Part 34: Colony, Deis, and Hachio / Haochi

Main Walkthrough

Freighter - Relay Point A


  • Codger - Steal Rare Book, Drop Skill Ink, Learn Flying Kick
  • Dragonfly - Steal Panacea, Learn Snap
  • Insector - Steal Beef Jerky, Drop Gale Javelin
  • Repaer - Steal Magic Shard, Drop Phantom Dress, Learn Multistrike
  • Tank Bot - Steal Wisdom Seed, Drop Wisdom Fruit, Learn Transfer / Sacrifice

After travelng to Rhapala, repairing the boat, making Shisu for a mayor, smashing into the Black Ship, riding the Black Ship across and ocean, and exploring a bunch of junked-out ruins, the group suddenly find themselves back where they started. The Portal Drive has shot them to the Freighter on Steel Beach, and they'll need to explore the inner sections of the Freighter a little more closely to return to the lands beyond the Outer Sea.

Head back through the previously-locked door in the Freighter and return to the Drive Portal. There's a path leading southeast of here that will lead you to two sets of stairs. Go up the stairs further south to find an exit to a new area.

The next room contains a series of moveable beams, each tied to a colored lever in the center of the room. In order to access everything in this area you'll need to mess around with the levers and see what happens, though you can only hit each switch once. Check the tablet near the levers to reset all of the levers. You can find the following by hitting the levers like so:

  • Light Blue Up - Lets you get at a door in the east, which leads to a chest containing a Lacquer Staff.
  • Dark Blue Up - Lets you get at a door to the northeast of the switches, which leads to two tablets and a chest containing an Hourglass.
  • Dark Blue Up, Light Blue Up, Brown Up (in that order) - Allows you to cross the four beams and reach the exit stairs in the northwest. 

At the top of the stairs you'll find a branching corridor. Follow it southeast and you can find 4,000 zenny hidden behind the wall on your left. To the south of the stairs you'll find yet more stairs, and these lead... to another puzzle. Huzzah!

In this next room you'll find a pit with a switch in the middle, as well as several moving platforms. This works the same as the moving platforms puzzle back in the Tower, much earlier in the game. When you step on a platform from a specific direction it will move in that direction until it hits something else and stops. You need to ride the platforms around the room in a specific order to reach the center of the room:

  • Ride the southern-most platform northwest, so it hits another platform
  • Ride the northern-most platform southwest, clustering the three platforms together in the southwest
  • Ride the platform on the right southeast
  • Ride the available northern-most platform northeast, southeast, and southwest
If done correctly this will put one of the platforms in line with the central pillar. Ride over and step on the switch to open the door in the northeast. Ride back and head through.

Climb the stairs in the next room. Before climbing to the second level, check to the southeast for a chest containing a Lacquer Shield. At the top of the second set of stairs the path splits, and if you go southeast you'll wind up on the exterior of this building, where you'll find a chest containing a Barbarossa. To the west you'll find a room with a chest containing Skill Ink.

Head outside from the chest containing the Skill Ink and make your way up the remainder of what, it turns out, is a tower. At the top you'll find an antenna, and you'll need to align it such that there's a minimum of static filling your ears, and instead all you can hear is a clear, ringing sound. Twist the antenna around so it's facing roughly northwest, then hit the X button to complete the alignment.

Make your way back down the tower (it doesn't take as long as you might fear, now that the puzzles are out of the way) and return to the Portal Drive room. Now that the antenna has been aligned you can use the console beside the Porta Drive to set one of four destinations:
  • Colony, which takes you back to the area surrounding Kombinat
  • Dragnier, your next destination
  • Container Yard, an area that you can't fully access just yet, thanks to a pesky box - teleport here anyway, as you can pick up the Radiance Gene
  • Relay Point B, which takes you to the Portal Drive beneath Castle Wyndia (and also unlocks Relay Point A from that location, creating a full circuit between all of the game's Portal Drives)

Aside from grabbing the Radiance Gene from the Container Yard the only new place you can visit is Dragnier. Set a course and jump on the pad to be whisked off to one of the most important areas in Breath of Fire III.

Part 36: Dragnier

Main Walkthrough