of Lakeside. Felix will join you as a partner, and bring his Brushroom form along to boot.

Head back to Lakeside and continue west to find the entrance to Cherry Meadow. Go southwest from the border with Lakeside and you'll find a twisting, but ultimately straightforward, path through the area. Head far enough west and, just south of an old church on a cliff, you'll find the monster Felix wants: A Kirikuri. You'll have to fight it solo, as Felix is busy sketching, but it isn't that difficult so long as you throw out a Plant-type counter, like Fire or Poison. (You can also try to Record it, but doing this solo is... tricky. It's a Remastered Twirligig, so you can get it later anyway.)

Something... someone... highly unusual will step in to save Felix during the fight, and Felix will explain just how she came to be. You'll then receive a new quest: Track down four 'elemental altars' that are spread throughout New Wirral. This task will take you all over the map, and each time you find an altar you'll need to battle a Rogue Fusion. Let's get started!

Cherry Meadow

The simplest altar to track down is one you've already seen, back in Cherry Meadow, as you had to walk right past it to fight the Kirikuri earlier in this quest. Look a short ways north of the bonfire in Cherry Meadow and you'll find it.

In this battle you'll need to battle a Domisect, a level 38 combination of a Dominoth and a Tokusect. It's a pure Air-type, which means that Ice, Lightning, and Astral moves all work nicely. Once the Domisect splits you'll have to take out the component monsters, but you'll get a round before they start attacking. Kuneko will do her part finishing this fight.

Autumn Hill

One of the altars is located on the central plateau of Autumn Hill. To reach it you'll need to lower the wooden palisade wall on the west side of Autumn Hill. Flip a switch on the right side of the wall to get at a puzzle beneath the wall, which you can solve by placing rocks on the bottom two buttons and yourself on the top-right button. Then you just need to make your way clockwise around the area until you find the path to the top of the plateau. The altar is south of the bonfire.

This battle pits you and Kuneko against a level 32 Mutant Bulletino, a combination of two Bulletinos. It's strong, but anything that douses Fire - like Water - will wipe it out without much trouble. Mop up the Bulletinos and you're all done.

Thirstaton Lake

Another altar is sitting on an island in the south of Thirstaton Lake. If you lead Western Harbourtown and head north to the lake front you can dip into the water and head north / northwest to find this particular island.

This altar pits you against a Scubalveal, a level 35 Water-type Rogue Fusion. Its Torrent attack can provide quite painful, though if you throw either Lightning or Plant monsters out - you know, like Felix's Brushroom - you shouldn't have too much trouble taking this thing down. It will divide into a Scubalrus and a Diveal when defeated.

Eastham Woods

You'll find another of the altars in the northwest of Eastham Woods. Getting to it will require the Electromagnetism ability, which you'll gain via the Boltam monsters that patrol the area. Use it to go as far west through the woods as you can, then use a rock (or the Bulletino Dash ability, if you have it) to reach the upper level of the woods. Head back east and you'll find the altar near the edge of a cliff.

This battle will pit you against a Bushmaw, a level 34 Plant Rogue Fusion. Bushmaw is perhaps the most durable of the lot, and can heal itself, but throwing Fire and Poison attacks at the beast will quickly send it packing thanks to Burn and Poison damage. Bushmaw separates into a Bushmaw and a Blossomaw, neither of which should give you much trouble.

Once you defeat all four Rogue Fusions, regardless of the order, you'll be pitted against your real foe...

Archangel Shining Kuneko

Recommended Level: 40+

Yep, Kuneko herself is an Archangel. Go figure. Far stronger now than she was when helping out your party, Kuneko can prove quite the handful if you came out of the previous battle with a weak party. Kuneko uses the following attacks:
  • Smack, a melee attack
  • Double Slice, a two-hit melee attack against your whole party
  • Shooting Star, an Astral attack against one target
  • Galactic Beatdown, an Astral physical attack against one target
  • Air Wall, which conjures an Air Wall to take hits for Kuneko
  • Neutralize, which rids Kuneko of any status ailments
  • Ritual, which revives Kuneko with 25% of her health when she's defeated
  • Cosmic Kunai, a heavy Astral attack against both of your monsters (AP full only)
Kuneko is a hard-hitting enemy, and unlike other Archangels she has a type: Astral. This means that Earth, Air, Fire, and Water moves all empower her with additional AP, while she can drain those types of AP with most of her attacks. Beyond that she's not that crazy an opponent... though the use of Ritual to extend Kuneko's combat time can be a little grating.

Felix will force a Fusion soon after the fight begins, so your initial goal should be to get at least one Poison, Metal, or Plastic monster onto the field, and preferably two. That way you'll have a Fusion that can constantly drain Kuneko of AP and take the brunt of her stronger hits. After that is is largely a slugfest to the end. Kuneko will demolish normal monsters, so do what you can to keep your team fused. Rewinds will make this battle fairly simple.

You'll receive Fused Material and several materials for defeating Kuneko. You'll also receive a nice Stamina increase, and the Kuneko tape. Your relationship with Felix will improve to the first level upon your return to Harbourtown, and the quest will end - but the journey continues.

(For the record, this win does not count towards the Land of Confusion song count.)

Kuneko Bootlegs

Occasionally while gathering rumours in Harbourtown you'll hear of a Kuneko sighting somewhere in the world. Rush out to the indicated section of the map - you only have a few minutes, so move quickly - and you'll find Kuneko waiting. She can appear in Bootleg forms of herself with different movesets, so if you want a wide range of Kunekos this is the way to go.