The weekly quests for Week 6 of Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

Still working on Week 5?

We've entered the sixth week of Fornite, Chapter 5, Season 1, and this time the focus is on vehicles. You'll be spending a fair amount of time inside a car this time 'round, though fortunately there's no prerequisite to be a good driver. Shall we get started?

Note that if you've completed all of the weekly quests up to this point you'll have 30 quests in the can. In this case you'll only need to complete five of the quests listed below to receive an additional 30K XP.

Doctor Slone wields a Ballistic Shield in Fortnite.

Collect Ballistic Shields in different matches

One of the best additions to this season of Fortnite (in my opinion, anyway), the Ballistic Shield allows you to take cover from enemy fire while shooting back with a pistol. Ballistic Shields are Epic (purple) weapons, and they are most often found sitting by themselves in locations. They're a bit on the rare side, so you may need to hunt around for a while before you complete this quest. Defeating human players is a good way to find Ballistic Shields, as bots never seem to pick them up.

Collect three Ballistic Shields in different matches (three matches, to be precise) to receive 15K XP.

Gear Specialist Maya checks out some cars in Fortnite.

Enter different vehicles

One of the easier quests this week. All you have to do is climb into different vehicles, be they a car, SUV, or motorcycle. There are vehicles all over the map, though the closer you get to a location with roads (Ritzy Riviera, Reckless Railways, or Hazy Hillside, for example) the more likely you are to find vehicles sitting around. You can either ride the vehicle until you find the next one or just immediately get out.

Enter three different vehicles to receive 15K XP. It's important to note that they must be different types of vehicles, so if you find a big lot of cars you can't just enter three of them and call it a day. Note that 'entering' a motorcycle counts towards this total.

Gear Specialist Maya prepares to use an ascender in Fortnite.

Use ziplines, grind wires, or ascenders

There are fast-travel devices affixed in specific locations all over the map, and using them is a great way to get around - or to quickly escape from enemies.
  • Ziplines are wires connecting two points. They're usually found out in the field. There are several between Rebel's Roost and Ritzy Riviera, for example.
  • Grind Wires are lines connecting two points that you can grind on. They're usually found in locations. The buildings of Pleasant Piazza, for example, have their roofs connected by grind wires.
  • Ascenders are vertical ziplines that can carry you up and down cliffs. They're usually found out in the field. Look near any of the map's bridges and you'll almost always find at least one ascender.
Use five of any of these modes of transportation to receive 15K XP. Note that you do not need to use different ziples, grind wires, and / or ascenders - once you find any one of them, just keep using it until you fulfill the requirements of the quest.

Chowing down on some food inside a car in Fortnite.

Consume food while riding in a vehicle

Sounds simple enough: Collect food (Mushrooms, Fish, Lettuce, Bananas, etc. - anything you can forage or find in a green-and-beige Produce Box) and eat it in a car. You need to be sitting in any seat but the driver's seat. Normally this would necessitate letting someone else drive...

... but all you really need to do is climb into a car, press down the control stick to change seats (check the on-screen controls to see what button you need to press), and chow down on your food. Consume three pieces of food while riding as a passenger to receive 15K XP.

The locations of three gas stations in Fortnite, chapter 5, season 1.

Refuel vehicles before reaching the final 25 players remaining

There are three gas stations on the map, and each one has gas tanks where you can refuel vehicles. Pull up to one of the tanks, grab the nozzle, bring it over to the vehicle, and start filling it up. Make sure you get the vehicle close to the gas tank or the nozzle will fly out of your hands. The gas stations are in the following locations:
  • South of Rebel's Roost / West of Lavish Lair
  • Between Ruined Reels and Reckless Railways
  • Between Pleasant Piazza and Snooty Steppes
Restore 75 fuel to vehicles before reaching the final 25 players in a match to receive 15K XP. Note that this has to be done in a single match, so you'll want to almost completely drain a vehicle before filling it up. Getting a muscle car that can boost, to quickly drain its fuel reserves, is a good method for completing this quest.

Having trouble with this quest? There's an easier way than driving around a bunch and then returning to a gas station. Every gas station should, if you look around, have a few red Gas Cans that you can pick up. Grab one, hop in a car that can boost, burn a bunch of fuel, hop out, and use the Gas Can on the car. This will count towards your refueling your car, and an unused Gas Can will have enough fuel in it to do the job.

Gear Specialist Maya battles Sabina at a very close range in Fortnite.

Eliminate two players consecutively without reloading a weapon

The 'difficult' task of the week, this time you need to take out two players without ever reloading a weapon between the two kills. This is easier than it sounds, under two conditions:
  • You come across bots (automated players, who are frankly terribly at Fortnite)
  • You have lots of weapons
Get close to the bots - you'll know they're not human if they're firing at each other and almost never hitting - and eliminate them both by alternating between your weapons. Hurling explosives also works. Just make sure you don't fire too much with any one weapon, as your character may begin reloading on their own once their weapon is empty. Eliminate two players consecutively without reloading a weapon to receive 30K XP.