Crono explores Truce Canyon while trying to get his bearings in 600 AD
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Guardia, 600 AD

Truce Canyon

- After a shocking jump through a nebulous portal of unknown origin, Crono will wind up alone in a Forest of some kind. Here he'll immediately face off against three Blue Imps. Regular attacks will trash the little pests.

- Head west. Up a ladder and across a bridge you'll fight two more Blue Imps. Continue west along the upper bluffs past the Imps to find a Potion in a chest.

- To the south and on your right is another chest. it contains a Power Glove. Not a bad choice for Crono right now, really.

- Further south, on the edge of the map, you'll find two Blue Imps kicking around a Roundillo. You can easily avoid them if you want. Beyond them...


- Hey, this place looks familiar. Yet not. This is obviously Crono's hometown, but the layout... has changed. A little. 

- Check out the Inn. You can stay here for 10 gil, and in the room on the second floor is another mystery box. Speak to the soldiers at the counter and you'll bring in another man, name of Toma, who will provide some hints as to your current location and circumstances if you buy him a round. Toma's face will pop up now and again throughout Chrono Trigger.

- There's a store near the edge of town. If you didn't buy better equipment for Crono at the Millenial Fair, this is the place to do it. You can also purchase a Pea Shooter for an upcoming party member if you have the money.

- West of town is the Manolia Cathedral, home of some suspicious nuns. They're no use to you right now. Also west of town is Zenan Bridge, or... what's left of it. Ouch. No crossing that suckers. Which leaves only...

Crono wanders through Guardia Forest in 600 AD

Guardia Forest

- This place looks rather familiar, doesn't it? That said, Guardia Forest is a teeeeensy bit different from the one you know in 1000 AD.

- Head north and east to hit a battle with two Roundillos and a Green Imp. All a piece of cake with a quick Cyclone.

- There are two gleaming spots in the southeast corner of the Forest. The bottom gleam summons two Roundillo Riders. The top gleam, somewhat more intermittent and hidden against a rock, is a Strength Capsule.

- There are three Roundillos in the Forest's northeast corner.

- Near the northeast corner is a shaking bush. Check it to send a monster flying. It will drop a Shelter.

- Three Blue Eaglets populate the southwest corner of the Forest.

- Investigate a rustling bush in the center of the Forest to reveal two Roundillo Riders.

- There are three more Roundillo Riders in the northwest corner of the Forest...

- ... and, assuming you make the trip, you'll find another mysterious black box along the northeastern path, on the road to Guardia Castle. 

- Nowhere else to go, now, but...

Guardia Castle

- Upon entry you'll be halted by a pair of guards, but the queen will force them to let you pass. Suspicious.

- You can now roam Guardia Castle with impunity and plunder its chests. That said, there is merit to not touching the chests now, as you can open them twice by waiting until you return to the Castle in 1000 AD. Open them in 600 AD and they'll already be open when you look again in 1000 AD. Ahh, the perils of time travel...

- Take a left at the entrance to find the Knights' Quarters. You can speak to a maid down here to sleep for free.

- Take a right at the entrance to find the kitchens. A chest down here contains an Ether.

- Straight ahead from the entrance is the throne room. (Small castle.) The king will ply you with questions, while the chancellor will skulk off to the castle's western tower.

- Climb the western wing of the castle, behind and to the left of the thrones. You'll find chests containing 100 gil and Bronze Armor along the way and at the top. There's also another black box.

- Climb the eastern wing of the castle, behind and to the right of the thrones. You'll find chests containing a Potion and an Ether along the way and at the top. Speak to the queen in her chambers.

- Dire stuff happens. When it's done happening, head back downstairs. Lucca joins the party! She has fiery attacks, and once she learns Flamethrower she'll complement Crono nicely. 

- You have a new destination: the Manolia Cathedral. Something's not right about the place.