Weekly bonus quest list for Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

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The next set of weekly bonus goals have arrived in Fortnite Season 1, and a few of them raise the bar in difficulty. You'll need to be on your A game to finish them all, and collect the heavy experience prize that comes with each.

If you complete all of this week's quests you'll get up to 24 completed weekly quests. Get up to 20 completed total - which means completing only two of these quests, alongside the quests from previous weeks - to receive 30K XP.

Valeria riding the train in Fortnite.

Visit different train stations

The train plays a crucial role in this season of Fortnite, and there are a number of stops along the train's path that count towards this quest. There are six train stations that you can visit in all:
  • The main station at Reckless Railways
  • South of Fencing Fields
  • Just north of Snooty Steppes
  • North of Pleasant Piazza
  • A little ways southeast of Lavish Lair
  • Southwest of Classy Courts
Visit five different train stations to receive 15K XP. The most straightforward means of doing this is to just board the train and stay on as it loops the map, though if you want to avoid firefights you can also just follow the train tracks on foot or in a car.

Eliminate enemy players while you are airborne

This is one of the trickier quests if you're a newcomer. You need to defeat enemy players while in the air. There are a few ways you can accomplish this:
  • Fire at a player while jumping
  • Fire at a player while falling from a height
  • Fire at a player while in a vehicle that's going over a jump (likely during a team game)
  • Fire at a player after being blasted into the air via a Shockwave Grenade
Anything that gets you off your feet, in other words. All of these will require an extra degree of skill, and you may find jumping and blasting at an enemy point-blank with a shotgun to be the simplest road to success. Defeat three players while airborne to receive 15K XP.

Deal damage to enemy players while standing on buildings

Having a height advantage over an enemy is always beneficial, and there are plenty of buildings to choose from on this map. Pick an area, get up high, and wait for someone to come along. Deal 500 total damage to enemy players while standing on buildings to receive 15K XP.

Valeria riding a zipline towards Fencing Fields in Fortnite.

Destroy structures or objects

Like to swing your pickaxe? Then this should be easy. Demolishing walls, furniture, or any unmoving object wil count towards this total. Explosives chucked into rooms are a particularly easy way to satisfy the requirements. Destroy 100 structures or objects to receive 15K XP.

Collect weapons dropped from opponents in different named locations

Unless you're right at the beginning of a match, a defeated enemy will almost always drop a weapon. Pick up said weapon while at a named location (ie something that is on the map) to satisfy the requirements of this quest. Note that they must come from different locations. Collect five weapons dropped from opponents in different named locations to receive 15K XP.

Land on the train and eliminate an enemy player before you disembark

This is the tough quest for the week. To satisfy the requirements you need to land on the train while your umbrella is deployed, then wait until someone approaches the train. Take them out before you leave the train. It can take a while for someone to show up, and when they do there's no guarantee you'll win the fight.

Land on the train and eliminate an enemy player before you disembark to receive 30K XP.