Ayla confronts Kino at the entrance of the Forest Maze in 65,000,000 BC
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Forest Maze, 65,000,000 BC

- Upon first entering this area, once Ayla’s on your team, you’ll find her bud Kino waiting. Talk to him to enter the Maze proper.

- This area is supposed to be a bit of a puzzle, in that you follow Reptite tracks to reach the end, but it’s really quite straightforward to navigate without the tracks. Head right after Kino leaves; check the yellow-topped box just beyond the trees here for a Mid-Potion.

- Climb down the vine to the right. Check the box on the next platform down for an Athenian Water. You’ll be attacked by two Gold Eaglets when you approach the attack; they’re pretty simple to kill, though they turn into Red Eaglets halfway through their HP and become a bit more aggressive.

- Climb down to ground level and head to the right, across a fallen log. Wander south on the other side to find a Mid-Potion, then follow the water’s edge north to find a Mid-Ether.

- Head right and follow the path through the trees. Halfway through you’ll have to fight a Bao Bao, a winged monkey creature that can inflict large amounts of damage if you don’t kill it quickly. Wander south past it until you hit a split; take a left at first to find an Athenian Water.

- Head right and all the way south, until you hit the bottom of the screen. You’ll find a chest at the bottom between two palm trees. It contains a Shelter.

- Get onto the twisting upper pathway and follow it until you hit two Crested Sprinters. Continue south past them, then west, until you find a split in the path. Continue west, as far as you can go, until you find a box containing a Mid-Potion.

- A short trip north of this box is a vine leading to the ground. Approaching it will trigger a fight with a Bao Bao and a Kilwala. After taking them out, look on the edge of the screen to your left to find a box containing a Panacea.

- Go down the vine. Follow the path to the right until you hit what looks like a dead end, then walk under the platform above to find a chest. It contains a Mid-Ether.

- Turn back to the left and follow ground level until you reach an exit. Woo!