Part 20: Mt. Zublo

Main Walkthrough

The team has managed to survive the heated horrors of Mt. Zublo, emerging at last at the east end of the eastern lands. Garr's hometown of Urkan Tapa is nearby, and Angel Tower is just steps away from there. Before you jump straight into the story, however, you might want to pay another location a quick visit: Junk Town.

Junk Town

The name sort of says it all. Junk Town is the home of the Machine Guild, and they spend their days living in, and sifting through, a huge mountain of metal refuse. The plot won't really bring you to Junk Town for some time yet, though you can still visit the trash heap to purchase and plunder new items.

  • South of the entrance you'll find the inn. Nothing special in here, just nice beds.
  • East of the inn you'll find a line of three connected homes. One is a clinic for inoculations, the next is the front desk for the Machine Guild, and the third is... nothing, really.
  • Head downstairs from the clinic and you'll find weapons, accessories, and items on sale. Momo final gets another neutral weapon here in the Shotgun Shell, and Ryu, Nina, and Garr can all receive huge leaps to their attack power if you purchase the Barbarossa, the Thunder Rod, and the Gigantess. (Assuming, you know, you can afford all that. Unlikely!)
  • On the west side of Junk Town's lowest level you'll find two homes. The larger home where the head of the Machine Guild lives has a Green Apple on its upstairs bookshelf. The bookshelf in the smaller home contains a MultiVitamin.

If you check the southwest of Junk Town's lower level you'll find an exit. Alas, only guild members can go any further past this point. You'll get your chance eventually, but it won't be for a while. Leave Junk Town the way you came in.

If you look south of Urkan Tapa you'll find a thin side path that you can't fully access right now. Along the path you'll find a Fishing Spot with a Manillo merchant to catch, though he doesn't have anything terribly interesting available for trade. That leaves Urkan Tapa itself. Put Garr in your party, then pay the Urkans a visit.

Urkan Tapa

A town of friendly religious fervor, Urkan Tapa is a little irritating to navigate. There are lots of doors, ladders, and ramps that will lead you around in circles if you aren't paying attention. You should nevertheless have a look around before getting down to business.

  • Northwest of the entrance you'll find a door leading into Urkan Tapa's weapon and item shops. The weapons here aren't as powerful as those in Junk Town, but they're far more affordable. The armor also isn't a bad choice for this area.
  • Northeast of the entrance you'll find a door to the Hall of Prayer. This is the workplace of Hondara, a potential Master. Hondara will only agree to apprentice characters if a member of your party learned Backhand from Durandal, way back in Wyndia. Hondara knows a few powerful Skills, and is a good choice for casters like Nina and Momo. Anyone who relies on Pwr to do damage need not apply.
  • Through a door to the west of the entrance you'll find a woman standing by a well. This serves as the town's inn. Head upstairs from here and, back outside, you'll find a clinic for inoculations nearby.
  • Head northwest through Urkan Tapa and you'll find a room with a statue that looks a lot like Garr, but... isn't him. Ominous.
And, yeah, that's... kinda it. Urkan Tapa offers lots of potentially-important tidbits of lore, but aside from Hondara this place is a bit sparse on things to do. 

Climb the ladder behind Hondara in the Hall of Prayer. Back outside you'll find a boulder blocked a doorway. Put Garr in the lead and push the boulder from the side to open up the door. Inside you'll find Sudama, elder of the Urkan, who will call Garr a 'Guardian' and bid him farewell. With Sudama's blessing you can now enter Angel Tower, to the east of Urkan Tapa. Garr will have one quick conversation with Ryu once you leave town, and after that you'll be free to complete your journey.

One Final Warning

Angel Tower is a point of no return of sorts. Though you can enter and exit it freely, reaching the end of the tower and defeating the boss you find will temporarily lock off huge sections of the world. If you have unfinished business in previous areas, you may want to backtrack through Mt. Zublo to get it done now. This includes:
  • Learning Skills from Masters
  • Changing undesirable Masters, particularly for Ryu and Garr
  • Finding new Genes for Ryu
All of these things will be available to you again, though it's going to take a little while. Make sure you're ready to leave the world behind for a bit before you challenge Angel Tower.

Main Walkthrough