Recommended Level: 10+
Unlocked: Complete This Is The World We Live In

In order to trigger this quest you first need to complete This Is The World We Live in, Cassette Beasts' introductory quest. With that done you can more freely explore Harbourtown, including its Town Hall. Look a little ways west of the Gramophone CafĂ© and you'll find a building with a ship for a roof. This is Town Hall, and the petitioner for this quest is on its second floor, accessible by a doorway on the right.

Up here you'll meet Hoylake, an enthusiastic researcher who wants to know more about the monsters inhabiting New Wirral. To this end he needs you to go out and Record several specific breeds of monsters.

'A fanged creature perched on a skull' 

Your first target is Macabra, located at New Wirral Park, to the north of Harbourtown. Macabra seem more likely to appear at night. (I've also yet to see one on the map itself - you'll probably have to fight other monsters to make one appear.)

Hoylake will give you five Basic Tapes to Record the Macabra. He'll also give you Fused Material, an Ice-IX Tape, and a bundle of Plastic if you bring him back a Recording of a Macabra.

'A floating worm creature'

Your second target is Stardigrade, also located in New Wirral Park. If you're tough enough you may want to check out Autumn Hill, east of New Wirral Park, as they show up there with greater frequency. Get your team around level 14 or more and you should be fine to trek through Autumn Hill.

Hoylake will give you Fused Material, a Basic Tape, more Plastic, and Metal for bringing him a recording of a Stardigrade.

'A winged rabbit'

Your third Recording is Thwackalope, located on Autumn Hill. If you didn't enter Autumn Hill earlier you can find the entrance to the east of the bonfire near the beginning of New Wirral Park. They seem to appear often with Masquerattles.

Hoylake will ask you a flurry of questions after you bring him back the third Recording - whether or not they're important remains to be seen - and will gift you with Fused Material, an Aerosol Tape, and some Metal for your trouble.

'Crow with a hood and mask'

Next up is the Nevermort. These creatures are found in the Deadlands. You'll enter the Deadlands by heading east of Harbourtown to the Harbourtown Outskirts, then east of the bonfire until you hit cliffs. There are stairs that will let you get onto the cliffs, and the Deadlands are just beyond there. Nevermort will appear on the map, and aren't too difficult to find.

Hoylake will give you Fused Material, an Ice-IX Tape, Metal, and Plastic for bringing him this recording.

'A wooden-faced elf'

The final Recording is that of the Elfless. Elfless are found in New Wirral Park, and are rarer than the average creature in those parts. You're most likely to find one by fighting other monsters and getting lucky. (You can also find them in New Wirral Park Caves, but they seem even rarer in the cave.)

Hoylake will give you Fused Material, a Basic Tape, Plastic, and Metal for providing this last Recording. Hoylake will reveal a bit of his past - not the most tragic thing in the world, honestly - and bring the quest to a close... though if you speak to Hoylake after hitting certain Bestiary benchmarks, you'll receive tons of great items from him. Make sure to speak to Hoylake every time you return from a new area with fresh Recordings to see if he'll give you more items.