Recommended Level: Any
Unlocked: Complete This Is The World We Live In

To trigger this quest you need to complete This Is The World We Live In, the first quest in Cassette Beasts. With this done you'll unlock a fair amount of exploration, and you can undertake this easy side quest to boot. The petitioner, an Exhausted Ranger, is on the east side of Harbourtown, right by the ramshackle bridge you first used to enter the town.

The Exhausted Ranger has been tasked with making a town sign, however he lacks the necessary materials to get the job done - specifically, 300 Wood. You can (and often will) get Wood just by defeating random monsters, so completing this side quest is just a matter of time. There are a few ways to hasten it a little, as well:
  • If you look to the east of Harbourtown, along Harbourtown Beach (but still on the grass), you'll find a chest. Inside is 100 Wood, a full third of what you need to complete the quest.
  • There are a number of early-level opponents in New Wirral Park, to the northeast of Harbourtown. Most of them will give you a decent amount of Wood (10+ pieces) when defeated.
  • Carnivipers seem to drop Wood more readily than other early-game monsters when defeated, albeit somewhat uncommonly. You'll find Carnivipers all over the place in the Harbourtown Outskirts and New Wirral Park.
Regardless of how you get the Wood, make sure you pick up enough extra to continue using bonfires. They're quite handy for leveling in the field early in Cassette Beasts, and without Wood you can't rest.

Return to the Exhausted Ranger with 300 Wood and he'll put up a nice little sign at the eastern entrance of Harbourtown. You even get to choose the design. Way to liven up the town a little. (And, yes, the sign is all you get, aside from some experience. You really shouldn't waste your Wood on this quest early on.)