Cassette Beasts

  • Allseer - Metal-type - Uncommon
  • Dandylion - Plant-type - Near Waterloop Station (northeastern island
  • Diveal Swim - Water-type - On Diveal Island (northwestern island)
  • Lobstacle - Plastic-type - Common
  • Padpole - Water-type - Common
  • Pondwalker - Water-type - Common
  • Stardigrade - Astral-type - Common
One of two 'central' locations in New Wirral, Thirstaton Lake is a roadblock for a chunk of the game. Until you learn how to swim you'll keep having to go around the lake, which can prove to be a bit of a pain in the butt as far as exploration goes. That said, Thirstaton Lake becomes a shortcut once you can swim, so... your mileage may vary.

Thirstaton Lake consists largely of water and small islands, and you'll be unable to navigate the area until you learn Diveal Swim. Thirstaton Lake itself has a sub-location called Diveal Island where you can Record a Diveal and learn the skill, though you'll need to travel north through New Wirral Park and west along Lakeside to find it. The entrance is near the border between Lakeside and Cherry Meadow.

Moving Signposts / Waterloop Station

Explore Thirstaton Lake even a bit and you'll notice that there are a ton of buttons. Step on any of them and you'll raise a sign indicating that you've done something wrong. You won't understand what you've done wrong, however, unless you pay a visit to Lakeside, specifically the beach on the north end of Thirstaton Lake. There's another of these buttons here, and a nearby NPC will instruct you to step on it...

... which will raise an arrow sign. This points directly towards a button to the south, on Thirstaton Lake. Step on that button and it will raise another arrow sign. Follow that direction and you'll find another button, and another, and so on, until you've done loops around the lake and stepped on all of the buttons. Given the sheer number of buttons this can take a while.

Eventually the loop of buttons will bring you to an island in the northeast of Thirstaton Lake, and when you step on the final button you'll reveal the entrance to Waterloop Station, another fast travel spot with an Archangel to battle.


  • There's a lever on the larger, central island. Pull it to raise a smaller island nearby, along with a chest. Race over to this new island before it sinks again to open the chest, which contains an Incinerate Sticker, a Treebark Tape, Wood, and Wheat.
  • On the western-most island you'll find an altar, as well as a cluster of four Magikrab statues. Twist the statues until they are blue instead of pink and you'll raise a nearby island. On the island is a chest containing a Lightning Wall Sticker, a Snakeskin Tape, Metal, and Wheat.

NPC Battlers


Location: Northeastern island with Magikrab statues
  • Lobstacle - Plastic-type (Researcher)
  • Weevilite - Plastic-type (Researcher)
  • Traffikrab - Plastic-type


Location: In the water to the northwest of the Upper Path
  • Ripterra - Water-type


Location: In the water just south of the Lakeside beach
  • Diveal - Water-type 
  • Diveal - Water-type

Location: On Diveal Island (northwest island)
  • Scubalrus - Water-type (
  • Diveal - Water-type 

Location: Western island with an altar
  • Velocirifle - Fire-type
  • Terracooka - Earth-type