In order to trigger this quest you need to travel to New Wirral Park, which itself requires completing This Is The World We Live In, Cassette Beasts' introductory quest. Once that's done, make your way north to New Wirral Park via the Harbourtown Outskirts, then head northwest. You'll be forced to head out this way if you're chasing down the Take Me On quest.

Once you reach the Ranger Outpost in the northwest of New Wirral Park you may notice someone standing on some raised ground to the east. Grab one of the barrels beside the Ranger Outpost and chuck it down to ground level, then carry it to the north end of the raised ground. You can use the barrel to get up to the woman, who (rather gruffly) introduces herself as Meredith. She'll head to Harbourtown.

Fast travel back to Harbourtown and check the docks to the south of the main road. Meredith's home is the eastern-most house on the water. Speak to her and she'll ask you to track down a particular record that she loved when she wasn't living in New Wirral. You'll need to speak to the people of Harbourtown for hints...

... though the only one who's important is Ianthe, in Town Hall. Speak to her by the front desk and she'll suggest you check out Falldown Mall, an establishment to the north of New Wirral Park. Ianthe will give you an Envelope for Meredith, and when you present it to Meredith she'll join you as a partner. You'll also receive Kittelly, her personal monster.

Head to the north end of New Wirral Park, through the gate that wasn't far from where you first met Meredith, and go east. You'll hit a bonfire sooner or later, and if you look north of the bonfire you'll find the entrance to Eastham Woods. Travel west through the woods until Meredith comments on the dead end - and suggests you look for something magnetic to help you out.

In this case you want to track down a Boltam. They're Lightning-type monsters that visibly roam the Eastham Woods. Have a look around - I found one a short walk east of the spot where Meredity started chatting, so they're not that difficult to find - and Record the first one you find. This will grant you the power of Electromagnetism, which you can use to zip up to dangling blue blocks found throughout the game's map areas.

Use Electromagnetism to shoot up to the dangling blue block suspended above the water, where Meredith spoke to you earlier. West of here you'll find a red bridge that has been lowered into the ground. To get up to the Falldown Mall you'll need to raise the bridge. Start by looking to the northeast of the bridge, where you'll see a blue block on the cliff above. Use Electromagnetism to drop it to the ground, then carry the block a little ways south, to a rise with a button on the top. Place the block and you can climb the rise to hit the button...

... which triggers another button in front of the bridge. So close.

Go south and far to the west from the bridge and you'll find a path to the other end of the Eastham Woods. There's a rock sitting atop a chest over here which you can remove and use as a stepping stone to get to the upper pathway in the north. (You can also open the chest to find a Window Sticker, a Ferrichrome Tape, Wheat, Pulp, and Wood.) Trek back east on higher ground to find the button, and the bridge it raises.

(Note that you can also get to the bridge by hovering off of a blue magnetic tile using Electromagnetism - place the blue block on the cliff to the east of the bridge on the nearest tile - or by smashing through a block to the north of the bridge using Bulletino Dash, which generates a gust of wind.)

Head east to browner, more forbidding ground and you'll find a bofire. Falldown Mall is north of here.

Falldown Mall

Cassette Beasts
  • Arkidd - Lightning-type - Rare
  • Binvader - Metal-type - Rare
  • Faucetear - Water-type - Common
  • Mascotoy - Plastic-type - Common
  • Mothmanic - Lightning-type - Rare
  • Muskrateer - Beast-type - Uncommon
  • Wingloom - Lightning-type - Common
Spooky. Occasionally while you're exploring Falldown Mall you'll come across 'Ghostly' monsters that will ignore your attacks. You can either wait for the Ghostly status to wear off after a few turns, which automatically defeats the monster, use New Leaf to get rid of the status, or... run. They aren't worth your time, and you should try to avoid the little, black wisps that haunt the mall.

The first thing you should do in Falldown Mall is enter the Falldown Mall train station. Speak to Magikrab inside and you'll unlock fast travel to Falldown Mall, which is so much faster than hoofing it out here every time. With that done you can explore the mall.

