Recommended Level: 10+
Unlocked: Complete This Is The World We Live In

To trigger this quest you need to complete This Is The World We Live In, the first quest in Cassette Beasts. Once you defeat the boss at the end of the quest you'll be tossed back to Harbourtown, and after having a quick drink with Kayleigh you'll exit the Gramophone Café and find an argument underway. This begins Acting On Your Best Behaviour.

The Petitioner, Eugene, has beef with a group that appears to consist of vampires, and you offer aid in dealing with the creeps. He'll tell you to meet him to the east of Harbourtown. Head out to the Harbourtown Outskirts and continue along the familiar paths until you reach the bonfire. Earlier you were blocked from going any further east by Kayleigh, but now you can keep going until you reach a building. 

Eugene is standing on a cliff near the building. Head south to find stairs that will give you the opportunity to glide over to the cliffs. Head north along the cliffs and you'll find another cliff wall blocking your way to Eugene. Hop onto the tree to your left - use the circle on the right next to the tree as a marker when judging your jump, standing on the north end of the circle - then hop onto the building, and over to Eugene.

Speak to Eugene and he'll describe the building below as a 'stronghold' for the terrifying fiends you saw earlier. Agree to help him and he'll join your party as a partner, bringing his monster, Clocksley, along with him. (Kayleigh will head to the Gramophone Café, and if you want to put her back in your party later you can do so there.)

Hop over to the building when you're ready. Once inside you'll learn that the ghoulish creatures you saw earlier are worse than vampires, and Eugene will immediately go on the offensive. You'll need to fight a Springheel (Beast-type) and a Pawndead (Earth-type) to drive your foes away. The Pawndead will 'bury' Clocksley with its Earth attacks, limiting your attack options, so you may want to switch to a different monster for the battle. Take the Pawndead out first, whether you keep Clocksley in the fight or not.

Defeat the two Landkeepers and they will retreat, though not before issuing a bit of a threat. Grateful for the help, Eugene will continue to accompany you, with the mission of getting rid of the Landkeepers permanently. He'll give you a Landkeeper Window Key so you can infiltrate more Landkeeper's Association offices. You can also check the filing cabinet on the left side of the office for Fused Material.

From this point on you need to keep your eyes open for more Landkeeper Offices, which are scattered throughout New Wirral. This guide will help you find them all.

Autumn Hill

The Landkeeper Office in Autumn Hill is located at the south end of the area, almost directly east of New Wirral Park's southern bonfire. That said, you'll need to travel through almost the entirety of Autumn Hill to reach it. Here are the steps:
  • Look north of the entrance of Autumn Hill for a huge, wooden, palisade wall that's blocking your path. Check the right side of the wall for a lever that will drain the water in the pond in front of the wall, revealing a doorway. Hit the button to the south of the doorway to open it up.
  • Enter the doorway. There's a button puzzle on your left. Place rocks on the bottom two buttons, then stand on the upper-right button. This will lower the palisade wall.
  • Make your way north, east, and south through Autumn Hill, fighting or avoiding all the Cultists along the way. (There's a lot of stuff in Autumn Hill, as well, if you care to browse.) In the southeast you'll find stairs leading up to the central plateau.
  • At the top of the steps you'll find a drop down to the roof of the Landkeeper Office. Before you jump down, however, keep going west. You'll find stairs down to a lever. Hit the lever and you'll create a gust of wind on the ground below, serving as a quick route back to the plateau. You know, in case you miss your jump.
The Landkeepers inside transform into Springheels, then a Hopskin and a Snoopin. They're generic enemies, and pretty easy to defeat despite their high attack. Check the filing cabinet by the marker board for Fused Material before you leave.

Eastham Woods

The Landkeeper Office in Eastham Woods is located along the same plateau as Falldown Mall. Getting to it requires some traveling, likely as part of the All I Ever Needed quest. You'll find Eastham Woods to the north of New Wirral Park's northern bonfire, though getting to the Landkeeper Office is a little more complicated than that:
  • Head west through Eastham Woods and track down a Boltam. Record it to learn the Electromagnetism ability.
  • Keep walking until you hit a pit of water in front of a cliff. Use Electromagnetism to propel yourself upwards, towards the blue box suspended above the water. This will get you to the top of the cliff.
  • Keep going west until you find an L-shaped bridge in the ground. You need to raise this. Head southwest of here and walk as far west as you can until you find a rock you can pick up. Use it to get onto the higher ground to the north of you. (Alternately, if you have Bulletino Dash, just smash the rocks blocking your way.)
  • Head back east on the higher ground. Eventually the path will narrow to a point, and you'll find a button. Step on it to raise the L-shaped bridge. This will get you to the plateau with Falldown Mall and the Landkeeper Office.
  • Activate the Falldown Mall Station so you have a fast travel point, then head to the Landkeeper Office in the west. You can use Electromagnetism on the dangling box near the roof to enter the building.
Inside you'll have to fight two Landkeepers. This pair transforms into a Hopskin and Snoopin, and then into a Ripterra and a Scampire. No big surprises here. Check the filing cabinet by the screen for a Fused Material before you leave.

