Released in 1997 and re-released in 2005, Breath of Fire III is a staple of early PlayStation libraries. Like all Breath of Fire games it tells the story of Ryu, a mysterious, blue-haired young man who has no sense of his identity or place in the world. Initially taken in by a pair of orphans, Ryu soon sets out on a journey of self-discovery that will take him to the far ends of the earth... and, by the end, to the front door of a god.

Also, you get an onion for a party member. He's pretty good!

Initially released on the PlayStation, Breath of Fire III was tweaked a bit and re-released on the PlayStation Portable. There are a few differences, mostly graphical in nature, though they're minimal. You're getting basically the same game, regardless of which version you choose to play.

Breath of Fire III is displayed with an overhead isometric perspective. Whenever you're on the world map the compass will display north as though it is to the northeast. Since the compass is not displayed while exploring maps, and to avoid confusion, this guide will discuss directions as though north is at the top of the screen, east on the right, west on the left, and south at the bottom.  

Likely because of text limits, many of the items and enemies in Breath of Fire III received truncated names. This guide uses the full names of most items and enemies, since the shortened forms... well, they look kinda dumb.

Main Walkthrough - Childhood

Main Walkthrough - Adulthood