Recommended Level: 45+
Unlocked: Learn Pumpkin Vine Ball

To trigger this quest you need to learn Pumpkin Vine Ball, one of the last field abilities you're likely to come across in Cassette Beasts. The monster that teaches Pumpkin Vine Ball, the Jumpkin, is located on Piper Farm, at the southeast end of The Marshes. You'll need to go counterclockwise around the map from East Harbourtown, though New Wirral Park, Lakeside, and Cherry Meadow to reach this area. Defeat the gooey Rogue Fusion that is keeping the nearby bridge to Harbourtown elevated, then use the Skelly Jelly you receive to turn the pumpkins on the farm into Jumpkins. Record a Jumpkin to learn Pumpkin Vine Ball.

Head back north to Cherry Meadow. In the northeast of Cherry Meadow, on the border with Lakeside, is a higher elevation that you can scale with either Pumpkin Vine Ball or Electromagnetism. Standing at the bottom of the cliffs to the north of here is Barkley, a wee pup who wants to scale the cliffs and reach Mt. Wirral at the top. Barkley will join you as a partner if you know Pumpkin Vine Ball, and he'll bring his Ice-type Bootlegged Pombomb along as well.

Use Pumpkin Vine Ball to make your way up the wall. Barkley will stop in front of a cave at the top of the climb, and if you go inside you'll be attacked by an Averevoir, a legenday, level 50 Wind-type monster form. It's quite a mighty opponent, and Barkley will force a Fusion to battle the creature. Assuming you have the resources you should immediately de-fuse and try to capture the Averevoir. Aerosol Tapes are your best bet, though your chances of snagging this beast will always be low.

Why is catching this thing so important? Well, aside from filling out your Bestiary, Recording Averevoir will bestow the Averevoir Flight field ability on you. This gives you a bit of an extra boost when you tap the jump button while gliding, allowing you to glide more or less anywhere, as well as fly to a limited degree.

(I don't know this with absolute certainty, but I suspect if you defeat the Averevoir it will show up randomly elsewhere on the map, depending on rumours in Harbourtown. This is true of other one-shot monsters.)

Once the battle is over you'll make a sad discovery, and one somber moment later Barkley will opt to remain with you as a partner for the rest of the game. Your relationship with the pup will rise to the first level, allowing you to use Fusion any time you like. Good boy.

One last thing before you leave. There's a series of cliffs in this cave, and though they served as a perch for the Averevoir they also hide some treasure. Use a combination of Averevoir Flight and Pumpkin Vine Ball to scale the cliffs - it's not as tricky as it sounds - and you'll find a chest at the very top. The chest contains Fused Material, a Crossfade Sticker, a Basic Tape, Wood, and Wheat.

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