Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Dominoth - Air-type - Common
  • Elfless - Ice-type - Common
  • Hopskin - Beast-type - Only one
  • Manispear - Metal-type - Only one
  • Mothmanic - Lightning-type - Common
  • Muskrateer - Beast-type - Only one
  • Queenyx - Earth-type - Only one
  • Scampire - Beast-type - Only one
  • Snoopin - Beast-type - Only one
  • Thwackalope - Air-type - Only one
  • Wingloom - Lightning-type - Common

Likely to be one of the later stations you find in Cassette Beasts, Cherry Cross Station is hidden within Cherry Meadow. The Tiny Dominoth rumour will send you out this direction, and an encounter with another man searching for the truth behind the rumour will put you in the right place... more or less.

To reveal Cherry Cross Station you'll need to travel through Cherry Meadow, via its southwestern entrance from Lakeside, until you reach the upper level of the center section of the area's map. There's a man up here who heard a train, but he's otherwise stumped. Follow the paths north of here, along the upper section, until you see a blue, magnetized block that you can carry. Bring it back to the man and look to the south of him for a blue floor tile. Place the block on the tile to unearth Cherry Cross Station.

The door to Platform B will open right up when you enter Cherry Cross Station. The problem? It is way too small to fit you. As luck would have it, though, there is another door to your right, and it's just your size. Use the switch beside the door to pop inside. You'll find a lift...

... and it will drop you (literally) into a little room. Inspect the table in the middle of the room to find a note that beckons you to try out the food on the table. Do so and you'll grow huge - large enough to lift the rock in the upper-right corner of the room, revealing a hole in the wall. Inspect the bottle on the left side of the table and you'll shrink to normal size. Drink again and you'll become very small, allowing you to go through the hole.

The next room contains a Springheel behind a bar, as well as another table. Hop onto the table and use the cake to return to normal size. If you approach the Springheel it will turn out to be a Scampire, a Thwackalope, and a Muskrateer. Once the group is gone, grow and grab the crate on the shelves near the bar. Place the crate between the wooden platform on the right side of the room and the bar. If you check the left side of the bar you'll find a much small crate, and you should place it in front of the platform.

Shrink down and use the crate, platform, and crate (or green fixture beside the bar, if you find the crate too tricky) to reach a series of canted shelves behind the bar. Climb the shelves, fighting the tiny Dominoths that get in your way as you ascend. At the top of the shelves you'll find a lever that will turn the platform below into a lift, as well as open a barred hole in the wall.

Glide west of the lever to reach a chest on one of the shelves. It contains a Splinter Sticker, Wood, and Pulp. Then travel back east and enter the hole in the wall. (It is much easier to do this if you drop down on top of the frame surrounding the hole, then glide down into it. Trying to hop off of the platform is just... ugh.)

Inside the hole you'll find a small house, along with a bunch of Elfless. Approach the house and it turns out to be a chest. Open it up and you'll be attacked by a Queenyx and a Manispear. The Queenyx will use Gambit, making it quite powerful, though if you can hold on for three rounds it will pass out of its own accord. Inside the chest you'll find a White Rabbit Key, a Treat Sticker, and some Pulp.

Return to the first room, change back to normal height, and inspect the keyhole in the upper-left corner of the room. The White Rabbit Key will make it disappear, creating a tiny lever near the food table. Shrink down again and pull the lever to flip-flop everything, which will send you flying back up into the station. At your tiny height you can now enter Platform B. Make sure you heal, as what waits beyond is... really something.

Archangel Alice

Recommended Level: 40+

Not surprising, and yet... still surprising. Imitating the book from which she is obviously derived, Alice has a habit of growing and shrinking, and each time she does she changes the dynamic of the battle a bit. Very annoying. Alice uses the following attacks:

  • Guzzle Fuel, which steals AP from one monster
  • Eat Me, which Inflates Alice, boosting her Attack and Defence while lowering her Evasion
  • Drink Me, which Deflates Alice, boosting her Evasion but lowering her Attack and Defence
  • Mountain Smash, a heavy Earth attack against a single target
  • Waterworks, a heavy Water attack against your whole party
  • High & Mighty, a heavy attack against your whole party (full AP only)
Alice will spend the battle changing size, doing damage to one or both members of your party as her height fluctuates. Her attacks hit hard regardless of her size, though you'll find them much more painful when Alice is Inflated. Ideally you want to hit Alice when she's small, but her evasiveness in this form can be annoying in its own right.

This battle is best done with an active, healthy Fusion, as your individual monsters will just take too much damage. If you have an attack that will hit Alice without fail, then by all means, wallop her when she uses Drink Me to deflate. Otherwise, wait until Alice is normal-sized or large to whip out your attacks, then heal as necessary when Alice shrinks. Throw up a wall once Alice's AP is nearing the top to avoid High & Mighty. Repeat until she goes down. Not terribly complicated, but Alice hits hard enough to make this an annoying battle.

You'll receive Fused Material, an Olive-Up!, and some materials for defeating Alice. Your Stamina will also receive another well-earned boost, and you'll earn another chunk of the all-important song that will, perhaps, get you out of New Wirral. One jump back to Harbourtown later, the journey will continue.

Main Walkthrough