Main Walkthrough

Cassette Beasts

  • Djinn Entonic - Astral-type - Uncommon
  • Fountess - Water-type - Common
  • Queenyx - Earth-type - Common

From the beginning of Cassette Beasts to the end, one of your primary goals is to find all of New Wirral's train stations and receive pieces to a fragmented song. The stations are as follows:

Each time you enter one of the stations, complete its puzzles, and defeat the Archangel inside, you'll receive another chunk of the song. Defeat four Archangels and you'll be warped to a strange place after meeting with Aleph in Harbourtown, but the journey will continue. Each segment of the song that you collect will provide hints to your ultimate destination...

... and by the time you have all seven, the place you need to go to find the eighth, final station should be fairly clear: Falldown Mall. Travel there, exit the mall, and use the bonfire out front to change day to night, if necessary. Then climb on top of the mall via the crate on the right side of the building. Wait for a minute or so and a doorway will open.

(Note that you don't have to defeat all of the Archangels to access this next area. I hadn't completed the Landkeeper quest, for example, and I got in just fine.)

The doorway will bring you to Night's Bridge Station, an opulent building in a white void. Walk inside and, like all other stations, you'll find Magikrab waiting. He'll encourage you to look for Platform B, which will apparently take you away from New Wirral for good. 

If you head west you'll find a platform-filled pathway with enemies. Hop your way west, gliding where necessary - you'll need Averevoir Flight to make some of these jumps - and, on the final platform, you'll find a magnetic block. Place it on the magnetic tile to your right to raise platforms that will make the trip back east much easier, and bring the block with you. 

You'll raise more platforms as you carry on east, until you create a hitherto unseen path to the north. You'll fight Smogtess up here, a Fire and Water Rogue Fusion. Astral is a safe bet, as is Lightning. Once the Rogue Fusion is gone you'll find a chest containing an Azure Keystone.

If you head east you'll find a path that's partially south bound and partially eastbound, and it consists of floor buttons and gliding. Pretty simple, at least until you hit a button that activates a pair of clock hands. These will seem pointless until you notice that there is a magnefied tile on the end of the long hand. Hop back west, then use Electromagnetism as the large arm is coming back up to grab hold of it. Start gliding once it hits the peak of its arc and you can sail over to a chest to your right. The chest contains a Galactic Beatdown Sticker, Plastic, and Metal. This puzzle is fiddly, so expect to miss a few times.

Follow the path to its end and you'll find a Kingnyx, a pure Earth Rogue Fusion. Astral, Metal, Plant, and Water are all good choices for this battle. Defeat the Kingnyx and you'll find a chest containing another Azure Keystone. Hit the nearby button to create a path back to the entrance.

Return to the main hall. There are sword statues on both sides of the hall, and you can insert the Azure Keystones you collected into the statues. This will open the way to the north, and you'll receive a warning that you may not be able to come back this way for a while. If you're prepared for the unknown, then, by all means, carry on. The opponent waiting on the other side shouldn't surprise you one bit.

Archangel Aleph

Recommended Level: 60+

This triangle-headed nuisance has been getting in the way the whole game, and it is time for a bit of payback. Aleph won't make it easy on you, however, as he has some powerful moves that can rip a team with poor defenses to pieces. Aleph uses the following attacks:

  • Crystal Lens, a single-target Glass attack
  • Death by 1,000 / 10,000 Cuts, a multi-hit attack against both party members
  • Sharpen, which raises Aleph's melee attack
  • Prismatic, which gives Aleph a different Coating and changes his type
  • Sharp Edges, which inflicts contact damage if you use melee attacks
  • Neutralize, which rids Aleph of status ailments
  • Deus Ex Calibur, a heavy melee attack (full AP only)
This fight is both straightforward and complicated. Aleph only has a few attacks, and relies largely on melee combat to do damage. This would make him predictable - if it weren't for his Prismatic move, which changes Aleph's type, as well as that of his moves. Aleph will be all over the place elementally-speaking, and you'll need to rely on your knowledge of type reactions to keep up and take him down.

In general you want to come into this battle with monster forms that have high defenses. This will allow you to take lots of melee damage without getting knocked out constantly. Walls are also a good idea, so long as you watch your HP, though expect the occasional bad luck if Aleph changes type and kicks away a Wall in a single hit. Inflict Poison, Burn, and Conductive on Aleph, and keep piling on damage, Fusing in order to avoid Deus Ex Calibur. Having some Pear Fusilli on hand will make Fusion a breeze.

You'll receive Fused Material, an Olive-Up!, and materials for defeating Aleph. You're not done yet, though...

Aleph Null

Surprise! Aleph has one more trick up his sleeve, and it is... jumbled. Aleph Null is jam-packed with attacks of basically every type, and he can hit one or more characters. His full-AP attack, Judgement, will rip your characters to shreds... though despite that, this guy isn't a major threat, and that's because you have plenty of help. 

This battle will provide you backup in the form of every party member who isn't currently your partner. They'll use whichever monster form they last had equipped, and when they run out of health they're out of the battle. There isn't much you can do about this last part, though every little bit of help, well, helps. Make sure everyone has good monster forms equipped before you enter the fight so they can contribute.

Despite the wide range of Aleph Null's attacks he isn't that difficult to defeat, as his moves are pretty straight damage-dealing affairs. Fuse your characters and batter him with the strongest attacks you've got. If you want to prolong the lifespans of your backup characters you can stick with moves that drain Aleph Null's AP, preventing him from using Judgement, but you can make do without your buddies.

Halfway through the battle something crazy will happen, and your team will change radically. Without spoilers, stall until your AP builds up to full, then use Coda Morgana to end the fight. You'll receive Fused Material, an Upgrade, a bunch of materials, and a Stamina upgrade for defeating Aleph Null...

... and, after another cut scene, an NPC you haven't seen in a while will appear in the final chamber of Night's Bridge Station. You can now, whenever you like, speak to them to trigger the ending of Cassette Beasts. Things will change a bit if you romanced one of your buddies. Otherwise, enjoy the grand finale! (Don't worry, you can reload your save and continuing exploring New Wirral after the ending plays.)

Custom Modes

Once you've beaten Cassette Beasts you'll unlock a variety of Custom Modes, accessible by choosing 'Custom Game' (R on PC) when starting a new game of Cassette Beasts. Here you can tailor the game to your liking, with options for randomizing monster placement and movesets, making Tape defeats permanent, and giving you a permanent Game Over if you ever lose. If you found Cassette Beasts a tad easy and want more of a challenge - or you just enjoy a different gaming experience each time - this is the menu for you.

Main Walkthrough