Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Jellyton - Poison-type - Uncommon
  • Kingrave - Earth-type - Uncommon
  • Pawndead - Earth-type - Common
  • Queenyx - Earth-type - Uncommon
  • Scampire - Beast-type - Uncommon
  • Skelevangelist - Earth-type - Common

Likely to be one of your final stops as you look for Archangels (as well as fast travel points), Aldgrave Tomb Station is located in Lost Hearts Graveyard, in the southwest of New Wirral. To reach this land you'll need to go all the way around the map from Harbourtown, traveling counterclockwise, until you hit The Marshes. The graveyard stretches along the south end of The Marshes. It's not that difficult to find, it just... takes a while.

Head west through Lost Hearts Graveyard until you see a raised, fenced-off section. There are four statues of Magikrab surrounding this little area, and each of them is red. You need to interact with all four, turning them to a normal purple-grey colour, to gain access to the fenced area. Once inside, inspect the tombstone to the left of the large monument in the north to reveal the entrance to Aldgrave Tomb Station.

Activate fast travel via Magikrab, then head down the stairs to his right and into the cave entrance at the bottom. You'll wind up inside a series of rooms with barred doors, and a mystery voice will challenge you to a series of trials:
  • Check the tombstone on the right in the first room. Head north.
  • Defeat the enemy in the second room. Head north.
  • Defeat the enemy in the third room. Head south.
  • Jump into the chasm in the fourth room.
  • Defeat the Landkeeper in the fifth room (Kingrave and Jellyton). Head west.
  • You should be in the room with the gate to Platform B. Head east.
  • Ignore the chasm in the seventh room and head west.
  • Approach the ticket on the ground, then defeat the enemy in the eighth room. Head east.
  • Defeat the enemy in the ninth room to receive the Train Ticket.
  • Go through any of the doors to return to the entrance, then repeat the steps (north, north, south, down the hole, and west) until you're back at Platform B. Use the Train Ticket on the machine by the gate to open it up.

Each time you take the incorrect path you'll wind up back at the room with the tombstones. If you take the wrong path through here enough times you'll find Aldgrave Tomb Clue #1. Keep messing up and you'll also receive Aldgrave Tomb Clue #2. If you need to rest and recover you can fast travel out of here via the map, though the enemies you defeated will reappear when you return.

Once you've open the door to Platform B you'll also open an exit to the south that will return you to the entrance of Aldgrave Tomb Station. Whenever you reenter the maze you'll start out at the entrance to Platform B, so you may want to use this opportunity to rest and save, as an enemy awaits on Platform B.

Archangel Lamento Mori

Recommended Level: 50+

What a sight to behold. Lamento Mori likes to talk about death a lot, and its obvious fixation on the subject is reflected in its combat tactics. Lamento Mori uses the following attacks:

  • Bone Cannon, a multi-hit attack against a single target
  • Beast Wall, which protects Lamento Mori from attacks
  • Life Absorb, which drains health from a single target
  • Ritual, which restores Lamento Mori to 25% of its health upon its defeat
  • Death Ray, a heavy melee attack against a single target (full AP only)
This is a strangely tame fight, considering some of the previous Archangels. Lamento Mori will spend the majority of the battle using Beast Wall to protect itself, damaging its health in the process. It then does a bit of damage with Life Absorb - not enough to cover your damage output - and Bone Cannon. Once its AP is full Lamento Mori uses Death Ray, which is painful, but not necessarily a OHKO. 

Lamento Mori's constant Beast Walls are a nuisance, so use multi-hitting attacks of any kind to get rid of them and inflict damage on the Archangel. It will keep replacing them, which reduces Lamento Mori's health substantially over time. Heal as needed. You can use Fusion to speed up the process, though it isn't necessary.

You'll receive Fused Material, an Upgrade, and a variety of materials for defeating Lamento Mori. You'll also receive the customary Stamina boost, as well as yet another piece of the song needed to leave New Wirral. The adventure continues.

Main Walkthrough