Led by Robo, the party explores the Derelict Factory in 2300 AD

Part Nine: Proto Dome, 2300 AD

Derelict Factory, 2300 AD

- First thing: have Robo tinker with the computer by the entrance. You'll drop an Acid down beside you in the process. These things can only be killed with special moves, such as Crono's Wind Slash. Don't bother using Robo's Laser Spin - it will do almost no damage and trigger a counterattack.

- Head into the northern half of the entrance room and kill the three Deverminators, then check the sign on the wall. It gives some directions - namely, Factory to the left, Lab to the right. Part of the Factory is currently locked, so you'd best head to the Lab. (You can skip the Lab entirely if you know the code you need, but we'll go through anyway.)

- You're now on an assembly floor. Go south and enter one of the small enclosures on the lower conveyor belt. Attempt to enter and touch one of the robots on the conveyor and a claw will pick you up and drop on the upper conveyor. If you're careful you can wait for the robots to pass and run up the conveyor to reach an Ether and the way ahead... or, if you get grabbed by the claw...

- ... you'll now face several battles as you make your way along the conveyor: in the one a Version 3.0, in the second a Version 3.0 and two Deverminators, in the third a Versions 3.0 and four Deverminators. You can't heal between battles, so fight carefully.

Crono, Lucca, and Robo battle monsters in the Derelict Factory of 2300 AD

- Once you leave the conveyor you'll find a room populated by four Bugs. Kill them off quickly with an AOE attack and climb the nearby ladder.

- Head north along the catwalk above the conveyors and enter the room on the right, grabbing the Mid-Potion from the box along the way. Inside you'll fight two Version 3.0s to get at two chests, one containing a Mid-Ether and the other 400 gil. Check the computer here for instructions on using a nearby crane, namely XA and BB.

- Return to the catwalk and enter the door on the left. Inside are two more Version 3.0s, two chests containing a Shelter and an Ether, and a set of controls. Enter X and A to use the crane once, then B and B to do so again. This will move a pair of obstructive barrels out of your way.

- Return to the catwalk and climb down the ladder on your left. It leads to a door, inside which you'll find a Thunder Blade and a computer that provides another code: X A B Y.

- With the barrels moved you can now return to the elevator that got you down here in the first place. Before ascending, though, take the left ladder south of the elevator and you'll reach a Bandit's Bow for Marle.

- Back to the entrance and onto the left elevator. Use the save point at the bottom of the elevator, then head to the small northern room. You'll be hit by two Alkalis and another Acid. The Alkalis are weaker versions of the Acid, and can be killed with strong physical attacks. Use the computer in the room to open a nearby hatch, pop open the box for a Shelter, then climb down the ladder.

- You'll find two Alkalis in the northern passage down here, then two Acids and an Alkali in the southern passage. Once you reach the central room and trigger the computer you'll face five Acids and one Alkili. Explore the room for a Hammer Arm and a Titanium Vest, then go down the ladder in the left corner.

- There's a long northern corridor in here. Use the elevator to the right to return to the beginning and heal if necessary; otherwise, go north to find a chest containing a Plasma Gun beside a computer. Use the X A B Y code on the computer to open the path.

- Hit the switch on the generator beyond to start the power, then run back south and towards the exit. Soon you'll hit a cut scene... and then...

Crono and Lucca battle the R-Series robots after they trash Robo in 2300 AD

R-Series x 6

Ouch time, though not as bad a time as you might think. You're facing off against six Robo clones, though the R-Series are nowhere near as powerful. The R-Series each have about as much HP as a regular enemy, and with each one you take down the fight gets a bit easier. All you need to do to win is use Cyclone four times, twice on each line of R-Series. Leave Marle to heal Crono and herself whenever damage becomes too dire. Pretty simple, really. The R-Series start using more powerful attacks when reduced in number, so you may want to hold off on killing any until you've weakened both lines.

- After the fight you'll jump automatically back to Proto Dome, and once the team is whole again you'll jump through a Gate to a weird new destination: the End of Time.

Part Eleven: The End of Time, ???