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Food plays a significant role in LEGO Fortnite. Not only do you need food to recover from wounds, your character will slowly go hungry if you don't feed them from time to time. If you want you can just harvest food - Raspberries, Pumpkins, Corn, etc. - from the wilds... but that approach relies on luck. If you want to really get efficient about food, you should start a farm.

This guide will help you set up a little farm in LEGO Fortnite. It's a fairly straightforward process, but there are a few steps to follow before your garden bears literal fruit.

Step 1: Create Garden Plots

Before you can plant any seeds you'll need to set up a garden. To do this you'll need to lay out a series of Garden Plots. These dirt constructs are unlocked early in your village, and can be created by combining two Soil with one Fertilizer. Both of these item types require some work:
  • You'll get Soil by digging with a Shovel. You can create Shovels via the Crafting Bench. They won't be unlocked until you set up a Lumber Mill. Upgrade your village a few times and all of these features will get unlocked with minimal effort.
  • You'll get Fertilizer from animals, such as Sheep or Cows. Look for a flock of them - they tend to show up on the edges of your village - and drop some food. They will eat the food, likely leaving behind some Fertilizer. Fertilizer appears as small plops on the ground, and you'll need to look closely at the grass to find samples.
Combine the two and you'll have your Garden Plot. Find somewhere off to the side of your village and place a few down. (I set up a litle fence using railing, but that's not a requirement. I just like the look.)

Step 2: Find Seeds

The next thing you'll need are some Seeds. There are many kinds of Seeds, and you can get them a few different ways:
  • Once your village reaches level 6 you can set up a Grain Mill. Grain Mills can break down vegetables into Seeds.
  • You can sometimes find Seeds in chests. There are chests spread all over the place, both on the world map and inside caves. Look for any suspicious structures and you may find a chest with some Seeds inside. This is all about luck, but Seeds aren't terribly rare.
  • Some monsters will also drop Seeds. Again, this is a matter of luck.

Step 3: Plant the Seeds

Almost done. Approach one of your Garden Plots and interact with it, via the button that appears on the screen. You'll be presented with a single-slot container. You can put anything in the Garden Plot that you like, but if you put one or more Seeds inside it a single Seed will be removed from the total. When you return to the map you'll find a small seedling in the Garden Plot. Success!

At this point the process becomes a waiting game. Give it a day and go do something else. When you come back to the Garden Plot the next day the seedling will have grown into a full plant. You can now harvest whatever fruit / vegetable / whatever flowers from the plant. Give it another day and the plant will produce again, giving you a renewable source of food.

Not content with your plants? Want to plant something else? No problem. Take out one of your tools / weapons and slice away at the plant you want to remove. It will be reduced to a Vine, and the Garden Plot will be free for a re-seeding. This will let you customize - and improve - your garden over time. Happy farming!