Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Cryoshear - Ice-type - Common
  • Smogmagog - Fire-type - Common
  • Spooki-onna - Ice-type - Common

To reach the most remote of the train stations you'll need to climb Mt. Wirral. Mt. Wirral is located to the north of Cherry Meadow, but you won't be able to climb it until you've acquired the Pumpkin Vine Ball field ability. Once you've learned Pumpkin Vine Ball, look along the cliffs to the north of Cherry Meadow until you see a pair of ledges above you. You can use these to scale the walls. You'll also see a doggo at the bottom, whom you can recruit, and his quest will earn you the Averevoir Flight ability, which you'll need as well.

There's a cave at the top of the climb. Go west from the cave and you'll find more wall to climb. Check to the left to find a switch that will lower a platform, then use the switch on the platform to raise it back up. Use Pumpkin Vine Ball to move east along the cliff walls until you find a platform. Use Bulletino Dash on the block over here to reveal a lever, creating a gust of wind that will push you up another level.

Head west, hit the switch near you to raise a wooden platform to your height, then Vine Ball your way west. Fom this point on the path becomes fairly straightforward, and you just need to climb and fight your way to the east. The bonfire is nearby, as is the entrance to Mt. Wirral Caves. Hop your way north through the caves, hit the switch on your right, and use wind currents to sail to the top of the mountain.

The climb was the majority of the challenge, in this case, and once you enter Icelington Station you'll find Platform B open and waiting. Speak to Magikrab to turn this into a fast travel point - you don't want to do that climb again - and check the chest on the east side of the station for an Undertow Sticker, Plastic, and Metal. Then head onto Platform B for a scrap.

Archangel Babelith

Recommended Level: 55+

Ah, what a pain. A lover of terrible puns, Babelith is more dangerous than it looks, and will bombard you with some painful attacks to complement its poor taste in comedy. Babelith uses the following attacks:

  • Bad Joke, a... bad joke
  • Spray, a ranged attack against your whole party
  • Crystal Lens, a Glass attack against a single target
  • Brick Blast, a multi-hitting Plastic attack against the whole party
  • Wonderful 7, a single-target attack that inflicts a random status ailment or change
  • Neutralize, which dispels any status ailments inflicted on Babelith
  • False Illumination, a single-target attack that inflicts Confused
  • True Illumination, a heavy attack against a single target (full AP only)
Babelith is all over its place with its attacks, either inflicting status ailments, hitting reasonably hard, or telling terrible jokes that have no effect. (Mercifully.) Its only predictable move is True Illumination, which hits one character hard enough that, depending on your form, it may OHKO the monster and the character beneath. Babelith's Wonderful 7 attack occasionally steals AP, so True Illumination can sneak up on you more quickly than you think.

Defeating Babelith requires some patience, as well as high defenses. Babelith's normal attacks aren't terrible, but True Illumination can really rip through your party, and losing one of your characters is a bad idea. Whittle away at Babelith's health, use items to dispel any status ailments you can (Sleep in particular), inflict Burn if it is handy, and keep an eye on Babelith's AP. Once it maxes out you'll either want to fully heal your monsters or employ Fusion to deaden the effects of True Illumination. Babelith tells a lot of bad jokes, so even though it goes twice per round you'll get plenty of room to breathe.

You'll earn Fused Material, an Olive-Up!, and a bunch of materials for defeating Babelith. Your Stamina will receive its customary boost, and you'll earn another chunk of the song. If this is your seventh stop (likely) then you'll finish the song, and receive a crucial hint for finding the final station. If not, well... the adventure continues.

Main Walkthrough