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Cassette Beasts

  • Faucetear - Water-type - Common
  • Fountess - Water-type - Rare
  • Lobstacle - Metal-type - Common
  • Pondwalker - Water-type - Uncommon
  • Sharktanker - Water-type - Rare
  • Weevilite - Metal-type - Common

While picking up rumours in Harbourtown you'll eventually come across one about 'Moving Signposts'. If you travel to Lakeside and check along the beach you'll find an NPC who will tell you to step on a button. Do so and a signpost will rise up out of the button, pointing south. This is your first clue towards Waterloop station.

The arrow points towards Thirstaton Lake, and if you explore the lake a bit you'll discover that it is swarmed with buttons. Acquire Diveal Swim, if you don't already have it - you can get it from Diveal Island, in the northwest of Thirstaton Lake - then swim south of the Lakeside button until you find another button. Step on it to reveal another arrow. Keep following the direction of the arrows around Thirstaton Lake until you eventually wind up at an island in the northeast, where the entrance of Waterloop Station will appear.

Activate fast travel in Waterloop Station, then address the puzzle by the entrance. There are nine statues of Magikrab here, and they appear as either blue or red. By touching one of the statues you'll change its colour, but you'll also rotate and change all of the adjacent statues. You need to make them all red to solve the puzzle. Here's one way to do it:

  • Rotate the top-middle statue
  • Rotate the right-middle statue
  • Rotate the bottom-middle statue
  • Rotate the left-middle statue
This will destroy the sculpture to the left of the puzzle, revealing a chest. The chest contains a Frozen Ground Sticker, three Basic Tapes, Metal, and Plastic

If you hop into the water to the north of the puzzle you'll be swept east, where you'll find a sluice canal. There's a lever here that will fill the canal to the north with water. Ignore the lever for a moment and check north. You'll find three chests, as well as a box with a key hole. The chests are a puzzle, and opening them will get you into fights. You'll receive items each time:

  • Left chest: Fight, Life Absorb Sticker, Plastic
  • Middle chest: Fight, Throw Sticker, Plastic
  • Right chest: Waterloop Key, Pustule Bomb Sticker, Plastic

Use the key on the key hole and you'll open another sluice gate. Follow the canal and you'll discover that the whole dungeon wraps around on itself, and you can head back to the lever and turn it on... only there's still one more gate to open.

If you travel to the end of the canal you'll find a room with a diagram inside. It more or less instructs you to arrange the statues at the entrance of Waterloop Station in a particular order. You can do so by spinning the statues in this order, assuming they're all set to red:

  • Top-middle
  • Bottom-left
  • Bottom-right
  • Middle
If the water is flowing and you've lowered the other two gates this will activate a water wheel to the left of the entrance to Platform B, opening the gate. Heal your team, save up, and head inside.

Archangel Heckahedron

Recommended Level: 50+

A nasty customer of geometric proportions, Heckahedron is simple yet painful. If you come into this fight with melee attacks only you'll be in immediate trouble, and Heckahedron has some pointed defenses to rebuff your moves. Heckahedron uses the following attacks in combat:
  • Sharp Edges, which inflicts contact damage if you use melee attacks on Heckahedron
  • Sharpen, which raises Heckahedron's attack
  • Brick Blast, a multi-hit, ranged Plastic attack against your whole party
  • Frustum Cull, a heavy attack against your whole party (full AP only)
Heckahedron will start off by using Sharp Edges to damage your characters if you hit it with melee attacks, then follow up with Brick Blast over and over. Occasionally it will use Sharpen to make its Sharp Edges more painful. Once Heckahedron maxes out its AP it will use Frustum Cull, a powerful attack that can OHKO weaker monsters.

If you don't have a means of rebuffing the Plastic damage - Fire is ideal, as Plastic hitting Fire boosts your monster's Evasion - you should use Fusion at your earliest convenience. This will deaden the pain of Brick Blast and protect you from Frustum Cull. After that, just use ranged attacks to chip away at Heckahedron's health. Pretty simple, even if the fight does take a while.

You'll receive Fused Material, an Olive-Up!, and a bunch of materials for defeating Heckahedron. You'll also receive a hearty Stamina boost, as well as another chunk of the song that will get you off of New Wirral. The journey continues...

Main Walkthrough