Falldown Mall consists of four sides, though electrical wires to the east of the entrance and a pit to the west prevent you from doing a full circuit. Head west from the entrance and you'll find a door that leads to a central tunnel with four exits, though two of them are blocked. Head to the 'green' exit, opposite where you came in, to find your way back out.

You'll come out near a fancied-up switch. Pull it to raise a nearby platform - and to get into a battle with an Arkidd, whom you probably thought was just a decoration. Might as well Record it while you're here. Once the Arkidd is out of the way you can cross the wires on the left, which were deactivated when you pulled the switch. Go west to return to the entrance.

Go through the door to the north of the mall's entrance and you'll be back in the inner tunnel. Head thorugh the 'blue' exit, again opposite of where you came in, and you'll be on the north side of the mall. There's a stalled escalator to the north of your position that you can use to climb up to the second floor. You'll find several stores as you make your way around the upper level:
  • First is an empty room. Yep.
  • Second is a book store with a locked chest. If you jump onto the tiny shelf next to the counter you'll find a lever. Pull it to open the chest, which contains an Old Book, a Lightning Camouflague Sticker, a Snakeskin Tape, and Wheat.
  • Third is a clothing store.
  • Fourth is a crumbled room. If you hit the switch to the north of the entrance you'll trigger a lift that creates a shortcut to and from the entrance. (Be careful not to fall down to the ground floor before activating the lift.)
Head back downstairs once you've activated the lift and make your way back to the electrical switch where you fought the Arkidd. Pull the switch again to change the layout of the mall. Return to the entrance and use the lift you activated to head back to the upper floor, where you can now get at 'Vinyl Beat', the store Meredith wants to check. Agree to help and she'll head inside. Check the upper-right shelf to find an album... though not quite the one Meredith wanted. Trouble follows soon after.

Archangel Nowhere Monarch

Recommended Level: 30+

That art style... it looks a little familiar, doesn't it...? A pain in the butt to the end, the Nowhere Monarch has some hefty attacks and other annoying tricks up its, er, sleeves. The Nowhere Monarch uses the following attacks:
  • Smack, a melee attack
  • Slippery Grip, a melee attack that can make the target flinch
  • Trick, a status attack with random effects
  • Bomb, a Fire attack that attaches a bomb to a target that will explode if it isn't handed off with a melee attack
  • Call to Arms, which summons a Nowhere Peasant to help the Nowhere Monarch
  • Bomb Voyage, a heavy Fire attack against your whole party using any summoned Nowhere Peasants (full AP only)
The Nowhere Monarch will spend the first few turns using its 'normal' attacks and building up AP. Eventually it will summon in up to two Nowhere Peasants, and when its AP hits ten it will use Bomb Voyage to smash the Nowhere Peasants into your tema, inflicting heavy damage and destroying the two peons. The process repeats from there.

This battle is a bit of a race. Early on Meredith will push a Fusion onto your characters, which will help you do some heavy damage at first, but... you'll almost certainly get knocked back out of the Fusion after a few turns. At this point you need to use powerful attacks and buffs to damage the Nowhere Monarch, then build your defenses and throw up Walls before Bomb Voyage goes off. Switching to monsters that resist Fire (Water, for example) can also help. Don't bother attacking the Nowhere Peasants, as you likely won't defeat them before they explode. Heal away any damage and continue the assault.

As the battle draws to a close there's a good chance that you'll be able to use Fusion again. This is only a good idea if the Nowhere Monarch is almost out of health. Yes, Bomb Voyage is much less potent against a Fusion, but if the Fusion goes down you'll lose two monsters rather than one. Given how easy it is for the Nowhere Monarch to knock out your characters within a few rounds you need to proceed carefully to succeed.

You'll receive Fused Material, an Olive Up!, Pulp, and Wheat for defeating the Nowhere Monarch. You'll also receive a bump to your Stamina, and another piece of the song needed to leave New Wirral. You and Meredith will be zapped back to Harbourtown, and your relationship with Meredith will jump up by one, allowing you to use Fusion with her any time you like. The adventure continues, but the quest is complete.