Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 10+
Unlocked: Complete Take Me On, Part 1
Reward: 110 Experience, Wood

To trigger this tiny excursion you need to first complete Take Me On, Part 1, which introduces a much larger string of encounters. The first section of Take Me On requires traveling to the northwest of New Wirral Park, an area to the north of Harbourtown. Once there, head to the Ranger Station in the west and defeat the NPCs that try to bar your path. Speak to Ianthe, head of the Rangers, to unlock Rumour Has It.

Rumour Has It is a fairly simple quest that sends you back to Harbourtown to hunt down three rumours. You can use the Map in the menu to zip back to Harbourtown from Wirral Park, if you would rather not walk. You'll find the three NPCs who possess the rumours in the following locations:
  • Gramophone Café, sitting at a table to the east of the counter (Metal Woman)
  • Outside Gramophone Café, peering over a railing (Fiery Dash)
  • Inside Town Hall, the building with the boat on the roof (Meredith)
The NPCs have a prominent question mark over their heads, so they're easy to find. Speak to all three to end the quest (and learn some important stuff, to boot).