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Fortnite's weekly quests are out, and they're not that big a deal this time around. You won't need to do anything too outlandish - though some of you will need to use a weapon you probably haven't touched all that often. No worries, it's nice and straightforward, as long as you know how to throw.

If you complete up to ten Weekly Bonus Goals you'll earn an additional 30K XP this week. Add that on top of the six quests you could complete during Week 1 and you only need to complete four of these six quests. (They're all worth decent amounts of XP, though, so... why not finish them all? Sound like a plan?)

Reach top 50 players remaining

This one is nice and simple: Just avoid getting shot. You can easily snag this quest by weaving away from named areas at the beginning of the match and landing somewhere out in the boonies. Pick a hiding spot and wait until 50 players get knocked out of the match.

Reach 50 players remaining to receive 15K XP.

Hit opponents with Cluster Clingers

Here's a quest that might have some people scratching their heads. Cluster Clingers are Uncommon (green) explosive items that you can hurl at opponents. They stick to whatever they hit, hence the name, and then release a small cloud of explosives. As long as you hurl these roughy in the vicinity of an opponent you should score a few hits. Team matches are a good choice if you want to target multiple people at once. 

Hit opponents with Cluster Clingers ten times to receive 15K XP.

Search a container in different matches

Another simple quest. Open any container - chest, food box, cooler, whatever - at least once in a match. Do this five times. Takes a while, but even in the worst of matches you should have enough time to open one container.

Search five containers over five matches to receive 15K XP.

Collect ammo at named locations

Ammo is a necessity in Fortnite, and you'll be picking it up constantly. Do so at any named location and you'll eventually complete this quest. Not that landmarks (areas that have names, but don't appear on the map) do not count towards this total. You'll have to stick to the primary areas that are named and appear on the map.

Collect 3,000 ammo of any types to receive 15K XP.

Reload weapons

Few weapons in Fortnite have limitless fire potential, and eventually you'll need to reload your guns. You can either wait until the gun runs out and let the game reload it automatically, or you can press the button for your specific system to reload your weapon. (For my system it's the square button. Varies from system to system.)

Reload your weapons 100 times to receive 15K XP.

Deal damage to opponents while on the Train

The Train continues to rumble around the map, and competition is typically fierce to control its item boxes. If you spend even a bit of time riding the Train you'll get shot at, and you can shoot back to earn the damage needed to complete this quest. Note that you must be on the Train! You can't shoot someone else on the Train, while you're on the ground, and have it count towards your total.

Deal 500 damage to opponents while on the Train to receive 15K XP.