Week 5 of the first season of Fortnite's fifth chapter has arrived, and with it six more quests to complete. There's not a ton of difficulty to find this time around, and you'll probably complete most of these quests just by playing matches normally. Let's get into it!

Deal damage to enemy players within 3 seconds of sprinting

This is an easy quest if you spend a lot of time sprinting around the map. Begin a sprint, stop, then fire on an enemy player. As long as you attack within three seconds of ending the sprint you'll make progress towards this goal. Deal 100 damage after sprinting towards enemy players to receive 15K XP.

Collect Rare or better weapons at a Hot Spot

Hot Spots are special, randomized locations on the map that are signified by a golden place name. Travel to one of these locations - the earlier, the better - and check chests for Rare (blue), Epic (purple), or Legendary (golden) weapons. Hot Spots are also known for the Supply Drones that hover overhead, and you can shoot them down and loot the remains for (hopefully) suitable weapons. Collect seven Rare or better weapons at Hot Spots for 15K XP.

Leelah, about to open a Produce Box in Fortnite.

Collect food

Food is found all over the place in Fortnite, though you're most likely to collect it from Produce Boxes (green-and-brown containers). Fish caught via a fishing rod, and mushrooms picked up in forests, also count towards this total. Collect ten pieces of food to receive 15K XP.

Find and collect an Epic or better item before dealing damage

Straight out of the bus you'll probably see items glowing away down on the ground, and for this quest you'll want to pick up either a Epic (purple) or Legendary (golden) item. Grab one before inflicting damage on any enemies to receive 15K XP. Shockwave Grenades are your best bet for quickly fulfilling these requirements, though anything purple that you see on the way down from the bus will do just fine.

Leelah working at a Weapon Mod Bench in Fortnite.

Acquire and equip a fully-modified weapon in different matches

Weapon Mods are a new addition to this season of Fortnite, and you can apply different pieces to just about every gun you find. Each gun can accomodate a Magazine, Optic, Barrel, and Underbarrel upgrade. There are two ways to complete this quest:
  • Land at a location with a Weapon Mod Bench (Grand Glacier, Lavish Lair, Fencing Fields, Snooty Steppes, Reckless Railways) and defeat the boss in that location. Grab their Society Medallion, then follow the arrow trail that appears down to the vault containing the Weapon Mod Bench. Choose a weapon and apply mods to all of its components. You can also just grab the boss's weapon, which should be fully-modded, after the boss goes down.
  • Wait a while for other players to clear out the boss / vault in a location, then head to the opened vault and use the Weapon Mod Bench. If you pay attention to the direction of the bus at the beginning of the match you can determine which locations are most likely to be cleared out by another player.
Equip a fully-modified weapon in three different matches to receive 15K XP.

Hit a single enemy player with three different weapons

The 'difficult' quest of this week, hitting a single enemy player with three different weapons is a piece of cake as long as you're fighting a bot. Bots have terrible aim, tend to crouch and strafe slowly, don't use vehicles, and shouldn't present much of a threat to the average player. Cycle through three weapons before defeating the bot and you'll receive 30K XP

It's important not to worry about this quest if you know, or even suspect, that you're fighting a real person. Take the battle seriously. (And if you just happen to peg them with three different weapons in the process, hey, good for you.)