Part 25: McNeil, Syn City, and Mikba

Main Walkthrough

The syndicate operating out of Syn City is no more - or at least their leadership is dead - and after many long years, Rei has rejoined Ryu. Together with Garr and Nina they're headed to Angel Tower... or they would be, except when you arrive on Eygnock Road Nina will reveal that her father, the king, kinda still hates Ryu. Nina suspects that solving one more local problem would clear Ryu's name, and figuring out what's wrong at the Plant down south might help.

Head east of Wyndia to the Plant and make your way to the 'end' of the Plant, where you met Director Palet during your first trip here. This time you'll find Momo, and she's busy trying to fix the Plant's reactors. Palet has gone missing, and Momo suggests trying to track him down. She also suggests you pick up Peco, who is hanging out at Yggdrasil, the tree / Master to the east of the Plant. Peco appears to be chatting with Yggdrasil when you arrive, and he and Momo will rejoin the party.

Before you head back to the Plant, there are a few things around the world that might be worth your time, now that the party is back together:

  • Return to Syn City with Momo and Peco. The stores are up and running there again, and your two returning party members will need new equipment. Momo at the very least should receive new stuff, since she's forced into the party for the next dungeon.
  • Now that both Nina and Momo are in the party you may want to apprentice one of them to Emitai, who specializes in boosting your casters. He lives in a hut a short distance from Dauna Mine. (Keep in mind that Emitai charges a one-time fee of 10,000 zenny before he takes on apprentices.)
  • You should also check in on Masters that you haven't seen since crossing Mt. Zublo. Mygas, Bunyan, Durandal, Yggdrasil, D'Lonzo, Fahl, and Meryleep are all available.

You can also begin a quest involving four new Masters at this point.

Bais, Lang, Lee, and Wynn

Head to Wyndia and check the fountain to the northeast of the entrance. The gang of four kids who played hide-and-seek with Ryu and Nina during your first visit still hang out here... though, uh, they appear to have formed their own gang. They still like hide-and-seek, but they won't confine themselves to Wyndia this time around.

At this point you can't find all four of the teens, since two of them choose to hide in places that you can't reach until you get a bit further into the story. That said, you can find two of them:

  • First up is Lang. Enter the Wyndia Catacombs, on the west side of Wyndia's southern section. You can't explore the majority of this old dungeon anymore, but you can look at the small graveyard that served as its end point. Lang is hiding behind a gravestone on your left as you make your way northeast.
  • Next is Bais. Head to Dauna Mine and make your way back to the huge dragon skull on B3, where you started the game. Bais is hiding behind an inactive light, a short walk northwest of the entrance to the skull. (While you're here, you might want to put Momo in your party and collect the Coupons from behind the weakened wall on B2. It's in a side room to the northeast of the rest room.)

Speak to each of the hide-and-seekers once and they will head back to Wyndia. You can then speak to them by the fountain to apprentice your characters, though unlike other Masters you'll only get a single prize from each character. Lang will give you a Cupid's Lyre if someone apprentices under him for three levels, while Bais will teach you the Chain Formation. Neither Master is worth apprenticing under for more than three levels.

And that's about that. Aside from fishing, which opens up quite a bit now that you have the Deluxe Rod, you're restricted to visiting your next destination: The Plant. 

Part 27: The Plant

Main Walkthrough