Recommended Level: 20+
Unlocked: Begin All I Ever Needed

In order to trigger this quest you need to do two things. The first is to begin the main quest All I Ever Needed, which involves meeting - and recruiting - a woman named Meredith. The details are found above, and once you've got Meredith in the party you'll need to head to Eastham Woods, far to the north of Harbourtown.

(You may also hear about all this via the 'Metal Woman' rumour, if you've been speaking to people around Harbourtown. If not, don't worry about it.)

Along the way you'll learn how to use Electromagnetism to yank your character up towards blue blocks, and you'll need to do this to continue All I Ever Needed. Once you do this and proceed west into Eastham Woods you'll come across a robot on a tree stump. (It's south of Falldown Mall, if you've already completed All I Ever Needed.) The robot appears to be coin-operated, and you'll need some cash to turn it on.

Fast travel to Harbourtown Station and head east, through the Harbourtown Outskirts and over to the outskirts of the Deadlands. You can use Electromagnetism to hover to an upper ledge and explore the Deadlands. Walk east / southeast until you spot blowing wind on a lower level. Hop down into the wind and it will blow you south, where you'll see a cave on your left. Enter the cave to find a Coin.

Return to the robot and insert the Coin. This will activate the moody android, whose name is Clee-0, and she'll turn out to be one of the ranger captains. Fancy that. Clee-0 will challenge you to a battle.


Recommended Level: 25
  • Allseer - Metal-type - Level 25 (Clee-0)
  • Triphinx - Metal-type - Level 25 (Clee-0)
  • Masquerattle - Poison-type - Level 25 (Ranger)
True to her original function, Clee-0 is a bit of a gambler. Both of her monsters will use Gambit, a move that greatly boosts their stats - but which will, after three turns, knock them out. You need to survive long enough to see them taken down. Both enemies like multi-hitting attacks, and can really do a number on your party.

You broadly have two options for winning this fight:
  • Go on the defensive and throw up Walls that will rebuff some of the attacks. They won't stay up for long, but every hit warded off helps. Throwing out monsters with high defensive values is also quite handy, as is using status ailments to put enemies to sleep.
  • Try to take at least the Masquerattle down. Yes, it can take more abuse than before, but Masquerattles have poor defenses in general, and this one can't withstand a ton of abuse. With it gone the Allseer will prove far less dangerous.
Regardless of how the first part of the fight goes, you want to have the Masquerattle gone by the time Clee-0 releases her Triphinx, which will also use Gambit to bolster its stats. It is quite strong, but so long as you kept your monsters alive during the first half you shouldn't have a ton of trouble stalling until the Triphinx collapses.

You'll earn Fused Material, the Gambit Sticker, an Olive-Up!, and some Metal for defeating Clee-0. She'll also stamp the fifth position on your trainee's card. Another one down!