Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Blossomaw - Plant-type - Near caves
  • Elfless - Ice-type - Common
  • Frillypad - Water-type - Uncommon
  • Glaistain - Glass-type - Only one
  • Hopskin - Beast-type - Uncommon
  • Liligator - Plant-type - Rare
  • Mothmanic - Lightning-type - Rare
  • Twirligig - Plant-type - Common
  • Wingloom - Lightning-type - Uncommon

A pleasant, two-tier region on the west side of New Wirral, Cherry Meadow is one of Cassette Beasts' more challenging areas. Not only is the landscape a bit of a challenge to successfully navigate, the enemies in these parts average above level 30. Leave Cherry Meadow until later in the game unless you really have a nose for exploration.

Cherry Meadow is most easily reached by heading north through New Wirral Park, then far to the west, through Lakeside. A Ranger at the west end of Lakeside will check your combat credentials at the border, as it were, and if you can beat him you'll find Cherry Meadow a bit further west.

Important Locations

  • Cherry Meadow's bonfire is in the central square of the map, on the lower level. Head southwest into Cherry Meadow from Lakeside and you'll find it, no problem.
  • Along the north end of Cherry Meadow are two barred doorways, built into the rock. The one on the right can be opened via a switch, creating a shortcut back to Lakeside. You'll need to wander through Cherry Meadow and find an altar to locate the switch.
  • In the northwest of Cherry Meadow you'll find Glaistainbury Abbey, which is locked up tight. We'll look at it in more detail below.
  • On the west side of Cherry Meadow, as you walk south, you'll see a cracked rock on your right. Blast through it with Bulletino Dash to activate a whirlwind shortcut to the upper level of the area.
  • In the central map of Cherry Meadow (upper level) you'll find a man researching a pint-sized Dominoth, and he'll mention something about a train. South of him is a blue, magnetic tile implanted in the ground. If you look north of here - you'll have to travel along the upper path for a bit - you'll find a magnetic block that you can carry back here. Place it on the tile to reveal the entrance to Cherry Cross Station.
  • In the northeast of Cherry Meadow you'll find Captain Buffy, one of the Ranger Captains you need to defeat. You'll see her early on, but you'll need to travel through the majority of the area and up onto the second level to reach her.
  • Northeast of Captain Buffy is a button beside a lift. Press the button to lower the lift. You can thereafter use Electromagnetism on the top of the lift to raise yourself to the second tier of Cherry Meadow.

Glaistainbury Abbey

In the northwest of Cherry Meadow is the pictureque - but locked - Glaistainbury Abbey, and it's a rather important location. Look behind the abbey and you'll see a switch attached to a fencepost. Use it to activate a lift that will take you to the roof, then use Electromagnetism to reach the highest point of the abbey, where you'll find a button to open the front door.

Inside the abbey you'll find a two-tiered puzzle. Use the blue box on the left side of the room to Electromagnet your way to the upper floor to start. On the left side of the room you'll find a blue block. Grab it and drop back to the lower floor.

There's a button on the left side of the room that you need to depress to make a magnefied tile appear on the right side of the room. DO NOT place the blue block on the button! The magnetic pole nearby will grab the block, and you'll have a devil of a time wrangling it back. Instead, place the blue block on the spot where the magnetic tile appears, then stand on the button yourself. This will solve the puzzle... 

... and lower a Glaistain onto the upper level. A Mirror-type enemy, the only 'natural' one in the game, Glaistain is a great creature to Record - if you can successfully manage it, as the odds are quite low. Your best bets are Beast, Metal, or Air moves, coupled with the best Tape you have in your inventory. Glaistain can dish out a ton of damage, so high-defense monster forms are ideal while trying to Record it. Expect to lose a few monsters along the way.

(Glaistain will appear as part of Harbourtown rumours elsewhere on the world map if you defeat it, so don't beat yourself up if you knock it out. You'll have other chances.)

  • In the north of Cherry Meadow is an entrance to Cherry Meadow Caves. There's a Rogue Fusion waiting to attack you inside the chest, a Wind / Poison Domiviper, and if you defeat it you'll receive Fused Material, a Glass Resistance Sticker, and a bunch of materials.
  • When you enter Cherry Meadow from Lakeside the path will diverge. If you follow the northern path west, all the way to the coast, you'll find a chest containing a Glass Wall Sticker, along with a bunch of materials.
  • On the west side of Cherry Meadow you'll find a green button. Press it to raise four Magikrab statues which you can spin, changing their colour. Make them all blue and you'll reveal a chest containing an AP Refund Sticker, a Basic Tape, and some materials.
  • Northeast of Captain Buffy is a chest on a plateau. The chest contains a Toxic Stab Sticker, a Basic Tape, and various materials.

NPC Battlers

Socrates and Plato

Location: Northwest of the area bonfire
  • Galapaw - Astral / Metal-type - Level 30 (Fusion)

Location: South end of Cherry Meadow, on the upper level
  • Twirligig - Plant-type - Level 35
  • Twirligig - Plant-type - Level 35

Location: East side of Cherry Meadow, near Captain Buffy
  • Velocirifle - Fire-type - Level 36
  • Artillerex - Fire-type - Level 36