Crono prepares to race Johnny for passage through the Site 32 ruins in 2300 AD
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Part Eight: Arris Dome, 2300 AD

Site 32, 2300 AD

Before arriving at Site 32 with the Jetbike Key you'll be unable to progress through the area, as four robots will always show up to attack you and bar your path. You'll have no choice but to turn back... though at the very least you can open the chest at the entrance for a Mid-Potion.

Approach with the Jetbike Key, though, and a smarmy racer named Johnny will show up to challenge you to a Jetbike race. You'll have to zip along the highway beside Site 32 and reach the finish line before Johnny. For the most part this race consists of looping 'round one another constantly, though there's an easy way to win: simply wait for Johnny to get in front of you, let him bump off your Jetbike's nosecone until you get near the finish line, then move out from behind him and use a boost. This will zip you ahead for the win virtually every time.

If you don't want to race, or if Johnny's too tough for you, you can also cross the Site 32 ruins. Doing so will run you through a gauntlet of Mutants and Shadows, which, while good for experience, can prove a little wearing. It's not a bad idea to travel this route at least once, as you can pick up the unique Race Recorder item along the way - which will allow you to record your Jetbike times via another robot, Rx-xR. Not terribly useful, but, hey.

The party meets Robo for the first time in 2300 AD's Proto Dome

Proto Dome

- Back to the world map. Head east and you'll find a Derelict Factory. You can't properly enter it, so don't bother trying. Head south to find another small dome, Proto Dome. Enter.

- You'll face two waves of Exterminators in here, one of three and one of four. Check behind the second wave for an Enertron.

- In the rear of Proto Dome you'll find a locked door and a bulky, inactive robot. Investigate it to trigger a cut scene. Properly repaired, he'll become a party member - default name Robo - and a powerful companion indeed. Robo is a physical character with a lot of bulk and a good split of supportive and attack skills, though he's possibly the slowest character you'll ever get. (That can be remedied much later, but still.)

- Now you have a choice to make, between leaving Marle or Lucca behind in Proto Dome while the rest of the team heads to the Derelict Factory to get the power in the dome back on. Lucca is ultimately the superior character, but for now she's probably the weakest link. The choice is yours, however. Pick one and head to the Factory.

Part Ten: Derelict Factory, 2300 AD