Main Walkthrough

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Cassette Beasts

  • Bulletino - Fire-type - Common (Dino Quarry only)
  • Carniviper - Poison-type - Uncommon
  • Djinn Entonic - Astral-type - Uncommon (New London only)
  • Hopskin - Beast-type - Common
  • Nevermort - Poison-type - Common
  • Ripterra - Beast-type - Rare
  • Sanzatime - Earth-type - Common (New London only)
  • Snoopin - Beast-type - Common
  • Squirey - Beast-type - Common
  • Traffikrab - Plastic-type - Common
Home to an abandoned settlement that has seen much better days, The Deadlands aren't quite as unfriendly as they sound - though they're not that great, either. Located in the southeast of New Wirral, The Deadlands are likely to be one of the earlier areas you explore during your journey.

The Deadlands are right beside the Harbourtown Outskirts, and you can make your way out there once you've completed the game's introductory quest. You'll also find entrances from New Wirral Park and Autumn Hill, if you head east, and you can approach by sea from the south as well.

The Deadlands consist of three distinct areas: The general Deadlands, in the west and south; New London, stretching along the north; and Dino Quarry, in the east.


  • On the west side of The Deadlands is a Crater with a lever in the middle that temporarily fills the pit with water. This will also elevate a pair of crates, and you can use this to nudge them to the northeast. On an upper ridge you'll find a button which unlocks a chest to the north when depressed, and placing one of the crates on the button will let you get at the chest. It contains a Stony Look Sticker, a Basic Tape, and Plastic. (This puzzle is fiddly enough that you may want to wait until you've acquired better field abilities.)
  • On the west side of New London is a platform with a locked chest on the top. There are three buttons surrounding the platform, and you can place two nearby rocks on the buttons - and yourself on the third button - to open the chest. The chest contains a Glass Wall Sticker, a Basic Tape, Wood, and Wheat.
  • Just east of Penny Dreadful in New London is a burnt-out home with a locked chest inside. You can use a rock from the west to climb onto the right side of the house, then hop carefully along the superstructure to reach the top, where you'll find a lever. Pull the lever to open the chest. The chest contains an Energy Shot Sticker, a Toaster Tape, Pulp, and Wood.
  • On the east side of New London you'll find a yard with four Magikrab statues. Twist them so they appear purple-grey and they will unlock a nearby chest. The chest contains a Compliment Sticker, a Basic Tape, and some materials.
  • On the far east side of New London you'll find a locked chest in the remains of a house. There are two buttons a bit further east of here. Grab an object from New London - there's a crate not super far from here, but you have plenty of choice - and place it on one button, then step on the other yourself. This will open the chest, allowing you to retrieve the Chemical Imbalance Sticker, Basic Tape, and resources within.
  • In the southwest you'll see a chest on an upper ledge. There's a button on the lower path that you need to depress with a rock or some other object to unlock and open the chest. Just such a rock is a little ways northwest of the button. Inside the chest you'll find a Delegate Sticker, Plastic, and Pulp.
  • A ways west of the bonfire, right beside a gust of wind, is a cave. It is best reached from a set of stairs in New London. Inside the cave is a rock that you can bust with Bulletino Dash, and beneath it is a chest containing a level 38, Earth- and Metal-type Rogue Fusion. Defeat it and you'll receive Fused Material, a Glitter Resistance Sticker, a Toast Tape, and Pulp.
  • Next to the wind that's blocking the way to the cave listed above is a chest. You can either drop down onto it from New London or use Bulletino Dash to zip through the wind. The chest contains a Glitter Resistance Sticker and various materials.
  • Sitting on a platform on the south end of Dino Quarry is a chest containing an Astral Wall Sticker, a Basic Tape, and Plastic. 
  • On the border between Dino Quarry and Southern Isles is a little cave you can drop into from above. There's a wind tunnel inside that you can use Bulletino Dash to blast through. On the other end is a lever that unlocks a nearby chest. The chest contains and Earth and Poison Rogue Fusion. Defeat it to receive Fused Material, a Battery Sticker, a Basic Tape, and Wheat.

Important Locations

  • The bonfire in The Deadlands is in the southeast of the region, down by the water's edge.
  • Sitting near the center of New London is Penny Dreadful, one of the Ranger Captains of New Wirral. Walk right up and challenge her.
  • In the northeast of the Dino Quarry you'll find a rock. Bust it with Bulletino Dash and you'll create a whirlwind that will zip you up to Autumn Hill. This path allows you to skip the majority of Autumn Hill, if you haven't traveled through there already.

NPC Battlers


Location: Hidden behind a blind corner on the east side of the Crater

  • Springheel - Beast-type
  • Masquerattle - Poison-type


Location: New London, southeast of Penny Dreadful
  • Nevermort - Poison-type
  • Wingloom - Lightning-type


Location: Along the northern road out of New London
  • Pawndead - Earth-type
  • Snoopin - Beast-type

Location: East end of New London
  • Diveal - Water-type
  • Diveal - Water-type

Location: Guarding a button in the southwest
  • Dandylion - Plant-type

Location: Near a pair of breakable blocks in the southwest
  • Hopskin - Beast-type
  • Palangolin - Metal-type
Bird Fan

Location: To the right of the bonfire
  • Apocrowlypse - Poison-type (Bird Fan)
  • Crowmort - Poison-type
  • Crowmort - Poison-type


Location: Dino Quarry, near the drop from Autumn Hill
  • Terracooka - Earth-type
  • Velocirifle - Fire-type

Location: Dino Quarry, near the exit to Southern Isles
  • Skelevangelist - Earth-type