Truce Canyon - Enemies
  • Blue Imp - 13 HP
  • Green Imp - 32 HP - Drops Potion
  • Roundillo - 24 HP - Drops Potion

  • Well, that was unexpected. After a shocking jump through a portal of unknown origin, Crono will wind up alone in a Forest of some kind. Here you'll immediately face off against three Blue Imps. Regular attacks will trash the little pests, with little damage to yourself.

    Head west. You're now in Truce Canyon, a tiny area with a few enemies. Up a ladder and across a bridge you'll fight two more Blue Imps. Continue west along the upper bluffs past the Imps to find a Potion in a chest. To the south and on your right is another chest. It contains a Power Glove. This is an accessory, and a good choice for improving Crono's attack power.

    Further south, on the edge of the map, you'll find two Blue Imps kicking around a Roundillo. You can easily avoid them if you want. Beyond them is the exit to the world map... though it looks... different.

    Truce - Market
  • Bronze Blade (350 G)
  • Pea Shooter (800 G)
  • Padded Vest (300 G)
  • Bronze Helm (200 G)
  • Potion (10 G)
  • Panacea (10 G)
  • Athenian Water (200 G)
  • Shelter (150 G)

  • Hey, this place looks familiar. Truce is obviously Crono's hometown, but the layout... has changed. A little. There are some new things to inspect before you move on with the story:
    • Check out the Inn. You can stay here for 10 gil, and in the room on the second floor is another mysterious black box. Speak to the soldiers at the counter and you'll trigger the entrance of Toma, an explorer. Toma provides hints as to your current location and circumstances if you buy him a round for 10 G. Toma pops up now and again as you travel, assuming you investigate every house and store.
    • There's a Market near the west side of town. If you didn't buy better equipment for Crono at the Millenial Fair, this is the place to do it. You can also purchase a Pea Shooter for an upcoming party member if you have the money.
    • Also on the west side of town is the home of a blacksmith, who's busy forging a familiar bell. This is one of the first major clues as to what has happened. (The dialogue from his wife also hints at their future.)
    West of town is the Manolia Cathedral, home of some suspicious nuns. They're no use to you right now. Also west of town is Zenan Bridge, or... what's left of it. Looks like you won't be crossing here any time soon. This leaves only one destination, and that's Guardia Forest. 

    Guardia Forest - Enemies
  • Blue Eaglet - 16 HP - Drops Panacea
  • Green Imp - 32 HP - Drops Potion
  • Roundillo - 24 HP - Drops Potion
  • Roundillo Rider - 30 HP

  • Guardia Forest remains a haven of weak enemies, though they're a bit tougher than the ones you may have fought previously. This place still isn't a big deal, and you can avoid all of the battles by skimming along the western edge of the forest as you head north. Crono's Cyclone Tech will make short work of every battle, assuming you decide to fight.

    There are two items of note in this iteration of Guardia Forest:
    • There are two gleaming spots in the southeast corner of the Forest. The southern gleam summons two Roundillo Riders. The northern gleam, less prominent and hidden against a rock, is a Strength Capsule.
    • As you're heading north you'll see multiple shaking bushes. The one further west summons enemies when inspected, while the one a bit further east shakes out a creature that will flee, leaving behind a Shelter. You can grab a fresh Shelter by checking this bush any time you go through this version of Guardia Forest.
    • If you follow the path leading east of the exit to Guardia Castle you'll hit a dead end more quickly than in the Guardia Forest you explored earlier. You'll nevertheless find a mysterious black box that you should mark for later.

    Guardia Castle

    If you tried to enter Guardia Castle earlier in the game you were rebuffed by the guards. Try to enter now, however, and Crono's path will be smoothed over by no less than Queen Leene, one of Guardia's best-known royals. Thanks to her say-so you can now explore the castle, and although you're intended to follow Leene to her chambers you should poke around a bit first.

    It's worth noting that there are several chests in Guardia Castle. If you're desperate for items, feel free to open them. If you're not, however, you should leave the chests alone, as you can get double the items by waiting for a while.
    • If you take a right at the castle's entrance you'll find the dining hall and kitchen. A chest near the entrance to the kitchen contains an Ether. If you seat yourself on the top-left chair of the western table you can order food for Crono, and all of the items restore his HP, his MP, or both.
    • If you take a left at the entrance you'll find the barracks. Speak to the maid near the stairs for a free rest.
    • North of the castle's entrance is the throne room. The king will ply you with questions, and the Chancellor promptly skulks off to the western tower.
    • Climb up the western tower, behind and to the left of the thrones. You'll find chests containing 100 gil and Bronze Armor along the way and at the top, in the king's room. There's also another mysterious black box.
    • Last, climb the eastern tower, behind and to the right of the thrones. You'll find chests containing a Potion and an Ether along the way and at the top, in the queen's room.

    Climbing the eastern tower will bring you to Queen Leene's room. Speak to her to trigger a cut scene, which ends... in dramatic fashion. Once it ends and you regain control of Crono, head back downstairs. Along the way you'll meet up with Lucca, who will explain basically everything that has happened, then join the party. Lucca is a ranged fighter, similar to Marle, though her Techs lean more towards messing up enemies. She gains Fire-based skills that will come in handy.

    Your business in Guardia Castle is finished. Next stop, Manolia Cathedral.