Mire Sea

The Landkeeper Office in Mire Sea is off the coast of Eastham Woods. Travel to the northeastern edge of the woods and you'll find a beach, with a few islands off the shore. Glide out until you're near the first island, then use Electromagnetism to drag yourself up onto the island via the nearby blue box. Make your way east, past the office, until you find an island with a lever. Pull the lever to activate a gust of wind that will get you onto the office's roof.

The Landkeepers inside the office change into Pawndead when confronted, and then into a Kingrave and a Queenyx. Every enemy is an Earth-type, so prepare accordingly by using Metal, Plant, Astral, or Water moves. Check the filing cabinet for Fused Material before you leave.

The Marshes

The Landkeeper Office in The Marshes is in the northwest end of the area, just south of Cast Iron Shore. Despite belonging to The Marshes, however, you'll need to get at this office via Cherry Meadow. Cherry Meadow is found on the west side of New Wirral, on the west end of Lakeside. You'll likely need to be around level 30 to gain access to the area, as a Ranger will block your path when you try to enter Cherry Meadow.

Once in Cherry Meadow, follow the lower path through the area until you can see the ocean on your left. Go south along this pathway and you'll eventually spot the Landkeeper Office a little ways to the west. You can leap from the cliffs in Cherry Meadow and glide over to the office roof from here. The landing is a little tricky, so watch your footing.

The Landkeepers inside this office change into a Kingrave and a Scampire, then a Queenyx and a Ripterra. The Scampire and Ripterra are pretty standard enemies, but the Kingrave and Queenyx can get pretty annoying. Try to debilitate them. Check the filing cabinet, as always, for Fused Material before you leave the office.

Landkeeper HQ

Once you've cleared out the five Landkeeper Offices you'll learn the location of the Landkeeper HQ. It's in the southeast of The Marshes, just north of the entrance to Lost Hearts Graveyard. Check the area and you'll find a conspicuous, concrete block embedded in the ground. Check the block with Eugene as your partner and it will rise up to reveal the entrance to the HQ. And inside...

Archangel Mammon

Yep, that tracks. The head of the Landkeepers, Mammon utilizes market forces to try and beat your team into submission. It's not the most difficult Archangel to fight, but you should remain on your toes nonetheless. Mammon uses the following attacks:
  • Copper Chop, a single-target Metal attack
  • Loss Leader, a heavy attack against a single target
  • Asset Freeze, which gives one target an Ice Coating
  • Leverage, which raises Mammon's attack but lowers its defenses
  • Margin Call, which summons a Jormungold to fight alongside Mammon
  • Neutralize, which removes any status ailments or debuffs from Mammon
  • Market Crash, a heavy attack against your whole party (full AP only)
The majority of this battle consists of strong attacks, buffs, and the occasional Market Crash. The only curveball move is Margin Call, which summons backup in the form of Jormungolds to help Mammon. It can summon up to two Jormungolds, and will keep summoning them throughout the battle. Jormungolds can Poison your party members, and are otherwise just plain hard hitters.

Eugene will trigger a Fusion early on, and there is little incentive to remove the status in this battle. A Fusion can ignore most of the attacks, get in a few blows of its own, and then heal before Market Crash dishes out the big damage. If you left Eugene's Clocksly on him - and Remastered it into a Robindam - his Brick Blast attack will do a decent amount of damage to Mammon, and make short work of any Jormungolds on the field. Beyond that, just use your strongest attacks until Mammon goes down. 

You'll receive a Fused Material, an Olive Up!, and a bundle of materials for defeating Mammon. You'l also receive a nice boost to your Stamina, and as an extra bonus you'll earn another piece of the song for Land of Confusion. Your relationship with Eugene will move up to the first level, and you can use Fusion with him from this point on.