The party explores the Surviving Village shortly after destroying the Blackbird in 12,000 BC

Surviving Village - Market
  • Empyrean Blade (25,000 G)
  • Sonic Bow (10,000 G)
  • Shockwave (11,000 G)
  • Kaiser Arm (21,000 G)
  • Runeblade (24,000 G)
  • Headman's Scythe (35,000 G)
  • Aeonian Suit (9,000 G)
  • Aeonian Helm (7,800 G)
  • Potion (10 G)
  • Mid-Potion (100 G)
  • Hi-Potion (700 G)
  • Panacea (10 G)
  • Athenian Water (200 G)
  • Shelter (150 G)
  • Ether (800 G)

  • Take that, Dalton. After destroying the Blackbird you’ll wind up back near the Surviving Village. Have a look around, if you wish, and check out the Nu and his new wares. You may notice a weapon no one in the party can use. Interesting.

    You can’t use the Epoch right now, so after saving and healing you'll want to head to the North Cape, a small location on the northern end of the island. You may be facing a battle in a few moments, and the nature of the battle changes depending on whether or not you have Frog in the party. Equip magic resistant armor if you decide you want a fight.

    Check the glittering item resting on the Cape. A lengthy cut scene that explains a lot follows. After that, you'll need to make a very important choice.

    The party encounters Magus on the Northern Cape in 12,000 BC, and learn just who he really is


    Once the all-powerful Magus is done telling his story, he’ll challenge the party to a fight. Unlike the last one, you can choose to turn him down - and if you do, Magus joins the party. Magus is a pretty rocking party member, and though he’s incapable of performing Double and Triple Techs with his teammates under most circumstances - presumably because he’s an antisocial jerk - he’ll prove useful in virtually every battle from this point on.

    If you decide to fight Magus, well... time to rumble. The battle changes depending on who’s in your party; if it’s anybody but Frog, you’ll have three party members. If Frog’s around, though, he’ll take on Magus solo. If you win this fight you may see a different ending for Frog once the game's over, depending on the route you take.

    Frog prepares to battle Magus, his archenemy in Chrono Trigger, for the final time.

    Magus with Frog

    HP: 6,666

    If you decide to battle Magus with just Frog you’ll be facing a tricky battle. Having lost much of his magic, Magus nevertheless retains his second tier elemental spells (Lightning II, Ice II, Fire II), and he likes smacking Frog around with his scythe. Fortunately, Frog will be a fair bit stronger this time around, and can handle Magus alone. 

    Keep Frog's health high with items and spells and use your strongest Techs to whittle away at Magus’s copious amounts of HP. He doesn’t have his elemental absorption abilities this time, so you can use whatever attacks you like from the get-go. You can further tilt things in Frog's favor by equipping him with armor that deadens elemental attacks. The Rage Band is a good accessory to add, as it allows Frog to counterattack Magus's scythe strikes, though if you decide to use the Masamune you'll want the Hero's Badge for a higher crit rate. Your call.

    The party battles Magus one last time in Chrono Trigger.

    Magus without Frog

    HP: 6,666
    Charm: Megaelixir

    If you don't have Frog in your party then this battle’s an absolute breeze. Magus has lots of HP, but he can’t dish out enough damage to be a serious threat unless you completely neglect your health. Use your strongest Dual Techs to rip him to pieces.

    (This battle seems rather variable. In some cases Magus will unleash his magic rather quickly. In others he may plink weakly at you with physical attacks until you drain his HP. Hopefully you get a satisfying brawl.)

    Kill Magus and he’ll leave the Amulet behind for you to grab. Recruit him and he’ll have it equipped. Either way, head back to the Epoch and climb in. A cut scene follows, and you now have a new fixture in the sky: The Black Omen. This is essentially Chrono Trigger’s final dungeon, though you don’t need to enter it to beat the game. If you're playing the DS or PC versions of Chrono Trigger this will also unlock the Lost Sanctum, a dungeon that was not part of the original game.

    Riding in the Epoch, the party (with Magus!) watches as the Black Omen materializes in 12,000 BC - and most other time periods

    The Rest of the Game

    You’ve now arrived at a crossroads of sorts. With a winged Epoch you can fly to, and explore, every time period in the game. You can even use it to bypass the first phase of the Lavos battle, though if you’re not strong enough to fight Lavos’s shell you won’t have a hope of beating its core components. Everything besides beating Lavos, in short, is now optional. You can do as you please… and that even includes not resurrecting Crono. 

    Want to explore the rest of what Chrono Trigger has to offer? Then read on. Just bear in mind that you can move through the rest of the game in whatever order you wish. This walkthrough is compiled in such a way that you proceed from the least difficult quests to the most difficult. We'll start with reviving a certain spiky-haired youth.