The weekly quests for Fortnite, season 1, chapter 5.

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Week 3 of Fortnite's first season in Chapter 5 has arrived, and it brings with it the usual barrage of quests. You'll need to run all over the map to get these tasks done, though they aren't too tough this time around. There are some new Winterfest quests to complete, as well, so you may want to land in the snow whenever you embark on a new match, just to double up on the experience. Let's get started!

Travel distance while on the train

This quest is pretty passive: Get on the train and ride it for a total of 500 meters. You can do this over as many matches as it takes. The train is a popular spot to raid, so get ready for some trouble if you ride it for too long. Ride the train for 500 meters to receive 15K XP.

Restore health

Everyone needs health in Fortnite, and whenever you take damage you'll need to restore yourself. An easy way to get this done is to find / buy some Medkits, then run into the storm and let it damage you. Heal as needed. Restore 200 points of health to receive 15K XP.

Raphael battles Montague, the boss of Grand Glacier in Fortnite.

Help defeat bosses

Chapter 5 is rich with bosses to fight so far, and you can find them patrolling - with henchmen - in the following locations:
  • Grand Glacier
  • Reckless Railways
  • Fencing Fields
  • Lavish Lair
  • Snooty Steppes
Each boss has a ton of health, and will summon help once you cut their health down to half. You only need to help defeat bosses, however, so as long as you hit one before they're defeated it will count towards your total. The person who defeats the boss must be on your team, however, or it won't count. Help defeat three bosses to receive 15K XP.

Help search Cash Registers or Safes

The chances are good you've come across lots of Cash Registers while exploring this map, and you've probably found a few Safes, to boot. Open five Cash Registers or Safes - or help someone else on your team open than many - to receive 15K XP. Cash Registers are usually in commercial locations (stores, gas stations, train kiosks, etc.), while Safes are usually found behind desks or in select homes.

Raphael explores Fencing Fields in Fortnite.

Deal damage with assault rifles

Assault rifles are a staple of this season, and depending on the mods applied can come in many different forms. As long as the weapon you're wielding has 'AR' in the name, however, it counts towards this total. Deal 5,000 points of damage with assault weapons to receive 15K XP.

Deal damage to opponents while using a Ballistic Shield

A new weapon this season, the Ballistic Shield allows you to ward off enemy fire and return it with a small pistol. Used properly, a Ballistic Shield will turn you into a small fortress. There are two ways to inflict damage while using a Ballistic Shield:
  • Via the small pistol that comes up whenever you go to aim, which also raises the shield and protects you from incoming fire
  • By sprinting with the Ballistic Shield equipped - this turns your character into a battering ram, and if they hit an enemy your target will go flying and take some damage
Inflict 200 points of damage using a Blasstic Shield to receive 30K XP.