Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Dandylion - Plant-type - Common (near Aldgrave Tomb Station)
  • Jellyton - Poison-type - Common
  • Jumpkin - Plant-type - Common (Piper Farm - use Skelly Jelly from Jellytons on the pumpkins in the field)
  • Nevermort - Poison-type - Common (Piper Farm)
  • Pawndead - Earth-type - Common
  • Rockabilly - Air-type - Common (Piper Farm)
  • Sanzatime - Earth-type - Uncommon
  • Skelevangelist - Earth-type - Uncommon
  • Snoopin - Beast-type - Uncommon
  • Southpaw - Metal-type - Uncommon
A little land of the dead tucked away in the southwest of New Wirral, Piper Farm and the nearby Lost Hearts Graveyard are among the last places you're likely to visit in Cassette Beasts, aside from Mt. Wirral. Despite their proximity to West Harbourtown both locations are sealed away behind a bridge, and you need to take the long way around to lower said bridge again. How annoying.

To reach both Piper Farm and Lost Hearts Graveyard you'll need to travel north from Harbourtown to Lakeside, travel west through Lakeside to Cherry Meadow, and then go south through Cherry Meadow and The Marshes. This trip takes a long time on foot, so you'll want to pick up abilities along the way to scale walls and cut down on the distance a bit.

While visiting Piper Farm you'll need to learn the Pumpkin Vine Ball field ability, which allows you to scale walls. You can do this by fighting Jellytons, either in The Marshes or the graveyard (or to lower the bridge), and collect some Skelly Jelly. Use it on the pumpkins in the farmyard to turn them into Jumpkins. Record one to learn Pumpkin Vine Ball. You'll need it to climb Mt. Wirral, so make sure you snag it during your first visit.

Some of the enemies in Lost Hearts Graveyard are Ghostly, and are represented on the map as little, red-eyed wisps. You can't hurt or Record these monsters, and unless one of your monsters knows the New Leaf move, which removes the status, you might as well just flee. This includes the Ghost Boy's monster form.

Important Locations

  • On the east side of Piper Farm is Piper Bridge, which is infected by a pile of goop that turns out to be a Rogue Fusion of two Jellytons. Defeat the Rogue Fusion and you can lower the bridge, creating a shortcut to West Harbourtown.
  • On the west side of the graveyard you'll see a prominent statue and a few graves, fenced in and inaccessible. If you twist the four red statues of Magikrab that surround the fence to their normal, grey positions you'll open up the graveyard. Check the gravestone to the left of the statue to reveal the entrance to Aldgrave Tomb Station.


  • Next to the owner of Piper Farm is a chest. Inside you'll find a Hot Potato Sticker, Wheat, and Wood. On the west side of the farm is another chest, up on a ledge, and if you use Pumpkin Vine Ball to rise up to the top you'll find the exact same things inside. (The Hot Potato Sticker is Uncommon this time.)
  • Check the pool on the east side of Lost Hearts Graveyard for a chest. The chest contains a Beast Wall Sticker, a Basic Tape, and a bunch of materials.
  • Outside the walls of the graveyard, to the east, you'll find a grassland with a locked chest. There's a lever on a raised ledge west of the chest that you can pull to open the chest. It contains a Glass Coating Sticker, a Basic Tape, and some materials.

NPC Battlers


Location: South of Piper Farm

  • Jellyton - Poison-type (Creep)
  • Jellyton - Poison-type (Creep)
  • Pawndead - Earth-type
Ghost Boy

Location: Near Aldgrave Tomb Station
  • Mascotorn - Plastic-type (Ghostly)