The weekly quests for Chapter 5, Season 1 of Fortnite.

Week seven of Fortnite's inaugural season of chapter five has arrived, and this time around the quests are a grab bag. You'll need to play at least a handful of games to complete all these quests, but for the most part they aren't terribly difficult. Let's get started.

If you've completed all of the weekly quests up to this point you'll have 36 quests under your belt. If that's the case you'll only need to complete four of the six quests listed before to earn a Weekly Bonus Goal, worth 30K XP.

The Rally Raider prepares to land at Reckless Railways in Fortnite.

Land at Fencing Fields and Reckless Railways

The first quest this week is a piece of cake, but it does require you to play at least two matches. All you need to do is land at Fencing Fields and Reckless Railways after jumping out of the bus. You can't perform a second landing, so this quest requires at least two matches to complete. Land at Fencing Fields and Reckless Railways after leaving the bus to receive 15K XP.

Taking aim with a scoped weapon in Fortnite.

Hit headshots on enemy players with scoped weapons in different matches

This feat is a bit trickier, but likely just a matter of time. Pick up a scoped weapon, aim at an enemy player, and land a headshot. Any weapon with a scope counts, meaning you could use a modded shotgun if you like. If you can't find a scoped weapon - unlikely - you can mod one yourself at a Weapon Mod Bench. Land three headshots on enemy players using scoped weapons in different matches to receive 15K XP.

Rally Raider prepares to open a cooler, a container in Fortnite.

Search containers

Another quest that's just a matter of time. Containers include chests, ammo boxes, food boxes, coolers, and so forth. They're all over the map, and you need to open them on a regular basis anyway to collect weapons, ammos, and healing items. Search 30 containers to receive 15K XP.

Rally Raider slides down a snowy hill in Fortnite.

Travel distance while sliding on Snow

The entire east side of this chapter's map is covered in snow, and plenty of that snow is located on slopes. Get onto a hill or mountain in the snowy section of the map and start sliding downward. You'll complete this quest in no time. Travel 100 meters while sliding on snow to receive 15K XP.

Rally Raider performs aerial tricks on a Dirt Bike in Fortnite.

Score 150,000 trick points on a Dirt Bike in a single trick

This feat is much easier than it sounds, and the trickiest part is just finding a Dirt Bike. Check along the roadside, near gas stations, by train stations, or in named locations. You'll find one eventually. Steer the Dirt Bike up into a hilly area, then go off a jump or a ledge and perform a trick. (How you do this varies by system, but console players need to press down the left analogue stick.) Note that you have to keep holding the button down the whole time you're airborne, or you'll stop performing the trick.

Performing a little jump before going off the ledge will increase your air time. As long as you get enough air - and you land your Dirt Bike properly - you should rack up 150,000 trick points within a few attempts. Score 150,000 trick points on a Dirt Bike in a single trick to receive 15K XP.

Rally Raider battles John Wick with the Grapple Blade in Fortnite.

Land hits on enemy players using the Grapple Blade

A new weapon and mode of transportation in this season of Fortnite, the Grapple Blade is an Epic (purple) weapon that you can find sitting randomly around the map. The Grapple Blade has two functions:
  • If you aim at a surface and press the appropriate button (on consoles it's the left rear trigger button) you'll use the Grapple Blade to zip around the map.
  • If you press the fire button (right rear trigger button on consoles) you'll use the Grapple Blade as a whip.
You need to use the latter function, the Grapple Blade as a whip, to fulfill the requirements of this quest. It's an awkward weapon, and likely to get you killed if you try it against live players, so try to save this quest for encounters with obvious bots. (If you do try to attack real people, make sure you get in close and jump around a lot.) Land 25 hits on enemy players using the Grapple Blade to receive 30K XP.