Part 3: Cedar Woods and Road to Mt. Glaus

Main Walkthrough

Mt. Glaus


  • Bat - Steal Berries, Learn Gloom
  • Curr - Steal Antidote
  • Eye Goo - Steal Healing Herb, Drop Vitamin, Learn Snooze
  • Gonghead - Steal Vitamin, Drop Life Shard
  • Mage Goo - Steal Healing Herb, Drop Wisdom Seed, Learn Burn
  • Puff Goo - Steal Healing Herb, Drop Vitamin
  • Ripper - Steal Berries, Drop Swallow Eye, Learn Blind
  • Zombie - Steal Clothing, Drop Bracers

Freed from Bunyan's sentence of hard labor, Ryu and Teepo are on Rei's trail. He was sent to Mt. Glaus, a craggy slope to the northwest of McNeil, and no one seems to know why. Gear up back in McNeil - you might want to grab a few Antidotes, if nothing else - then follow Rei into the unknown. Expect your party members to get Poisoned a few times as you explore Mt. Glaus, and be ready to heal them when it happens, as Poison affects them outside battle as well.

Cross the bridge to the northwest of the entrance, then start running west. If you check the side of the bridge by traveling southeast you'll find an Antidote. Northwest of the bridge you'll find the bottom of a steep slope. Continue southwest along the bottom of the slope and you'll find your way to the top, where you can slide down to reach a few items:

  • Slide down about halfway along the top of the slope and you'll hit a ledge with a Heavy Caro.
  • Slide down most of the way northeast along the top of the slope and you'll hit a ledge with a Cloth Shield. Line up with a little piece of green jutting out of the slope and you should slide right down to the ledge.
Follow the path along the top of the slope further northeast. At the end of a bridge the sky will darken, and the boys will come across a cabin. When they stop for the night they'll find Rei inside the cabin, and after some cryptic hints as to why he was sent alone he'll rejoin the party. Rei suspects that Bunyan wanted him to kill the monster that is plaguing McNeil...

... and when day comes, well...


Weakness: Fire
Steal: Power Food
Drop: Nothing

As far as first bosses go, the Nue isn't a big deal. It has three attacks:

  • A standard melee swipe
  • Nue Stomp, a physical hit against one character
  • Chlorine, which can Poison one character
None of these are a big deal, though Ryu can heal away both pain and Poison with his spells. Protect isn't a bad idea, either, since the Nue relies primarily on physical attacks. Let Teepo fry the Nue with Flare and / or Simoon. Try to Pilfer Power Food with Rei, as it's a stat-boosting item that can help make one of your characters (likely Ryu) a bit stronger.

Once you do enough damage the Nue will flee. Heal your party back in the cabin, use the little stone dragon shrine out front to save your game, and pursue. You'll find a cave in the north. (Though if you keep following the dirt path to the southwest of the cave entrance, you'll eventually find your way to a pack of Vitamins.)

The monsters inside Mt. Glaus change up a bit, and you'll find Teepo's fire magic to be more effective here, given the sheer number of Zombies inside. Follow the Nue's blood trail to the northeast until you hit an intersection. Go northwest from the intersection and you'll find a side room with a huge pile of bones. Check the bones for a Bent Sword, and look beside the bones for a Molotov.

Return to the trail of blood and follow it northeast a bit further. You'll hit another intersection. If you follow the blood northwest you'll find another side room, though a waterfall and an underground river prevent you from following any further. Check the skeletal remains near the end of the blood trail for 200 zenny before you backtrack.

Return to the previous intersection and go northeast. The path will split off to the southeast, and if you follow it you'll find a dead-end passage leading to a corpse. Check the corpse for a Ballock Knife. Head back to the main path and continue northeast until you hit one final intersection. Go southeast to find a third corpse, this one carrying a Talisman, then head northwest to find the path to your prey. Jump in the water once you're ready to fight.


Weakness: Fire
Steal: Power Food
Drop: Nothing

The Nue is more or less the same as last time, with one caveat: It can use the Jolt spell a single time. After that it's out of AP, but will continue to try and use Jolt, wasting its turn. Smack it down with Teepo's spells and normal attacks from everyone. Try to Pilfer the Power Food with Rei before you go on the offensive.

Unlike most enemies the Nue won't disappear once it's defeated, and it will block a cave with its body before dying. If you inspect the body you'll learn the sad truth behind the Nue's actions, and you'll catch an extra bit of cut scene with Bunyan. Whether you check the body or not, head back southwest to exit the cave and leave Mt. Glaus behind, your job complete.

Part 5: Masters and Fishing

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