Part 21: Junk Town and Urkan Tapa

Main Walkthrough

After a substantial amount of sidetracking Ryu and his friends have managed to find Urkan Tapa, an ancient temple connected to... God? A god? It's not clear quite yet. Garr claims that Ryu will receive answers to his lineage within the tower, though now that you've arrived he has clammed up. That might not be a good sign.

Before you enter Urkan Tapa, put Garr in your party. You'll need him to get through several of the puzzles. You should also stick Momo in your party, at least during your initial trip in, as she can get through a wall that no one else can. Onward!

Angel Tower


  • Cerebus - Steal Beef Jerk, Drop Vitamins
  • Lizard Man - Steal Broad Sword, Drop Flame Shield, Learn Double Blow
  • Phantom - Steal Belladonna, Drop Crepe Cape
  • Spectre - Steal Wisdom Seed, Drop Barrier Ring
  • Tricker - Steal Gems, Drop Thieves Knife, Learn Blind / Flying Kick


You'll start off at the base of Angel Tower, which is more like a temple than a tower. Climb the stairs northeast until you see a break in the stone railing on your right. You can drop off a ledge here to get at a chest containing Ivory Dice, and if you keep dropping to the southwest you'll wind up back at the entrance. 

Drop down one ledge near the chest instead and walk southeast, through the break in the stonework. When you reach the corner of your current platform you'll see a chest one level down. Hop down to pop it open and claim the Wisdom Seed inside. You'll now be forced to return to the entrance.

Head back up the stairs, go through the break in the railing again, and hop down the ledges near the Urkan who doesn't want to hurt himself. If you return to ground level by hopping southeast you'll find the bottom of a set of stairs leading upwards, as well as stairs leading belowground. The belowground stairs lead you to a woman who is trapped inside some sort of energy pyramid. You can't help her right now, but she'll be very important later on.

Ignore the woman for the moment and climb the side of Angel Tower. You'll find a doorway. Head inside.


Inside the first floor of Angel Tower's interior you'll come to a crossroads. If you head northwest you'll find a dead end, though the wall on your right looks suspiciously weak. If you blast it open with Momo you'll find a passage on the other side. Follow it and you'll eventually reach chests containing a Diamond Ring and Moon Tears. (You can leave and replace Momo now, if you'd rather not keep her in your party.)

Return to the entrance stairs and head southeast this time. You'll find a set of stairs leading to a lower level, as well as a path to a doorway. Ignore the doorway for the moment and go down the stairs. Go up the next set of stairs to the south and head northeast to the next doorway. This will bring you to a two-level hallway with another door to the northeast, as well as a huge block.

Put Garr in front of the party and use him to push the block southwest, until it's lined up with a niche in the wall on your left. Push the block into the niche and you'll create a path on the upper level. (Though make sure to only push the block until it lines up with the two ramps above, and no further.) You can then backtrack to the previous room, go back up the stairs to the intersection, and head through the eastern door. Walk northeast, along the upper half of the room with the block, to get at a chest containing a Mythril Helm.

Make your way back into the block room via the lower pathway and go through the door in the northeast. You'll find a hallway leading to a staircase leading deeper, as well as a door in the west. Check the door to find a chest containing a Soul Gem, then backtrack to the previous room and descend further into Angel Tower.

You'll find yourself in a larger, multi-level chamber with more blocks for Garr to move. Go down the stairs to the southeast of the entrance and look beside them to find a hidden chest. It contains Napalm.  As you explore this area you'll find a path leading east, southeast, and southwest, along the edges of the chamber. The pathway will bring you to a chest containing Skill Ink

In order to exit this area and reach the end of Angel Tower you need to create a pathway along the upper level using the three movable blocks. Do the following to set them up properly:

  • Push the block closest to the entrance two spaces northeast, then two spaces northwest. This will line it up with one of the upper platforms.
  • Return to the upper level and travel east along the edge of the room until you're next to another block. Push it three spaces southwest, so it is flush with the thin platform ahead.
  • Travel to the east side of the chamber. Push the block closest to the chest with the Skill Ink to the northwest, until it's in line with the first block. Then push it two spaces further northwest so you can slip between the two blocks and get at the remaining block.
  • Push the block sitting by itself to the southeast, until it creates a pathway between the platforms.
  • Return to the set of two blocks and push the block on the left back to the southeast, filling in the gap you used to cross through earlier.

If you do all this correctly you'll create a continuous path to a set of stairs in the east. Be careful not too push the blocks into each other, or into walls, or they will shatter. Go back upstairs if this happens to restore the blocks and return them to their original positions.

Note: This is the point of no return! If you go down the stairs ahead you will be locked off from big sections of the world for a while. Don't make the trip down until you're absolutely ready to proceed with the story! Big changes are ahead!

Heal up Ryu, specifically, then head to the stairs. At the bottom Garr will ask to proceed with Ryu alone. You'll find a step pyramid ahead, with a stone monument on each side. Inspect all four sides and you'll find a familiar name on the southwest side. You may also notice that there's plenty of room on this side of the pyramid for a boss battle.


Steal: Nothing
Drop: Nothing
Learn: Nothing

That backstabbing swine! After revealing his true nature Garr will attack Ryu, and you'll be forced to knock the Guardian down a peg. Despite his high Reprisal rate Garr is much easier to defeat this time around, as he doesn't get a cheap insta-kill attack. Change into any dragon that doesn't use Flame abilities and you shouldn't have any trouble with Garr.

In the aftermath of the battle Ryu will change into an absolutely magnificent - but seemingly berserk - dragon, and as Angel Tower crumbles he'll vanish. Prepare to enter the second, longer phase of Breath of Fire III, which will put you right back where you started, more or less literally.

Main Walkthrough