Main Walkthrough

In order to trigger this side quest you first need access to West Harbourtown. The quickest way to get there is to learn Diveal Swim, which you'll acquire by Recording a Diveal. You can find Diveal on Diveal Island, in the northwest of Thirstaton Lake. Go north through New Wirral Park, west along Lakeside, and then check the water near the border between Lakeside and Cherry Meadow.

Once you can swim, head to the docks in Harbourtown and hop into the water. You can swim your way to West Harbourtown with a quick dip. Once there, check  the west-most building on the main street. There are three rooms inside, and the middle room is occupied by an Anxious Ranger. She wants to beautify Harbourtown, and employs you in getting the job down.

The Anxious Ranger will give you a Gardening Kit. You need to use the kit to plant flowers in fourteen planters, spread throughout Harbourtown. The planters are in the following locations:

  • There are two in the room with the Anxious Ranger
  • There are two planters in the entrance hall of the building where the Anxious Ranger lives
  • You'll find two planters between the three outdoor vendor stalls in Harbourtown
  • You'll find two planters out front of Town Hall, and two more on either side of the entrance when you go inside
  • On the upper tier of the eastern half of Harbourtown is a bakery, and there are two planters out front
  • Also on the upper tier of Harbourtown's eastern half are two homes, above the market stalls, and there are planters outside both of them

You can use any flower combinations that you like, and you can change the flowers you've chosen at any time by inspecting the planters again. Return to the Anxious Ranger once you've filled all fourteen planters to earn your reward: A New Leaf Sticker, Fused Material, a Faux Fur Tape, and a bunch of materials.

Main Walkthrough