Part 22: Angel Tower

Main Walkthrough

After Garr's treacherous attack at Angel Tower - as well as a trippy dream sequence of some kind - you'll find yourself back in familiar territory at Dauna Mine, where Ryu was born. Garr is busy hunting down another dragon, and it turns out to be Ryu... who is much older than the last time you saw him. Garr will bring Ryu to his senses, hand over his equipment, and leave the room.

(Despite how Ryu looks, he is statistically identical to his younger self. Don't expect any dramatic changes beyond the sprite.)

Follow Garr out of the room and he'll reveal his desire to question God, as he simply doesn't understand why he was forced to slaughter dragons when they never seemed to prove a threat. After this Garr will rejoin the party, and he and Ryu will need to find their way out of Dauna Mine. It's far less populated than before, and there are no miners in your way this time, so don't expect the same cake walk from the beginning of Breath of Fire III.

Dauna Mine


  • Fire Slug - Steal Panacea, Drop Moxa
  • Ghoul - Steal Leather Armor, Drop High Boots, Learn Bone Dart
  • Giant Roach - Steal Healing Herb, Drop Vitamin, Learn Jump
  • Zombie - Steal Clothing, Drop Bracers
  • ZombieDr - Steal MultiVitamin, Drop Vitamins, Learn Bone Dart


You'll start out in the area where Ryu rampaged around as a Whelp at the beginning of Breath of Fire III. There's nothing to see until you leave this first area, so head southeast until you find an exit. You'll emerge from the side of a giant skull, as before, and onto wooden platfroms. Look along the upper platforms to the northwest to find chests containing a Vitamin, a Life Shard, and a Magic Shard.

Make your way southeast along the walkways until you find a dirt path. Follow it southwest and you'll come to a lift. Hop on.


The way out is on B2, so check out B1 first. You'll find a stretch of track near the lift, and if you pop open the box on the track you'll receive Light Clothing. Follow the track southeast - it's a long trip - and you'll eventually emerge outside the mine. There are miners working out here, and inside a nearby hut you'll find a Manillo merchant with stuff for sale. Check the cabinet beside the merchant for 200 zenny.

Even though you could easily slide down a slope and exit from here, the game won't let you. Sigh. Head back to the lift and ride it to B2.


On your right as you leave the lift you'll find a sleeping room with a diary. You'll start running into enemies here, so you'll likely want to use this room a few times. A lot of the Zombies around here use Bone Dart, which can instantly kill a character, so don't be surprised if Ryu and / or Garr bites the dust a few times before you find the exit.

If you head southeast of the rest room you'll find a large chamber filled with mine cart tracks. Ignore this section for a moment and follow the walls northeast. You'll find a small side chamber with a box containing a MultiVitamin. Beside the box is a conspicuous wall, and if you bring Momo back here later (yes, she'll rejoin the party some day) she can blow open the wall. On the other side you'll find Coupons.

To the southeast of the rest room you'll find a mine cart laden with explosives. At the other end of the tracks to the northeast you'll find a huge boulder, and in order to leave Dauna Mine you have to destroy the boulder. Levers positioned along the tracks will help you change the course of the mine cart when it is set into motion. Here are the steps for completing this puzzle, and collecting something along the way:

  • Set the first lever, nearest the rest room and the mine cart's starting point, to the up position
  • Set the second lever, further east down the tracks, to the down position
  • Have Garr push the mine cart so it travels northeast, bridging a gap between a nearby ledge and an item box
  • Use the slope in the southeast to get at the item box, which contains a Feather Sword
  • Return to the rest room to heal your party and save - once you complete the puzzle you'll be fighting a boss, so don't forget to heal!
  • Return to the second lever and set it to the up position
  • Set the third lever, to the northwest, to the up position
  • Set the final lever, further northwest, to the down position
  • Push the mine cart along the tracks until it hits a dead end near the final lever
  • Set the final lever to the up position
  • Push the mine cart the rest of the way east
This will destroy the boulder. It will also bring an odious, ancient creature out to play, and it doesn't like Garr one bit.

Dragon Zombie

Steal: Power Food
Drop: Dragon Tear
Learn: Nothing

This fight is quite nasty if you come into it blind. The Dragon Zombie has three attacks, one of which can be disastrous for your party:
  • A normal melee bite
  • Rotten Breath, which inflicts Poison on your party
  • Bone Dance, which inflicts Confusion on your party
Confusion is the real killer here, as it can push Ryu and Garr to beat the stuffing out of each other. Equipping a Light Bangle on one of them (probably Ryu) can somewhat mitigate this problem, though the afflicted character will usually just have to swallow an attack to return to normal.

The key here is to go on the offensive immediately, and inflict as much damage as possible before the Dragon Zombie gets the chance to use its more problematic attacks. Fortunately, this particular boss is quite weak to Flame moves, and both Ryu and Garr have Flame options. Your best bet is to change Ryu into a Flame Dragon and have him use Flame Claw to batter the Dragon Zombie. If you don't want to transform Ryu then giving him a Flare Sword will allow him to do plenty of damage as a human. Garr can use Pyrokinesis to get in some solid hits.

Another fun fact about this fight is that the Zombie Dragon counts as Undead. This means that Ryu can use his healing spells to damage it (though he will likely still do more damage with Flame attacks). This also means that, assuming someone learned it from Hondara, you can use the Kyrie Skill to immediately destroy the boss. You're unlikely to have learned Kyrie this early in the game, but if you have it... enjoy the free win!

Upon defeating the Dragon Zombie Ryu will receive the Shadow Gene, allowing you to infuse your attacks with Death. (Yes, it's an element in this game.) A mystery figure will also show up and bestow the Fusion Gene upon Ryu. The Fusion Gene allows Ryu to fuse with members of his party, creating some unique (and often quite powerful) dragons.

Head east, through the tunnel you unblocked earlier. You'll find an intersection in the next tunnel. The northeast tunnel leads to a dead end, so ignore it and head southeast. Follow this pathway until you reach a lit hallway. Take the first door on your right to find some side tunnels, down which you can find boxes containing a Lion's Belt and a Protein.

Return to the first lit corridor and head southeast. In the next tunnel you'll find a gap in the floor, and a door beside it. In the door is a lever that controls a rising and falling platform. Keep pulling the lever (I think it took me three pulls) until the platform is in place, allowing you to travel further southeast. This will allow you to exit Dauna Mine. Phew.

A mining chief will greet you once you exit the mine, and tell you to check in at the front office to receive payment. You can stick your nose into various parts of the mining camp, but the only spot of interest is the two cabins in the east. Check the one on the left and the foreman of Dauna Mine will give Garr his reward, talk about a monster on something called Ogre Road, and send you on your way. The shack next door contains a diary if you want to save.

Leave Dauna Mine and Garr will plot your next course, which is... right back to Angel Tower. Ugh. At least he doesn't plan to kill Ryu this time. After that you'll be back on the world map, and after two dungeons in a row it's a nice change. And the music is new, too! Nice.

Main Walkthrough