The Solid Snake skin in Fortnite.

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The man of the hour has arrived! Bursting onto the scene in Week 8 of Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1, Solid Snake is finally here. Long-promised as the 'secret' member of the Battlepass, Solid Snake is a Metal Gear veteran who fits perfectly into the gun-toting world of Fortnite. You can get his skin pretty easily, as well, if you're willing to do some work.

This guide will help you unlock the Solid Snake skin in Fortnite. This requires you to complete a bunch of quests, all of which unlock different gear and add-ons for Snake. There are two pages worth of quests, and in order to unlock the second you need to complete the six on the first page. Only the first five are actual quests, and when you finish them off you'll unlock Solid Snake as a playable skin.

The first page of the Solid Snake quests in Fortnite.

Page 1 Quests

There are six quests in all on Page 1 of the Sold Snake quests, though you only need to work on completing five of them. The sixth completes automatically when you finish the other five, and earns you the Solid Snake skin. Enjoy! Completing all six quests also opens Page 2 of the Solid Snake quests, where you can earn more stuff for your new Snake.

Desdemona prepares to hide in a Cardboard Box in Fortnite.

Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds

A new item making its debut with Snake, the Cardboard Box allows you to tuck yourself into hiding. Cardboard Boxes are legendary (gold) items, but they show up all over the place, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one. Chuck it on the ground, then walk up and use it to hide. Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds to receive the Lying in Wait wallpaper.

Desdemona sneaks up close on a festive enemy in Fortnite.

Damage opponents within 10 meters

Snake is all about CQC, and this quest works to his specialties. There are plenty of weapons you can use to hit opponents within 10 meters - heck, with good enough aim you could even do this with a scoped sniper rifle - but you'll have the best luck with pistols, shotguns, a Ballistic Shield, or the Grapple Blade. Inflict 250 damage on enemies within 10 meters to receive the Stun Knife pickaxe.

Desdemona finds some Cluster Clingers in Fortnite.

Deal damage with explosives

This season of Fortnite offers several different explosive items that you can use to thrash enemies.By far the best option, however, is the Cluster Clinger, which sticks to a surface / enemy when thrown, then erupts into a shower of smaller explosives. Grab some Cluster Clingers - they're Uncommon / green items, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding some - and chuck them at any opponent you see. 

(You can also use the newly-unvaulted Anvil Rocket Launcher, but it's much rarer than Cluster Clingers.)

Inflict 50 damage with explosives to receive the Solid Profile spray.

Desdemona prepares to open fire on an opponent with an assault rifle in Fortnite.

Damage opponents with assault rifles

Piece of cake. Assault rifles are among the most common weapons you'll find in Fortnite, and this season is no exception. Grab one - scoped or no scoped, doesn't matter - and open fire on any opponents that you catch in the wild. Inflict 500 damage with assault rifles to receive the ! emote.

Desdemona gets spotted by a security camera in Fortnite.

Break security cameras or turrets

This season of Fortnite filled the map with security cameras and turrets, almost always corresponding to the bases and hideouts of the Society, the season's set of NPC bad guys. You'll find plenty of security cameras, and the occasional turret, in the following locations:
  • Rebel's Roost
  • Lavish Lair
  • Grand Glacier
  • Fencing Fields
  • Hazy Hillside
  • Reckless Railways
  • Most train stations
Most of the time a security camera will spot you before you spot it. You'll then get covered in a red light and hear a siren. Pop a bullet into the camera to take it down. Turrets are much stronger and more dangerous, so you're advised to stick with destroying security cameras. Destroy two security cameras or turrets to receive the ! banner icon.

The second page of the Solid Snake quests in Fortnite.

Page 2 Quests

Similar to Page 1, Page 2 of the Solid Snake quests has six quests, and you only need to concentrate on five of them. Completing the other five finishes off the sixth quest, which earns you the Old Snake style for your Solid Snake skin.

Desdemona adds a Suppressor mod to a weapon at a Weapon Mod Bench in Fortnite.

Damage opponents with a weapon that has a suppressor

This update to Fortnite brings with it weapons that have suppressors, which stifle the sounds of gunfire. Not new to Fortnite, but suppressors haven't been around for a little while. You'll usually find them on pistols. If you can't find one, look for a Weapon Mod Bench inside a vault and apply one yourself. Inflict 2,500 damage on opponents using weapons with suppressors to receive the Tactical Advantage wallpaper.

Desdemona used the EMP Stealth Camo item while inside a vault in Fortnite.

Use EMP Stealth Camo

Another new utility item, the EMP Stealth Camo is a legendary (golden) item that you'll occasionally find sitting around in chests. When you use the camo your character temporarily disappears, appearing only as a silhouette to other players. If you don't want to deal with the rarity of the EMP Stealth Camo appearing from chests you can purchase one from Solid Snake himself for 100 gold, on the small island north of Lavish Lair... though that spot tends to be a vicious battleground. Watch yourself!

Use an EMP Stealth Camo three times to receive the Metal Gear MK. II back bling. The Stealth Camo doesn't run out - it just has a lengthy recharge time of 20 seconds. Still, you can probably finish this quest in a single match.

Use a hiding spot in different matches

Remember that Cardboard Box? You're going to need more. That's pretty much all. Use a hiding spot in three different matches to receive the Hidden? Emoticon.

Desdemona stands outside a vault in Fortnite.

Assist in opening Vaults or hack Train Heist chests

If you've been playing this season of Fortnite from the start you should be well acquainted with this one. There are two ways to fulfill this quest:
  • Open a vault, or be on a team that opens a vault. To this this you'll need to defeat a boss, collect their Society Medallion, and open the vault in a named location. (As far as I can tell, opening smaller vaults via a Vault Keycard does not work.)
  • Get on the train and open the ever-refreshing strongbox near the front of the train. This takes a little while to open, so be ready for trouble while you wait.
Complete either of these tasks three times to unlock the Slider glider

Desdemona snipes - and defeats - an opponent in Fortnite.

Damage different enemy players before they damage you

Firefights are the name of the game in Fortnite, but they usually start with one player spotting another, and not both players spotting each other simultaneously. Damage ten different enemy players before they can damage you to receive the Snake Skin wrap.