Main Walkthrough

Location: New Royal Plateau: Bottom
Participants: Usopp, Chopper, Franky
Reward: Usopp, Chopper, and Franky's Bond Art, TP Regen Jewelry

In order to make this Memory Link appear you must first complete the events of Dressrosa. Once you've defeated Doflamingo and left the city, make a trip back during Chapter 9. You'll find a bunch of unlocked side content, including this Memory Link. The associated Frayed Memory is a short way into New Royal Plateau: Bottom, near the N.R.P. 1F Camp Yoisa Sign. Head north of the sign, go west when you see a chasm, then look along the ledges to your left. The Frayed Memory is near the front of a sinking house.

Chopper will appear by himself in this Hysteria, though he can smell the others nearby. Drop to the ground to the north and you'll find Usopp, terrified out of his mind, and the pair will spot Franky nearby. He's been cornered by Sugar, one of Doflamingo's top lieutenants, and her guards. Two of her toy soldiers have rings over their heads, and she'll turn Franky into another toy soldier.

Eventually you'll regain control of Chopper and Usopp. Head south, then southwest at the next fork in the road. to run into the transformed Franky. The trio will cobble together a bizarre plan that requires Chopper to use his nose to find a Bitter-Bitter Herb.

Drop down to the southern road and run east. Near the clearing where there's normally a campsite you'll find an apothecary. He'll hand over some Bitter-Bitter Herb. Head north of here and the group will need to fight a bunch of Donquixote Family members and two Skullcracker Dolls. The humans count as Fools for Usopp's attacks, and Chopper has some decent AOE Skills for wiping out the rest of the attackers. Don't transform Chopper into Monster Point for extra power in case you need him to do some healing.

Silliness will follow after the defeat of your foes, and Franky will turn back to normal. More of Sugar's goons will show up and attack, but the Straw Hats will learn the Cloven Radical Skull Roseo Metel Blast Beam Bond Art, a powerful move that's more than capable of wiping out your new foes. The Memory Link will end shortly after the battle, earning you your reward.